Baseball(Games, scheduled for 7 innings, have 2-hour time limits. 15-run rule takes effect after 3 innings; 10-run rule after 4)(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Heidelberg 7, Wiesbaden 4, 6 inningsHeidelberg 13, Wiesbaden 3, 6 innings(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Ramstein 13, Kaiserslautern 0, 5 inn.Ramstein 17, Kaiserslautern 0, 7 inn.(Saturday at Stuttgart)Patch 16, Vilseck 1, 4 inningsPatch 16, Vilseck 3, 4 innings(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)AFNORTH 7, SHAPE 6, 7 inningsSHAPE 8, AFNORTH 7, 7 innings(Saturday at Hohenfels)Hohenfels 9, Mannheim 4, 5 inningsMannheim 18, Hohenfels 3, 4 inningsSoftball(Games, scheduled for 7 innings, have 2-hour time limits. 15-run rule takes effect after 3 innings; 10-run rule after 4)(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Ramstein 10, Kaiserslautern 3, 7 inn.Ramstein 17, Kaiserslautern 0, 3 inn.(Saturday at Lakenheath)Lakenheath 18, Alconbury 1, 3 inningsLakenheath 24, Alconbury 2, 3 innings(Saturday at Hohenfels)Hohenfels 11, Mannheim 2, 7 inningsHohenfels 18, Mannheim 3, 5 innings(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Wiesbaden 12, Heidelberg 11, game length unavailableWiesbaden 17, Heidelberg 1, game length unavailable(Saturday at Bamberg)Bamberg 10, Ansbach 7, game length unavailableBamberg 13, Ansbach 1, game length unavailable(Saturday at Stuttgart)Patch 12, Vilseck 3, 5 inningsPatch 11, Vilseck 8, 5 innings(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)AFNORTH 20, SHAPE 6, 5 inningsSHAPE 12, AFNORTH 10, 6 innings

SoccerBoysRegion ISHAPE 7, AFNORTH 0(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)Halftime—6-0Goals—Simone Arcamone 3, Manuel Vela Monserrate 2, Sasha Beck, Kristian HarsanjiAssists—Arcamone 2, Harsanji, Monserrate, Trent Castro, Juan De La Torre, Eduardo IbarraOther details unavailableNoteworthy—SHAPE improved to 5-1 (3-1 in region) with courtesy-rule victory invoked in 43rd minute. The Spartans, the reigning European Division II champs who’ll play in this week’s European D-I tournament, suffered their lone loss this season to visiting ISB, 4-2, on May 1. AFNORTH goes into European D-II tournament with a 3-3-1, 0-3-1 record.Brussels 2, AFNORTH 0(Wednesday at Brussels)Halftime—1-0Goals—Vasilios Siganos, Alen AbaziAssist—Jamie HuntSaves—AFNORTH (Nathan Flynn) 8; Brussels (Ryan Bottesini) 12Noteworthy—Brussels concluded regular season 3-3-0 overall and in region and will enter the European Division III tournament. Brussels coach Jack Marinich cited junior sweeper Sam Bigelow with coordinating a "textbook team defense" as the key to the victory.Lakenheath 5, Alconbury 0(Tuesday at Lakenheath)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Hordi Davis 2, Sam Armstrong, Jake Green, Christian Vergori.Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Lakenheath closed its regular season 3-2-1 overall and 2-2-0 in region. Lancers next play in European Division I tournament; Alconbury will play in the D-III event.Region IIRamstein 8, Wiesbaden 0(Saturday at Ramstein)Halftime—3-0Goals—Jon McClouth 2, Justin Vernon 2, Brian Helmetag, Ryan Olson, Dillon WadsackAssists—Alex Lee 3, Glenn Verley 3, McClouthSaves—Wiesbaden (Alex Hernandez) 16; Ramstein (Jacob Gernert) 7Noteworthy—Defending European D-I champ improved to 7-0-0 overall and 5-0-0 in region. Wiesbaden is 1-5-1, 1-4-0. Both teams will play in this week’s European D-I tourney.Mannheim 3, Baumholder 3(Saturday at Baumholder)Halftime—1-1Goals—Mannheim: Karsten Klink 2, A.J. Limin; Baumholder: Cody Clay, Alassane Doukoure, Brandon PuniAssists—Mannheim: Dennis Majewski 2; Baumholder: Alexander ShadrinSaves—Mannheim (Goalkeeper’s name unavailable) 3; Baumholder (Sean Ledbetter) 5Noteworthy—According to Baumholder coach Jeff O’Neil, Mannheim midfielder Klink made the difference in the game, consistently winning the ball in midfield and attacking free kicks to allow Mannheim to complete regular season 1-5-1 overall and 0-4-1 in region. Baumholder, like Mannheim headed for this week’s European Division II tournament, finished 5-1-1, 3-1-1.Bitburg 6, Kaiserslautern 2(Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—2-2Goals—Kaiserslautern: Jorge Rodriguez, Pat Burns; Bitburg: Pierre Lassard 2, Brandon Massie 2, Adam Garcia, Tim O’DonnellAssists—Kaiserslautern: None reported; Bitburg: Massie, Jake Box, Thomas Collins, Tyler Jacobs, Elliot SchneiderSaves—Kaiserslautern unavailable; Bitburg (Paul Alix) 3Noteworthy—Bitburg goes into D-II tourney with 4-3-0 overall and 3-2-0 regional mark; Kaiserslasutern, 2-4-1, 2-3-0, plays in the D-I event.JV—0-0Region IIIPatch 6, Ansbach 0(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—4-0Goals—Jacob Camacho 2, Ron Kirkemo 2, Brandon Lockridge 2Assists—Kirkemo, Kieth Moore, George WeltonSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Patch takes 3-3-1, 3-2-1 record into this week’s European D-I tournament; Ansbach, bound for the D-II tourney, is 1-6-0, 0-6-0.Hohenfels 7, Vilseck 2(Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime—Hohenfels 4, Vilseck 1Goals—Vilseck: Keenan Massey, Sage Thornbrough; Hohenfels: Nino Jessup 2, Tim Salerno 2, Devon Fluker, Patrick Junior, Andre WalkerAssists—Vilseck: None reported; Hohenfels: Fluker, Junior, SalernoSaves—Vilseck (Jarrett Dunlap) 8; Hohenfels (Andrew Gibson) 4Noteworthy—Hohenfels is to take 3-2-1, 3-2-1 record into this week’s Division-II tourney; Vilseck is bound for the D-I event with a 1-5-1, 1-5-0 mark.JV—Hohenfels 6, Vilseck 1Region IVAOSR 4, Naples 0(Saturday at Naples)Halftime—1-0Goals—Daniel Roman-Cohen, Leo Dinmore, Victor Rotundo, Guilio DenisAssists—Rotundo, Pietro DinmoreOther details unavailableNoteworthy—American Overseas School of Rome, ticketed for this week’s European D-II tournament, completed regular season 6-1-0 overall and in region. AOSR’s only defeat came at the hands of crosstown rival Marymount, 3-2. Naples, also bound for the D-II event finished regular schedule 2-4-1.Marymount 1, Sigonella 0(Saturday at Sigonella)Halftime—0-0Goal—Allesandre KamacciatoSaves—Marymount International School of Rome (Milosh Miskovic) unavailable; Sigonella (Conor Quinn) unavailableNoteworthy—Sigonella, headed for this week’s Division III tournament, finished regular season 2-2-3. Marymount, which will play in European D-II event this week at Ramstein, clinched Region IV title by improving to 7-0-0.GirlsRegion IAFNORTH 1, SHAPE 0(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)Halftime—1-0Goal—Stephanie SeitzAssist—Ariana RobertsSaves—SHAPE (Sandra Peco) 8; AFNORTH (Natalie Everingham) 15Noteworthy—AFNORTH completed regular season 4-1-1 overall, 2-1-1 in Region I; SHAPE finished 2-2-2, 2-1-1. SHAPE will play in this week’s D-I tournament; AFNORTH is entered in the D-II event.JV—SHAPE 1, AFNORTH 1AFNORTH 2, Brussels 1(Wednesday at Brussels)Halftime—1-1Goals—AFNORTH: Seitz, Kylee Wilstead; Brussels: Dianet PreciadoAssists—AFNORTH: Wilstead, Kaley Harless; Brussels: None reportedSaves—AFNORTH (Everingham) 5; Brussels (Jane Rudy) 9Noteworthy—Brussels coach Jacob Myers was particularly impressed by his seniors, Alexis Eperjesi, Preciado, Jennifer Alonso and Anika Rumer, for their strong play in their last regular-season game for the Brigands. Brussels will enter the European D-III tournament with a 2-3-1 overall and Region I mark.Region IIRamstein 3, Wiesbaden 1(Saturday at Ramstein)Halftime—Ramstein 2, Wiesbaden 1Goals—Wiesbaden: Celina Ponte; Ramstein: Toni Gaisford, Sarah Honchul, Alana SciutoSaves—Wiesbaden (Samantha Ryan) 17; Ramstein (Terri Leigh Obermiller) 12Noteworthy—Hard-fought battle resulted in first loss of season for Wiesbaden, 4-1-1 overall and 4-1-0 in region. Ramstein, the defending European D-I champion and Region II title winner, is 7-0-0, 5-0-0. Both teams will play in this week’s European D-I tournament.JV—Ramstein 5, Wiesbaden 0Kaiserslautern 1, Bitburg 1(Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Kaiserslautern Olivia McQuail; Bitburg: Averi GoetzAssists—None reportedSaves—Kaiserslautern unavailable; Bitburg (Regan Thompson) 8Noteworthy—K-town will take 2-2-3 overall and 2-2-2 regional marks into European D-I tourney; Bitburg, ticketed for this week’s D-II tourney at Ramstein, completed regular season 1-4-2, 1-2-2.Mannheim 1, Baumholder 1(Saturday at Baumholder)Halftime—Baumholder 1, Mannheim 0Goals—Mannheim: Alanna Crockwell; Baumholder: Ciara TooneAssists—None reportedSaves—Mannheim (Tristan Ledesma) 5; Baumholder (Brianni Vantassel) 10Noteworthy—Baumholder, playing what coach Carter Hollenbeck called its best game of the year, will take an 0-6-1 overall and 0-4-1 regional record into this week’s D-II tournament. Mannheim, also bound for the D-II event, finished regular season 2-3-2, 0-3-2.Region IIIPatch 7, Ansbach 0(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—7-0Goals—Carissa Carlson, Corey Knef, Madi Krause, Rachael Masset, Amelia McConnell, Emma Murray, Sara ReynoldsAssists—Heidi Heber 2, Nelly Loney 2, Alee StenzelSaves—Ansbach (Sierra Deloria) 6, Patch (Ellie Welton) 1Noteworthy—Lady Panthers completed regular season 7-0-0 overall and 6-0-0 in region and will likely be seeded No. 1 or No. 2 in European D-I tournament. Ansbach (0-7-0, 0-6-0) will play in the D-II tournament. Saturday’s game ended at halftime with invocation of the school system’s seven-goal courtesy rule.Region IVNaples 3, AOSR 1(Saturday at Naples)Goals—American Overseas School of Rome: Christina Paoli; Naples: Haylea Witz 2, Demi HolbrookAssists—AOSR: None reported; Naples—Jessica MartinezSaves—AOSR (Goalkeepers’ name unavailable) 4; Naples (Aleksandra Stasniak) 3Noteworthy—Both teams will play in this week’s D-II tournament. Naples finished regular season 5-2-0; AOSR 0-6-1.Marymount 3, Sigonella 1(Saturday at Sigonella)Halftime—Marymount 1, Sigonella 0Goals—Marymount: Lucrezia Scarapizia 2, Elena Carrarini; Sigonella: Denice PatronAssists—Marymount: Carrarini 2; Sigonella: NoneSaves—Marymount (Tatiana Pansadoro) 5; Sigonella (Sierra McGivney) 7Noteworthy—Sigonella, whose Tracy Ewert was praised for her defensive effort, finished regular season 2-4-1 and will play in this week’s Division III tournament. Marymount (6-1-0 ) is to play in the D-II event.Track(All race distances in meters)Saturday at WiesbadenBoysTeam scoring—Heidelberg 157, Ramstein 110, Frankfurt International School 68, Kaiserslautern 67, Black Forest Academy 66, Wiesbaden 54100 meters—1, Antwaun Brown (Kais) 10.99; 2, Napolian Myhand (Heid) 11.17; 3, Derrick Lewis (Rams) 11.40200—1, Brown, 23.21; 2, Myhand, 23.29; 3, Arley Morelock (FIS) 23.66400—1, Trevor Hope (BFA) 51.81; 2, Dimitri Mobley (Rams) 52.03; 3, Jeremy Allen (Heid) 52.80800—1, Morelock, 2:05.16; 2, David Reynolds (Wies) 2:08.10; 3, Allen, 2:08.971,500—1, Hope, 4:21.64; 2, Ben Kronk (BFA) 4:26.25; 3, Gus Meyners (Rams) 4:28.343,000—1, Carl Lewenhaupt (Rams) 9:43.35; 2, Miles Kirts (Rams) 9:45.63; 3, Jacob Brainerd (Heid) 9:54.25110 high hurdles—1, Mobley, 16.12; 2, Eric Boyd (Heid) 16.69; 3, Marco Biscarini (BFA) 17.00300 intermediate hurdles—1, Boyd, 44.06; 2, Hugo Schild (FIS) 45.26; 3, Alex Mire (FIS) 45.744x100 relay (times unavailable)—1, Kaiserslautern (Brown, Bernard Burwell, Jamil McGinnis, Jalen Wright); 2, Ramstein; 3, FIS4x400 relay (times unavailable)—1, Black Forest Academy (Hope, Andrew Lindberg, Anthony Purpero, Josh Rogerson); 2, Heidelberg; 3, Wiesbaden4x800 relay (times unavailable) — 1, Ramstein (Mobley, Kirts, Lewenhaupt, Meyners); 2, Wiesbaden, 3, Kaiserslautern1,600 sprint medley relay (times unavailable)—1, Kaiserslautern (Brown, Burwell, Michael Lawson, Wright); 2, Heidelberg; 3, FISHigh jump—1, Jeremiah Miller (Heid) 5 feet, 8 inches; 2, Jordan Shackelford (Heid) 5-8; 3, Schild 5-6Long jump—1, Michael Wallace (Rams) 21-0.75; 2, Devin Helvie (Heid) 19-4.25; 3, Xavier Jackson (Rams) 18-11.25Triple jump—1, 1, Wayne Dawkins (Heid) 39-6.5; 2, Oliver Boles (BFA) 38-7; 3, Miller, 37-10.5Shot put—1, Phil Davidson (Kais) 39-0; 2, Devon Meachum (Heid) 38-10; 3, Turner Vite (Heid) 38-4.5Discus—1, Nicholas McCormick (Wies) 120-1.5; 2, Turner Vite (Heid) 110-0; 3, Shackelford, 102-8GirlsTeam scoring—Kaiserslautern 187, Wiesbaden 97, Frankfurt International School 81, Heidelberg 76, Ramstein 48, Black Forest Academy 37100 meters—1, Toni Fletcher (Kais) 12.86; 2, Star Rowzee (Rams) 13.37; 3, Jennifer Bumgardner (Heid) 13.69200—1, Kelley Colbert (Wies) 26.69; 2, Marche’ Bobbs (Kais) 26.87; 3, Tess Baker (FIS) 27.59400—1, Bobbs, 59.81; 2, Colbert, 62.26; 3, Ashley Santos (Kais) 64.54800—1, 1, Rio Shaune’ Harris (Kais) 2:28.06; 2, Colleen Davis (Kais) 2:36.25; 3, Kerry O’Brien (Heid) 2:38.531,500—1, Harris, 5:18.06; 2, Amber Core (Kais) 5:19.72; 3, Lindsey Duckworth (Heid) 5:20.223,000—1, C. Davis, 11:54.44; 2, Jordan Thompson (Rams) 11:55.66; 3, Olivia Darrow (Heid) 12:04.16100 intermediate hurdles—1, Rebecca Borner (Wies) 15.73; 2, Tatjana Gainey (Kais) 16.99; 3, Ruby Plummer (Kais) 18.01300 low hurdles—1, Borner, 48.33; 2, Santos, 51.62; 3, Sofia Lillo (FIS) 54.234x100 relay (times unavailable)—1, Wiesbaden (Alexcia Hodge, Colbert, Jameelah Robinson, Borner); 2, Kaiserslauter, 3, Heidelberg4x400 relay (times unavailable)—1, Kaiserslautern (Symone January, Katelyn Abbott, Plummer, Santos)4x800 relay (times unavailable)—1, Kaiserslautern Bobbs, Core, C.Davis, Harris); 2, Wiesbaden; 3, Ramstein1,600 sprint medley relay (times unavailable)—1, Kaiserslautern (Bobbs, Fletcher, Harris, LaTatiyana Wilson); 2, Wiesbaden; 3, HeidelbergHigh jump—1, Baker, 5 feet, 1 inch; 2, Colbert 4-8; 3, Phoebe Brewster (FIS) 4-6Long jump—1, Janice Cunningham (Kais) 15-0.5; 2, Brewster, 14-11; 3, Kayley George (FIS) 14-2Triple jump—1, 1, J.Cunningham, 30-8.5; 2, Kate Woodward (BFA) 30-7; 3, Baker, 29-9Shot put—1, Lakalia Woods (Heid) 30-6.25; 2, J.Cunningham, 28-8.75; 3, Deja’ Chappell (Rams) 27-9.75Discus—1, Vanessa Whatley (Wies) 78-8.5; 2, Rebeccah Steil (Heid) 71-2.5; 3, Anne Stefan (BFA) 69-10.5

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