SoccerBoysNon-regionalISB 6, Bitburg 2(Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—2-2.Goals—International School of Brussels: Majed Al-Suweidi 2, Lucas Cornaro 2, Cedric Booutsen, (first name unavailable) Shunsuke; Bitburg: Tim O’Donnell 2.Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.Wiesbaden 1, Vilseck 1(Saturday at Wiesbaden )Halftime—Wiesbaden 1, Vilseck 0.Goals—Vilseck: Sage Thornburgh; Wiesbaden: Quinitin Torke.Assists—Vilseck: None; Wiesbaden: None reported.Saves—Vilseck (Daniel Williams) 7; Wiesbaden (Richard Nelson) 5.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams. Vilseck coach Sam Cassou credited Darren Eldredge for excellent play at sweeper.JV—Wiesbaden 3, Vilseck 1.SHAPE 3, Patch 2(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—2-2.Goals—SHAPE: Kewin Nielsen 2, Juan De La Torre; Patch: Brandon Lockridge, Andrew Lewis.Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.Baumholder 1, Menwith Hill 0(Saturday at Menwith Hill)Halftime—1-0.Goal—Unavailable.Assists—None reported.Saves—Unavailable.Noteworthy—Menwith Hill coach Hank Hurren reported that Baumholder controlled the play thanks to All-Europeans Alassane Doukoure, who controlled the midfield, and Prince Owusu, who swept the back line. Game was season-opener for both teams.Region IAlconbury 2, Brussels 1(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—1-1.Goals—Brussels: Alen Abazi; Alconbury: Jeff Black 2.Assists—Brussels: None; Alconbury: Greg Pettiway 2.Saves—Brussels (Ryan Bottesini) 12; Alconbury (Taylor Williamson) 3.Noteworthy—Alconbury coach Jeffrey Black praised the play of his new and inexperienced defense. Game was season-opener for both D-III schools.Region IIRamstein 7, Mannheim 0(Saturday at Mannheim)Halftime—3-0.Goals—Jon McClouth 3, Glenn Verley 3, Dillon Wadsack.Assists—Brian Helmetag 2, Justin Vernon, Alex Lee, Christian Arroyo, Wadsack.Saves—Ramstein (Kyle Borda) 3; Mannheim (Bryce Mann) 11.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both.Region IIIHohenfels 4, Ansbach 1(Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime—Hohenfels 3, Ansbach 0.Goals—Ansbach: Dwayne Jones; Hohenfels: Tim Salerno 2, Devon Fluker, Xavier Davis.Assists—Ansbach: None reported; Hohenfels: Fluker, Josh Cooper.Saves—Ansbach (Mikael Vicente) 13; Hohenfels (Kevin White 7, Andrew Gibson 1) 8.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.JV—Hohenfels 5, Ansbach 0Bamberg 1, Heidelberg 1(Saturday at Bamberg)Halftime—0-0.Goals—Heidelberg: Vincent Harrington; Bamberg: Pathanasin Sandod.Assists—None.Saves—Heidelberg (Zachary Harrington) 4; Bamberg (Jon Reid) 9.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.JV—Bamberg 4, Heidelberg 1.Region IVMilan 2, Sigonella 2(Saturday at Milan)Halftime—2-2.Goals—Sigonella: Benjamin Jacks, Tyler Reed; Milan: Marco Sabia, Ala Ramadan.Other details unavailable.Noteworthy—Sigonella is 0-1-1; Milan 1-0-1GirlsNon-regionalISB 3, Bitburg 0(Saturday at Bitburg)Halftime—Unavailable.Goals—Monica Rangel Calderas, Emilie Luscomb, Lauren Taylor.Assists—Joanne Harrower, Nell Lemaistre.Saves—International School of Brussels (Alexandra Fuster) 4; Bitburg (Emily Kroloff) 4.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.Wiesbaden 1, Vilseck 1(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—Wiesbaden 1, Vilseck 0.Goals—Vilseck: Althea Dunn; Wiesbaden: Nicolette Kopcha.Assists—Vilseck: Colleen Kiechler; Wiesbaden 0.Saves—Vilseck (Angela Swann) 10, Wiesbaden (Samantha Ryan) 10.Noteworthy—Josie Rodriguez and Caitlin Rogers anchored Vilseck’s defense in the season-opener for both teams.Menwith Hill 2, Baumholder 1(Saturday at Menwith Hill)Halftime—Unavailable.Goals—Baumholder: Alex Bower; Menwith Hill: Rachael Solini 2.Assists—None reported.Saves—Unavailable.Noteworthy—According to Menwith Hill coach Amber Cornett, Katie Claycomb, Emily Shelton and Monique McCreary were indispensible to her team’s victory. Game was season-opener for both.Patch 5, SHAPE 1(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—SHAPE 1, Patch 0.Goals—SHAPE: Veronica Sivertson; Patch: Carissa Carlson 2, Courtney Crytzer, Rachael Masset, Emma Murray.Assists—SHAPE: None; Patch: Heidi Heber, Murray.Saves—SHAPE (Andrea Dargie) 10; Patch (Ellie Welton) 1.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both.Region IBrussels 0, Alconbury 0(Saturday at Alconbury)Saves—Brussels (Jane Rudy) 4; Alconbury (Cassie Brockway) 5.Noteworthy—Coaches cited defensive play of Sarah Preciado, Jen Alonzo and Akexandra McVicker for Brussels and Lauren Wheeler, Alex Scherenko and Aley Robinette of Alconbury for the season-opening scoreless tie.Region IIRamstein 5, Mannheim 0(Saturday at Mannheim)Halftime—4-0.Goals—Michaella Herron 2, Josie Seebeck, Laura Welch, Danielle Avery.Assists—None reported.Saves—Ramstein (Terry Leigh Obermiller) 1; Mannheim (Tristan Ledesma) 10.Noteworthy—Defending European Division I champ claimed its 12th straight victory in season-opener, thanks, according to Ramstein coach Ricardo Buitrago, a midfield that transitioned the ball well and a composed defense.JV—Ramstein 2, Mannheim 1.Region IIIHeidelberg 5, Bamberg 2(Saturday at Bamberg)Halftime—Heidelberg 2, Bamberg 1.Goals—Heidelberg: Stephanie Miller 2, Melissa Fry, Rachel Perrotta, Isabel Boehm; Bamberg: Hanna Fellinger, Heather Smith.Assists—Heidelberg: Maggie Cutler, Katie Garner, Katy Watt; Bamberg: None reported.Saves—Heidelberg (Mellanie Stordahl 2, Emily Hall 2) 4; Bamberg (Ola Wisniewska) 8.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.Hohenfels 5, Ansbach 1(Saturday at Hohenfels)Halftime—Hohenfels 3, Ansbach 0.Goals—Ansbach: Brittany Learn; Hohenfels: Jacqueline Stone, Natasha Fluker, Jessica Wallach, Erin Reddin, Amy Hoeh.Assists—Ansbach: Ivy Delacruz; Hohenfels: None reported.Saves—Ansbach (Isabell Stuhler) 9; Hohenfels (Franziska Fenslage) 6.Noteworthy—Game was season-opener for both teams.Region IVSigonella 2, Milan 1(Saturday at Milan)Halftime—Sigonella 2, Milan 0.Goals—Sigonella: Liz Frost, Kendra Coats; Milan: Melissa Reynolds-Pressler.Assists—Sigonella: Coats; Milan: None reported.Saves—Sigonella (Sierra McGiveney) 6; Milan (Natalie Fostar) 5.Noteworthy—Sigonella improved to 2-0 with its second straight road victory behind outstanding defense from Tracy Ewart and Denice Patron. Milan is 0-2.Vicenza 2, AOSR 1(Saturday at Vicenza)Halftime—1-1.Goals—AOSR: Christina Paoli; Vicenza: Valerie Stanley, Brandy Somera.Assists—None reported.Saves—American Overseas School of Rome (Flaminia Marrucci) 10; Vicenza (Erika Valek, Rima Gaspirini) 5.Noteworthy—Vicenza is 2-0; AOSR 0-2.

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