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Invitational Thanksgiving Basketball ClassicAt Warrior Gymnasium, Daegu American School, Camp George, and Kelly Fitness & Sports Center, Camp Walker, Daegu, South Korea.

Days 1-3 results

Final pool-play standings(listed in order of playoff seeding)

Men’s Pool A Yongsan Garrison .......... 3-0Camp Humphreys .......... 2-1Camp Hovey .......... 1-2Suwon Air Base .......... 0-3Thursday’s scores Camp Humphreys 49, Suwon Air Base 40Camp Hovey 59, Suwon Air Base 49Friday’s scores Camp Humphreys 61, Camp Hovey 54Yongsan Garrison 52, Suwon Air Base 48Yongsan Garrison 59, Camp Humphreys 58Yongsan Garrison 48, Camp Hovey 43

Men’s Pool B Osan Air Base .......... 3-1Camp Casey .......... 2-2Kunsan Air Base .......... 2-2Wonju/Camp Long .......... 2-2Daegu/Area IV .......... 1-3Thursday’s scores Kunsan Air Base 67, Wonju/Camp Long 64Osan Air Base 61, Daegu/Area IV 42Camp Casey 69, Kunsan Air Base 44Daegu/Area IV 45, Wonju/Camp Long 43Osan Air Base 70, Camp Casey 62Friday’s scores Osan Air Base 72, Kunsan Air Base 40Camp Casey 54, Daegu/Area IV 40Wonju/Camp Long 58, Osan Air Base 55Wonju/Camp Long 50, Camp Casey 43Kunsan Air Base 58, Daegu/Area IV 43

Women’s Pool C Camp Humphreys .......... 3-0Osan Air Base .......... 2-1Camp Casey .......... 1-2Daegu/Area IV .......... 0-3Thursday’s scores Camp Humphreys 64, Daegu/Area IV 33Osan Air Base 49, Camp Casey 22Osan Air Base 63, Daegu/Area IV 23Camp Humphreys 66, Camp Casey 51Friday’s scores Camp Casey 37, Daegu/Area IV 28Camp Humphreys 49, Osan Air Base 44

Men’s double-elimination playoffs

Friday’s gameGame 1—Suwon Air Base 44, Daegu/Area IV 37Saturday’s gamesGame 2—Wonju/Camp Long by walkoverGame 3—Camp Hovey 63, Camp Casey 49Game 4—Camp Humphreys 64, Kunsan Air Base 31Game 5—Yongsan Garrison 70, Suwon Air Base 35Game 6—Osan Air Base 78, Wonju/Camp Long 55Game 7—Camp Casey by walkoverGame 8—Kunsan Air Base 64, Daegu/Area IV 45; Daegu/Area IV eliminatedGame 9—Camp Casey 62, Suwon Air Base 46; Suwon Air Base eliminatedGame 10—Wonju/Camp Long 63, Kunsan Air Base 31; Kunsan Air Base eliminatedGame 11—Camp Hovey 56, Yongsan Garrison 44Game 12—Osan Air Base 70, Camp Humphreys 49Game 13—Yongsan Garrison 70, Wonju/Camp Long 50; Wonju/Camp Long eliminatedGame 14—Camp Humphreys 77, Camp Casey 63, OT; Camp Casey eliminatedSunday’s gamesGame 15—Camp Hovey vs. Osan Air BaseGame 16—Yongsan Garrison vs. Camp HumphreysGame 17—Game 15 loser vs. Game 16 winnerGame 18—Game 15 winner vs. Game 17 winnerGame 19—Game 15 winner vs. Game 17 winner if Game 15 winner loses Game 18

Women’s double-elimination playoffs

Saturday’s gamesGame 1—Camp Humphreys 57, Daegu/Area IV 39Game 2—Osan Air Base 67, Camp Casey 30Game 3—Camp Casey 48, Daegu/Area IV 39; Daegu/Area IV eliminatedGame 4—Camp Humphreys 65, Osan Air Base 45Sunday’s gamesGame 5—Camp Casey vs. Osan Air BaseGame 6—Camp Humphreys vs. Game 5 winnerGame 7—Camp Humphreys vs. Game 5 winner if Camp Humphreys loses Game 6

High schoolSeoul Foreign School Showdown Thanksgiving Basketball TournamentAt Seoul Foreign School

Boys pool Seoul Foreign .......... 3-0Shatin College, Hong Kong .......... 2-1Daegu American, South Korea .......... 1-2Shanghai American-Pudong, China .......... 0-3Saturday’s scores Shatin College 69, Shanghai American-Pudong 53Seoul Foreign 54, Daegu American 46PlayoffsSaturday’s scoresThird-place game Daegu American 84, Shanghai American-Pudong 72Championship Seoul Foreign 92, Shatin College 64

Girls pool Daegu American, South Korea ..........2-1Seoul Foreign ..........2-1Sook Myung, South Korea ..........2-1Shatin College, Hong Kong ..........0-3Saturday’s scores Sook Myung 63, Shatin College 41Daegu American 30, Seoul Foreign 23PlayoffsSaturday’s scoresThird-place game Sook Myung 46, Shatin College 33Championship Seoul Foreign 64, Daegu American 57, OT

Boys awardsMost Valuable Player—Gal Tesler, Seoul ForeignAll-Tournament team—Aaron Kearney, Chris Oak, Seoul Foreign; Thomas Brooks, Daegu American; Marten Tan, Brad Wang, Shanghai American-Pudong; Mark Diskin, Kim Choy, Shatin College.

Girls awardsMost Valuable Player—Brittney Rader, Seoul ForeignAll-Tournament team—Estela Rocha, Natalie Stallings, Seoul Foreign; Jamie Cheniault, Melia Lagat, Daegu American; Roseda Lo, Natalie Chan, Shatin College; Kim Ji-hee, Yi Min-young, Sook Myung.

39th Hong Kong International School Holiday Basketball TournamentAt Hong Kong International School high school and middle school gymnasiums, Tai Tam, Hong Kong.

Day 3 results

Boys playoffs

Friday’s gamesGame 1—Seoul American 54, St. Mary’s International 44Game 2—Kadena 67, Kubasaki 66Game 3—Taipei American 68, Singapore American 61Game 4—Faith Academy 80, Hong Kong International 74, OTSaturday’s gamesGame 5—Seoul American 74, Faith Academy 66Game 6—St. Mary’s International 66, Hong Kong International 42Game 7—Kadena 67, Taipei American 55Game 8—Singapore American 71, Kubasaki 58Game 9—Singapore American 69, St. Mary’s International 64, fifth and sixth placeGame 10—Taipei American 49, Faith Academy 43, third and fourth placeGame 11—Seoul American 87, Kadena 57, championship and second place

Girls playoffs

Friday’s gamesGame 1—Faith Academy 66, Taipei American 36Game 2—Seoul American 69, Kubasaki 39Game 3—Singapore American 57, Hong Kong International 45Game 4—Kadena 47, Heep Yunn 46Saturday’s gamesGame 5—Heep Yunn 53, Taipei American 38Game 6—Hong Kong International 46, Kubasaki 17Game 7—Faith Academy 78, Kadena 58Game 8—Singapore American 66, Seoul American 59Game 9—Heep Yunn 59, Hong Kong International 42, fifth and sixth placeGame 10—Seoul American 52, Kadena 48, third and fourth placeGame 11—Faith Academy 60, Singapore American 33, championship and second place

South Korea

Boys basketball

Saturday’s summary

Osan American 64, Korea International 58, OTAt Osan Air BaseKIS ..........18 12 12 7 9—58Osan ..........9 8 19 13 15—64Scoring—Osan, Antwoine Williams 17. Rebounding—Osan, Antwoine Williams 14.

Girls basketball

Saturday’s summary

Osan American 36, Korea International 8At Osan Air BaseKIS ..........2 2 2 2— 8Osan ..........18 9 4 5—36Scoring—Osan, Ieva Bytautaite 11. Steals—Osan, Celine Baldevia 6.


Girls basketball

Saturday’s summary

International School of Sacred Heart 59, Seisen International 24At TokyoSeisen ..........4 8 5 7—24ISSH ..........16 11 16 14—59Scoring—Seisen, Kanaumi 9. Rebounding—Seisen, Keohane 5. Steals—Seisen, Evans 7. Blocked shots—Seisen, Okada 3.

Friday’s summary

Yokohama International 40, Seisen International 20At YokohamaSeisen ..........4 2 8 6—20YIS ..........4 10 12 14—40Scoring—Seisen, Kumar 6. Rebounding—Seisen, Kumar 7. Steals-Seisen, Okada 5.


Girls basketball

Saturday’s summary

Southern 47, Guam High 40At Agana Heights Quarter splits not available. Scoring—Guam High, Bashira Daniels 17. Blocked shots—Guam High, Carmina Sheaks 10.

Friday’s summaryGuam High 50, John F. Kennedy 38At Agana Heights Quarter splits not available. Scoring—Guam High, Janessa Glas 16, Bashira Daniels 13.


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