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All information used to compile high school reports is provided by home-team coaches and staffs at each event.

Baseball(Friday at Kaiserslautern)Ramstein 3, Kaiserslautern 0(Friday at Naples)Aviano 12, Naples 6Vicenza 3, Naples 2Naples 5, Aviano 2(Saturday at Naples)Aviano 23, Naples 4(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)Ramstein 13, AFNORTH 3Ramstein 9, AFNORTH 5(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Kaiserslautern 4, SHAPE 2(Saturday at Stuttgart)Patch 9, Mannheim 0Patch 14, Mannheim 0(Saturday at Vilseck)Vilseck 14, Bamberg 4Vilseck 24, Bamberg 1

Softball(Friday at Naples) Naples 23, Vicenza 3Naples 16, Aviano 5(Saturday at Naples)Naples 12, Aviano 2Naples 1, Vicenza 0 (forfeit)(Saturday at Brunssum, Netherlands)Ramstein 17, AFNORTH 3Ramstein 12, AFNORTH 0(Saturday at Stuttgart)Patch 25, Mannheim 2Patch 22, Mannheim 0(Saturday at Vilseck)Vilseck 15, Bamberg 14Vilseck 19, Bamberg 6(Saturday at Hohenfels)Hohenfels 10, Heidelberg 1Hohenfels 12, Heidelberg 0(Saturday at Ansbach)Wiesbaden 18, Ansbach 3Wiesbaden 11, Ansbach 3(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Kaiserslautern 15, SHAPE 0SHAPE 12, Kaiserslautern 11(Friday-Saturday at Lakenheath)Baumholder 11, Alconbury 9Alconbury 14, Baumholder 1Lakenheath 17, Bitburg 1Lakenheath 10, Bitburg 4Lakenheath 17, Baumholder 6Lakenheath 15, Baumholder 5

SoccerBoysNon-regionalKaiserslautern 3, Lakenheath 3(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Halftime—1-1Goals—Lakenheath: Joe Sullivan 2, Shaun Gallegos; Kaiserslautern: Cody Tremaine, Patrick Burns, Russell KreugerAssists—Lakenheath: Jordan Davis 2; Kaiserslautern: BurnsSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Kaiserslautern goalkeeper Chris Murray saved a penalty kick to help the Red Raiders improve to 2-1-1 overall. Lakenheath is 2-2-1.Ramstein 1, Lakenheath 0Halftime—1-0Goal—Jon McLouthAssist—Alex LeeSaves—Lakenheath (Connor Britton) 10; Ramstein (Kyle Boorda) 9Noteworthy—According to Ramstein coach Dan Nukala, traffic troubles had the Lancers playing within 30 minutes of their arrival. He cited Davis and Sullivan as "constant trouble for the Ramstein defense, which still managed to record its third shutout of the season thanks to the leadership of Dennis Dolley and Neil Verley." Defending European D-I champ Ramstein improved to 5-0-0 overall and kept the Cross of St. George flag, which is the traveling trophy for the two predominantly Air Force teams.JV—Ramstein 2, Lakenheath 1Hohenfels 5, Wiesbaden 0(Saturday at Hohenfels)Goals—Patrick Junior 2, Devon Fluker, Jake Witty, Nino JessupAssists—Fluker, Florian DavisSaves—Wiesbaden (Laren Smith) 10; Hohenfels (Andrew Gibson 5, Andy Mulvihill 3, Kevin White 3) 11Noteworthy—Defensive play of Davis, Charles Boetang and Chancey Eaddy helped Hohenfels (3-2-0) post first shutout of year. Smith played first game ever at keeper for Wiesbaden (1-3-1)Bitburg 4, AFNORTH 0(Friday at Bitburg)Halftime—2-0Goals—Adam Garcia 2, Kyle Barton, Tim O’DonnellAssists—Pierre Lassard, Elliot SchneiderSaves—AFNORTH unavailable; Bitburg (Paul Alix) 3Noteworthy—Bitburg is 2-2-0.Baumholder 3, AFNORTH 1(Saturday at Baumholder)Halftime—Baumholder 1, AFNORTH 0Goals—AFNORTH: Nicolai Dybvad; Baumholder: Alassane Doukoure 2, Alexander ShadrinAssists—AFNORTH: None; Baumholder: DoukoureSaves—AFNORTH (Keeper’s name unavailable) 6; Baumholder (Sean Ledbetter) 4Noteworthy—Baumholder is 4-1-0 overall; AFNORTH is 0-5-0.Bamberg 2, Mannheim 0(Friday at Mannheim)Halftime—0-0Goals—Tyler Lewis, Juan PalaciosAssist—Daniel KieserSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Mannheim fell to 0-5-0 despite solid defensive play by Wayne Hagan and Laeke Reck. Bamberg is 4-1-1.Region ISHAPE 3, Brussels 1(Friday at Brussels)Halftime—SHAPE 3, Brussels 0Goals—SHAPE: Kewin Nielsen 2, Simone Arcamone; Brussels: Alen AbaziAssists—SHAPE: Trent Castro; Brussels: Lazar KnezicSaves—SHAPE (Ignacio Sanchez de Lara) 7; Brussels (Ryan Bottesini) 8Noteworthy—Arcamone scored off the opening kick-off, and Neilsen’s scores came in the 5th and 10th minutes as SHAPE preserved its unbeaten season. The Spartans were to take a 3-0-0 overall and 2-0-0 Region I mark into Saturday’s regional showdown against visiting International School of Brussels. Brussels fell to 1-2-0 overall and in the region going into this weekend’s four-team Region I small-schools tournament Friday and Saturday at Alconbury.Region IINo regional games scheduledRegion IIIBlack Forest Academy 6, Ansbach 0(Friday at Ansbach)Halftime—2-0Goals—Andrew Ingram 2, Jon Prudek 2, Petter Jo, Andrew PepeAssists—None reportedSaves—BFA unavailable; Ansbach (Mikael Vicente 13, Kyle Stadler 6) 19Noteworthy—BFA took unbeaten 3-0-0 regional and overall marks into Saturday’s Region III game at Patch. Ansbach fell to 0-5-0 overall and in Region III.Heidelberg 3, Visleck 0(Saturday at Grafenwoehr)Halftime—2-0Goals—Josh Jones 2, Jeremy ThorsenAssists—Thomas Hogue 3Saves—Heidelberg (Zach Harrington) 2; Vilseck (Daniel Williams) 5Noteworthy—Vilseck coach Sam Cassou praised the play of his sweeper, Darren Eldredge, and the defensive prowess of Zachary Cooper. Vilseck is 1-3-1 overall, 1-3-0 in region; Heidelberg improved to 3-1-1, 3-0-1.Region IVNaples 3, Aviano 0(Saturday at Aviano)Halftime—1-0Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Naples moved to 2-3-0 overall and in region; Aviano is 0-5-0 overall and in Region IV.Marymount 2, Vicenza 1(Saturday at Vicenza)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Marymount International School of Rome unavailable; Vicenza: Jesse HanesAssists—None reportedSaves—Marymount unavailable; Vicenza (Kan Miller) 15Noteworthy—Marymount is 5-0-0 atop Region IV standings. Vicenza fell to 1-2-2.AOSR 3, Milan 2(Saturday at Milan)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—American Overseas School of Rome: Pietro Dinmore 2, Daryll Sandoval; Milan: Miyashita Manfredi and Ala RamadanFurther details unavailable.Noteworthy—AOSR is 4-1-0 overall and in Region IV. Milan fell to 2-2-1.GirlsNon-regionalLakenheath 2, Kaiserslautern 2(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Goals—Lakenheath: Kiersten Wright, Hannah Oates; Kaiserslautern: Rachel Hook 2Assists—Lakenheath: None; Kaiserslautern: Maria RanoSaves—Lakenheath unavailable; Kaiserslautern (Katie Jackson) 10Noteworthy—Kaiserslautern is 2-1-1 overall. Lakenheath’s record is unavailable.JV—2-2Wiesbaden 3, Hohenfels 1(Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime Wiesbaden 2, Hohenfels 0Goals—Wiesbaden: Martika Hernandez, Celina Ponte, Emily Dill; Hohenfels: Natasha FlukerAssists—None reportedSaves—Wiesbaden (Samantha Ryan) 10; Hohenfels (Franzisca Fenslage) 15Noteworthy—Wiesbaden is 4-0-1; Hohenfels is 2-3-0.JV—Hohenfels 1, Wiesbaden 0Mannheim 2, Bamberg 0(Friday at Mannheim)Halftime—0-0Goals—Alana Crockwell 2Assists—NoneSaves—Bamberg (Lisa Pullins) 9; Mannheim (Tristan Ledesma) 4Noteworthy—Mannheim is 1-3-1 overall. Bamberg’s record is unavailable.AFNORTH 3, Baumholder 1(Saturday at Baumholder)Goals—AFNORTH: Kylee Wilstead 2, Emma Palm; Baumholder: Lauren DooleyAssists—AFNORTH: Kaley Harless 2; Baumholder: Laura BailesSaves—AFNORTH (Natalie Everingham) 6; Baumholder (Dylana Flis 4, Brianni VanTassel 6) 10Noteworthy—AFNORTH is 3-1-1; Baumholder 0-5-0.Region ISHAPE 2, Brussels 1(Friday at Brussels)Halftime—SHAPE 2, Brussels 0Goals—SHAPE: Elizabeth Burden, Kathryn Bell; Brussels: Dianet PreciadoAssists—SHAPE: Bell, Burden; Brussels: Cali SteffenhagenSaves—SHAPE (Andrea Dargie) 5; Brussels (Jane Rudy) 8Noteworthy—SHAPE took 2-1-0 overall mark and 2-0-0 Region I record into Saturday’s game against visiting International School of Brussels. Brussels is 1-1-1 overall and in region going into this weekend’s four team Region I small-schools tournament at Alconbury.SHAPE 1, ISB 1(Saturday at Mons, Belgium)Halftime—0-0Goals—International School of Brussels: Lauren Taylor; SHAPE: Veronica SivertsenAssists—NoneSaves—ISB (Monica Rangel-Calderas) 3; SHAPE (Megan Fleet) 3Noteworthy—SHAPE is 2-1-1 overall and 2-0-1 in region. ISB is 1-0-2, 0-0-2. Both Goals came from the penalty spot,Region IINo regional games scheduledRegion IIIBFA 5, Ansbach 0(Friday at Ansbach)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Rachel Kieffer 2, Stephanie Friehe, Jessica Krause, Kat ZvaraAssists—None reportedSaves—Black Forest Academy unavailable; Ansbach (Sierra Deloria) 16Noteworthy—BFA was to take 3-0-0 overall and regional record into Saturday Region III game at Patch. Ansbach’s record is unavailable.Patch 4, BFA 1(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—Patch 3, Black Forest Academy 1Goals—BFA: Krause; Patch: Nellie Loney 2, Sara Reynolds, Heidi HeberAssists—BFA: None reported; Patch: Heber, Amelia McConnell, Emma MurraySaves—BFA unavailable; Patch (Ellie Welton) 8Noteworthy—Patch is 5-0-0 overall, 4-0-0 in Region III. BFA suffered its first loss of the season and is 3-1-0 overall and in the region.JV—BFA 3, Patch 1Vilseck 3, Heidelberg 3(Saturday at Grafenwöhr)Halftime—Vilseck 2, Heidelberg 1Goals—Heidelberg: Stephanie Miller, Melissa Fry, Marlowe Muelhbauer; Vilseck: Nichole Nakata 2, Colleen KiechlerAssists—Heidelberg: None reported; Vilseck: Kiechler, Thea DunnSaves—Heidelberg (Nicola Torres) 7; Vilseck (Stefanie Powers) 10Noteworthy—Heidelberg is 2-2-1 overall, 2-1-1 in region; Vilseck’s record is unavailable.Region IVVicenza 3, Marymount 2(Saturday at Vicenza)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Marymount International School of Rome: Elena Carrarini, Lavinia Salini; Vicenza: Valerie Stanley 2, Tatiana Miranda 1Assists—Marymount: None reported; Vicenza: Tracie RobinsonSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Vicenza (4-0-1) took over regional lead by handing Lady Royals (4-1-0) their first loss of the season.Naples 6, Aviano 1(Saturday at Aviano)Halftime—Naples 4, Aviano 0Goals—Naples: Demi Holbrook 3, Haylea Witz 2, Aviano own goal; Aviano: Alex Ostler.Assists—Naples: Holbrook, Witz, Ashley Wiley; Aviano: Cheryl CraverSaves—Naples (Aleksandra Stasiak) 6; Aviano (Sierra Carr 3, Emily Cartwright 1) 4Noteworthy—Aviano is 2-3-0 overall and in region; Naples improved to 3-2-0 both ways.JV—NoneMilan 4, AOSR 1(Saturday at Milan)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—American Overseas School of Rome: Rachel May; Milan: Veronica Spagnoli 2, Melissa Reynolds-Pressler, Paula LealFurther details unavailable.Noteworthy—According to Milan AD Clinton Keet, "… Reynolds-Pressler and … Leal played their hearts out," as Milan (1-4-0) won its first game of the season. AOSR fell to 0-3-1.

Track(All race distances in meters. Meet was run Saturday)At MannheimBoysTeam scoring—Mannheim 127, Frankfurt International School 96, Kaiserslautern 87, Black Forest Academy 56, Wiesbaden 55, Bitburg 56, Ansbach 32100 meters—1, Antwaun Brown (Kais) 11.16; 2, Trevin Hampton (Mann) 11.19; 3, Aaron Garrison (Mann) 11.21200—1, Bernard Burwell (Kais) 23.19; 2, Garrison, 23.47; 3, Roger Howard (Kais) 23.91400—1, Arley Morelock (FIS) 52.25; 2, Trevor Hope (BFA) 53.16; 3, Dominique Tillman (Mann) 53.53800—1, Hope, 2:02.91; 2, Alex Cornelius (Mann) 2:04.79; 3, Anthony Purpero (BFA) 2:12.121,500—1, Al.Cornelius, 4:18.30; 2, Mads Beier (FIS) 4:38.22; 3, Michael Lawson (Kais) 4:39.473,000—1, Al.Cornelius, 9:38.19; 2, Adam Cornelius (Mann) 10:40.05; 3, Robert Konrad-Voight (FIS) 10:55.14110 high hurdles—1, Chris Broeker (Mann) 16.75; 2, Johnny Bunch (Ansb) 17.50; 3, Grant Fabian (FIS) 17.68300 intermediate hurdles—1, Alfred Mitchell (Bitb) 44.85; 2, Hugo Schild (FIS) 45.38; 3, Anthony Adams (Ansb) 45.634x100 relay—1, FIS (Oliver Boles, Morelock, Schild, Nathaniel Baeumler) 45.79; 2, Mannheim, 47.16; 3, Wiesbaden, 48.254x400 relay—1, FIS (runner’s names unavailable) 3:41.97; 2, BFA, 3:52.32; 3, Wiesbaden, 4:24.504x800 relay—1, Mannheim (Thomas Carter, Tomas Holt, Ad.Cornelius, Al.Cornelius) 8:52.78; 2, Kaiserslautern, 9:41.60; 3, Wiesbaden, 10:04.811,600 sprint medley relay—1, Mannheim (Garrison, Calvin Baisden, Tillman, Carter) 4:01.06; 2, BFA, 4:32.63; 3, Wiesbaden, 4:36.72High jump—1, Troy Nichols (Bitb) 5 feet, 8 inches; 2, Schild, 5-8; 3, Purpero, 5-6Long jump—1, Howard, 17-10.5; 2, (tie) J Sheppard (Mann) and Brown, 17-7 ¼Triple jump—1, Boles, 38-9 ½; 2, Brian Sealey (Wies) 38-1 ½; 3, Juan Perry (Kais) 37-3½Shot put—1, Adams, 44-3 ½; 2, Phil Davidson (Kais) 42-0; 3, Darian Bilups (Bitb) 41-0Discus—1, Billups, 126-0; 2, Nick McCormick (Wies) 119-6; 3, Austin Water (Bitb) 113-10

GirlsTeam scoring—Kaiserslautern 194, Mannheim 107.5, Wiesbaden 82, Frankfurt International School 69, Black Forest Academy 29.5, Bitburg 18, Ansbach 9100 meters—1, Toni Fletcher (Kais) 12.90; 2, Grace Gonzalez (Mann) 13.30; 3, Keila Outen-Valentin (Mann) 13.49200—1, Shaun-Pri Davis (Kais) 25.62; 2, Gonzalez, 27.38; 3, Infinity Baisden (Mann) 28.97400—1, Marche’ Bobbs (Kais) 62.16; 2, Iman Karnabi (Mann) 65.64; 3, Labria Taylor (Mann) 66.38800—1, Rio Shaune’ Harris (Kais) 2:23.55; 2, Marissa Menzel (FIS) 2:24.05; 3, Ashley Santos (Kais) 2:32.581,500—1, Menzel, 5:16.80; 2, Harris, 5:20.70; 3, Colleen Davis (Kais) 5:23.803,000—1, Amber Core (Kais) 11:38.13; 2, C. Davis, 11:47.33; 3, Morgan Lawrence (Kais) 12:36.76100 intermediate hurdles—1, Rebecca Borner (Wies) 16.18; 2, Ruby Plummer (Kais) 18.03; 3, Tatjana Gainey (Kais) 18.17300 low hurdles—1, Borner, 49.32; 2, Plummer, 49.63; 3, Danielle Lee (Wies) 52.004x100 relay—1, Mannheim (Gonzalez, Outen-Valentin, Baisden, Kadedra Lea) 52.12; 2, FIS, 54.16; 3, BFA, 58.354x400 relay—1, Kaiserslautern (S-P Davis, Santos, Harris, Bobbs) 4:11.79; 2, Mannheim. 4:30.12; 3, Wiesbaden, 4:48.664x800 relay—1, Kaiserslautern (C.Davis, Harris, Core, Bobbs) 10:01.69; 2, FIS, 12:18.34; 3, Wiesbaden, 12:24.491,600 sprint medley relay—1, Kaiserslautern (Hannah McPherson, Fletcher, Gainey, Emily Ciocca) 4:47.03; 2, Mannheim, 4:51.88; 3, Wiesbaden, 4:57.94High jump—1, Kristen Willeford (Bitb) 5 feet, 5 inches; 2, (tie) Tess Baker (FIS) and Gainey, 4-6Long jump—1, Kadedra Lea (Mann) 15-11; 2, Willeford, 14-7 ½; 3, Kayley George (FIS) 14-6Triple jump—1, Lea, 34-9 ¾; 2, Janice Cunningham (Kais) 30-1; 3, Charmane Wilson (Mann) 29-10Shot put—1, Cunningham, 27-4 ½; 2, Lexis Hodge (Wies) 26-6; 3, Donalee Lazare (Ansb) 26-4Discus—1, Kaitlyn Velsvaag (Wies) 78-10; 2, Mayeanna Brown (Kais) 68-11; 3, Daija Barnett (Wies) 63-4½

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