Above: Ramstein’s Elizabeth Doe, front, won the girls 3,000-meter race in 11 minutes, 40.62 seconds, ahead of Frankfurt International School’s Natalie Pecoraro in a meet in Ramstein, Germany, on Saturday.

Above: Ramstein’s Elizabeth Doe, front, won the girls 3,000-meter race in 11 minutes, 40.62 seconds, ahead of Frankfurt International School’s Natalie Pecoraro in a meet in Ramstein, Germany, on Saturday. (Photo by Michael Abrams/S&S)

Above: Ramstein’s Elizabeth Doe, front, won the girls 3,000-meter race in 11 minutes, 40.62 seconds, ahead of Frankfurt International School’s Natalie Pecoraro in a meet in Ramstein, Germany, on Saturday.

Above: Ramstein’s Elizabeth Doe, front, won the girls 3,000-meter race in 11 minutes, 40.62 seconds, ahead of Frankfurt International School’s Natalie Pecoraro in a meet in Ramstein, Germany, on Saturday. (Photo by Michael Abrams/S&S)

Ramstein’s Carl Lewenhaupt, right, beats Heidelberg’s Jacob Brainerd to the finish line in a close 3,000-meter race. Lewenhaupt won in 9 minutes, 52.12 seconds, with Brainerd crossing in 9:52.52.

Ramstein’s Carl Lewenhaupt, right, beats Heidelberg’s Jacob Brainerd to the finish line in a close 3,000-meter race. Lewenhaupt won in 9 minutes, 52.12 seconds, with Brainerd crossing in 9:52.52. (Photo by Michael Abrams/S&S)

Editor’s note: All information used to compile high school reports is provided by home-team coaches and staffs at each event.

Baseball(Games limited to 2 hours. 15-run rules takes effect after 3 innings; 10-run-rule operates after 5 innings)(Saturday at Bamberg)Patch 18, Bamberg 2, 3 inningsPatch 10, Bamberg 0, 6 innings(Saturday at Heidelberg)Heidelberg 5, Mannheim 3Heidelberg 12, Mannheim 6(Saturday at Kaiserslautern)Kaiserslautern 5, Frankfurt International School 4, 5 inningsKaiserslautern 9, Frankfurt International School 8, 5 innings(Saturday at Lakenheath)AFNORTH 11, Lakenheath 7AFNORTH 4, Lakenheath 1(Saturday at Naples)Naples 13, Sigonella 0, 7 inningsNaples 10, Sigonella 1, 7 innings(Saturday at Vilseck)Vilseck 9, Wiesbaden 2, 6 inningsVilseck 17, Wiesbaden 1, 3 innings(Wednesday at Bitburg)Ramstein 22, Bitburg 0, 5 inningsRamstein 12, Bitburg 1, 5 innings

Softball(Games limited to 2 hours. 15-run rules takes effect after 3 innings; 10-run-rule operates after 5 innings)(Saturday at Ansbach)Hohenfels 18, Ansbach 3, 3 inningsHohenfels 16, Ansbach 1, 3 innings(Saturday at Bamberg)Patch 6, Bamberg 3, 7 inningsPatch 13, Bamberg 3, 5 innings(Saturday at Heidelberg)Heidelberg 14, Mannheim 4, 5 inningsHeidelberg 19, Mannheim 11, 6 innings(Saturday at Lakenheath)Lakenheath 21, AFNORTH 0, 3 inningsLakenheath 13, AFNORTH 0, 4 innings(Saturday at Naples)Naples 15, Sigonella 0, 3 inningsNaples 20, Sigonella 2, 4 innings(Saturday at Ramstein)Ramstein 8, SHAPE 1, 6 inningsRamstein 20, SHAPE 1, 5 innings(Wednesday at Bitburg)Ramstein 15, Bitburg 0, 3 innningsRamstein 15, Bitburg 0, 4 innings(Saturday at Vilseck)Vilseck 10, Wiesbaden 0, 5 inningsWiesbaden 10, Vilseck 6, 5 innings

SoccerBoysNon-regional—Ansbach 2, Mannheim 1(Saturday at Ansbach)Halftime—Mannheim 1, Ansbach 0Goals—Mannheim: Richard Santiago; Ansbach: Shaun Francis, Paul FarinosiAssists—Mannheim: None reported; Ansbach: Farinois, Dwayne JonesSaves—Mannheim (Bryce Mann) 8; Ansbach (Mikael Vicente) 16Noteworthy—According to coach Tony Alvarado, the victory for Ansbach (1-5-0 overall) ended a two-year drought. Mannheim fell 0-6-0,SHAPE 6, Kaiserslautern 2(Saturday at Mons, Belgium)Halftime—5-0Goals—Manuel Vela 3, Simone Arcamone, Trent Castro, Kewin Nielsen; Kaiserslautern: Alex Rodriguez, Christian SanchezAssists—Kaiserslautern none; SHAPE: Arcamone 2, Castro, VelaNoteworthy—Reigning European D-II champ SHAPE is 4-1-0; Kaiserslautern is 2-3-1.Region IInternational School of Brussels 3,Lakenheath 0(Saturday at Lakenheath)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Rob Brown, Pierre Koob, Mori ShunsukeOther details unavailable.Noteworthy—Lakenheath fell to 2-3-1 overall and 1-2-0 in region. The Lancers will close out regular season against visiting Alconbury this Saturday. ISB completed regular season at 5-0-0, 4-0-0.Menwith Hill 2, Rota 0(Friday at Alconbury)Halftime—1-0Goals—Ian Anderson 2Assists—Schuyler Backlar 2Saves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Game was opener of Region I Small Schools tournament, a four-team affair pitting Region I D-III schools Alconbury, Brussels, Menwith Hill and Rota against one another. Menwith Hill coach Hank Hurren, who said his team was short seven players, praised the work of Mustangs Alex Abing and Ryan Reers in cementing the victory.Brussels 2, Rota 0(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—1-0Goals—Javier Moroeno, Rota own goalAssists—NoneSaves—Brussels (Ryan Bottesini) 9; Rota (James Stovall) 13Noteworthy—Brussels coach Greg Narinich praised his team for "great ball distribution over the entire field."Rota 2, Alconbury 0(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—0-0Goals—Dale Parker 2Assists—None reportedSaves—Rota (Stovall) 10; Alconbury (Taylor Williamson) 2Noteworthy—According to Alconbury coach Jeffrey Black, Alconbury launched 18 shots on goal, but "Stovall’s work in goal was the difference in the game."Region IIRamstein 7, Kaiserslautern 1(Friday at Kaiserslautern)Halftime—Ramstein 3, Kaiserslautern 1Goals—Ramstein: Jon McLouth 2, Brian Helmetag, Ryan Olsen, Justin Vernon, Glenn Verley, unavailable; Kaiserslautern: Russell KreugerAssists—Ramstein: Verley 2, Fabrice Jordon 2, Dillon Wadsack; Kaiserslautern: Cody TremaineSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—Led by Verley and controlling the midfield throughout, according to K-town coach Ken Robinson, defending European D-I champion Ramstein improved to 6-0-0 overall and 4-0-0 in the region. The Royals are to host Wiesbaden in their regular-season finale this Saturday.Bitburg 3, Wiesbaden 1(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—Bitburg 1, Wiesbaden 0Goals—Bitburg: Brandon Massie 2, Tim O’Donnell; Wiesbaden: Quentin PorqueAssists—Bitburg: Pierre Lessada, Elliott SchneiderSaves—Bitburg (Paul Alix) 5; Wiesbaden (Alex Hernandez) 8Noteworthy—Wiesbaden fell to 1-4-0, 1-3-0. Bitburg is 3-3-0, 2-2-0.Baumholder 2, Bitburg 1(Friday at Bitburg)Halftime—Bitburg 1, Baumholder 0Goals—Baumholder: Jacob Bishop; Bitburg own goal; Bitburg: Unavailable.Assists—NoneSaves—Baumholder (Noel Bongham) 5; Bitburg (goalkeeper’s name unavailable) 5Noteworthy—Baumholder improved to 5-1-0 overall and 3-1-0 in region.Region IIIPatch 7, Bamberg 0(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—4-0Goals— Steve Archibald 2, Jacob Camacho, Andrew Lewis, Jon Lightner, Keith Moore, Drew NixonAssists—Lewis 2, Brandon Crytzer, Brandon Lockridge, Ron KirkemoSaves—Bamberg unavailable; Patch (Drew Penrod 5, Connor Charlton 4) 9Noteworthy—Patch is 2-3-1 overall and 2-2-1 in region. Bamberg fell to 4-2-1, 3-2-1,BFA 9, Vilseck 2(Saturday at Kandern, Germany)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Vilseck: Sage Thornburg and Nick Thomas; Black Forest Academy: Peter Jo 2, David Song 2, Austin Troxel 2, Austin Beerley, Andrew Ingram, Andrew PepeAssists—Vilseck: None reported; BFA: Josiah Kelly 2, Ingram, Jo, Michael PetersSaves—UnavailableNoteworthy—BFA will take a 4-0-1 overall and Region III record into this Saturday’s regional title showdown at Heidelberg. Vilseck fell to 1-4-1 overall and 1-4-0 in the region.Region IVNaples 2, Sigonella 2(Saturday at Naples)Halftime—Sigonella 2, Naples 0Goals—Sigonella: Benjamin Jacks 2; Naples: Troy Reeves, Daniel BrewAssists—Sigonella: None reported; Naples: Nigen AlexanderSaves—Sigonella (Conor Quinn) 10; Naples (Ricky Sizemore) 8Noteworthy—Naples is 2-3-1 overall and in region; Sigonella is 2-2-2 both ways.AOSR 7, Aviano 0(Saturday at Rome)Details unavailableNoteworthy—American Overseas School of Rome improved to 5-1-0 overall and in region in game ended in first half by 7-goal DODDS-Europe courtesy rule. Aviano fell to 0-6-0.GirlsNon-regionalSHAPE 0, Kaiserslautern 0(Saturday at Mons, Belgium)Halftime—0-0Saves—Kaiserslautern (Katie Jackson) 7; SHAPE (Sandra Peco) 4Noteworthy—SHAPE coach Shawn Whitehurst credited K-town defender Cariema Wood for helping keep his Lady Spartans off the score sheet and praised his left midfielder Veronica Sivertsen for her work up the sideline. Kaiserslautern is 2-2-2; SHAPE 2-1-2.Mannheim 2, Ansbach 0(Saturday at Ansbach)Details unavailable.Noteworthy—Mannheim is 2-3-1; Ansbach 0-6-0.Region IBrussels 1, Rota 0(Saturday at Alconbury)Halftime—1-0Goal—Alexandra McVickerAssist—Alexis EperjesiSaves—Brussels (Jane Rudy) 5; Rota (goalkeeper’s name unavailable) 7Noteworthy—Brussels coach praised his team for strong passing and overall team defense in this Region I small-schools game.Rota 1, Alconbury 0(Friday at Alconbury)Halftime—0-0Goal—Yesinia SolisAssist—Ashley SledgeSaves—Rota (Meghan Moreno) 2; Alconbury (Cassis Brockway) 7.Noteworthy—The play of sweeper Chelsea Dewitt impressed her coach, David Claassen.Rota 4, Menwith Hill 3(Friday at Alconbury)Halftime—Menwith Hill 3, Rota 0Other details unavailableRegion IIBitburg 3, Baumholder 0(Friday at Bitburg)Halftime—UnavailableGoals—Averi Goetz, Bianca Ruter, Allison ShaverAssist—Siobhan BoxSaves—Baumholder unavailable; Bitburg (Reagan Thompson) 6Noteworthy—Baumholder fell to 0-6-0 overall, 0-4-0 in Region II going into its final regular-season game this Saturday against visiting Mannheim.Wiesbaden 1, Bitburg 0(Saturday at Wiesbaden)Halftime—UnavailableGoal—Celina PonteAssist—None reportedSaves—Bitburg (Emily Kroloff) 14; Wiesbaden (Samantha Ryan) 3Noteworthy—Wiesbaden, whose defender Andy Thomas performed well, is 5-0-1 overall and 4-0-0 in Region II. The Lady Warriors will close out their regular season with a Region II title-deciding game at unbeaten Ramstein on Saturday. Bitburg is 1-4-1, 1-1-1.Ramstein 7, Kaiserslautern 1(Friday at Kaiserslautern)Halftime—Ramstein 4, Kaiserslautern 1Goals—Ramstein: Josie Seebeck 3, Michaella Herron 2, Rebecca Coleman, Mackenzie Crews; Kaiserslautern: Emily CrawfordAssists—Ramstein: None reported; Kaiserslautern: Rachel HookSaves—Ramstein (Terri Leiigh Obermiller) 6; Kaiserslautern (Katie Jackson) 17.Noteworthy—Goal was the first of the season allowed by Ramstein (6-0-0 overall, 4-0-0 in region). Ramstein coach Ricardo Buitrago praised the play of midfielder Olivia McQuail for Kaiserslautern (ook a 2-2-1 overall and Region II record into Saturday’s non-regional game at SHAPE.Region IIIPatch 10, Bamberg 1(Saturday at Stuttgart)Halftime—Patch 4, Bamberg 1Goals—Bamberg: Hanna Fellinger; Patch: Carissa Carlson, Hayley Faruqui, Heidi Heber, Nellie Loney, Michelle Moorhead, Emma Murray, Sara Reynolds, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Elysia Verones, Ellie WeltonAssists—Bamberg: None reported; Patch: Murray, Sweeney, Verones, Rachael Masset, Carolina Rivera, Andrea WatsonSaves—Bamberg (Lisa Pullins) unavailable; Patch (Loney 1, Murray 1, Welton 1) 3Noteworthy—Patch is 6-0-0 overall, 5-0-0 in Region III ; Bamberg fell to 1-6-0 overall in its regular-season finale.Heidelberg 3, Hohenfels 0(Saturday at Heidelberg)Goals—Stephanie Miller 2, Rachel PerrottaAssists—Anna Miller, Marlowe MuelhbauerSaves—Hohenfels (Franziska Fenslage) 14, Heidelberg (Melanie Stordahl) 12Noteworthy—Heidelberg is 3-2-1 overall and 3-1-1 in region. Hohenfels fell to 2-4-0, 2-3-0.JV—1-1Region IVNaples 5, Sigonella 0(Saturday at Naples)Halftime—3-0Goals—Demi Holbrook 3, Haylea Witz 2Assists—None reportedSaves—Sigonella unavailable; Naples (Aleksandra Stasniak 6, Samantha Dozier 1, Jenny Horadon 1) 8Noteworthy—Naples improved to 4-2-0; Sigonella fell to 2-3-1.Aviano 5, AOSR 2(Saturday at Rome)Halftime—Aviano 3, American Overseas School of Rome 1Goals—Aviano: Cheryl Craver 3, Emily Cartwright, Anna Sloan; AOSR: UnavailableAssists—Aviano: Chelsey Bayne 3; AOSR: UnavailableSaves—Aviano (Sierra Carr) 6; AOSR unavailableNoteworthy—Aviano evened its region and overall record at 3-3-0; AOSR fell to 0-4-1.

Track(All race distances in meters)Saturday at VilseckBoysTeam scoring—Vilseck 154.5, Ansbach 89.5, Patch 85, Bamberg 67, Wiesbaden 59, Hohenfels 48100 meters—1, Darius Whitehead (Vils) 11.53; 2, Forte Cunningham (Bamb) 11.93; 3, Denario Sain (Bamb) 11.93200—1, Whitehead, 23.63; 2, Derrick Flake (Ansb) 24.12; 3, Leon Atkins (Hoh) 24.49400—1, Marvin Harris (Vils) 55.83; 2, Martin Hall (Pat) 55.85; 3, Coleman Donovan (Ansb) 58.82800—1, Zane Kennedy (Vils) 2:11.33; 2, Harris, 2:15.72; 3, Kaleb Flamming (Bamb) 2:17.991,500—1, Kennedy, 4:25.21; 2, Seran Williams (Bamb) 4:27.45; 3, Christian Austen (Hoh) 4:47.773,000—1, Austen, 10:31.29; 2, Thomas Trevino (Pat) 11:02.60; 3, Cole Garraghty (Pat) 11:14.42110 high hurdles—1, Flake, 17.47; 2, Johnny Bunch (Ansb) 17.74; 3, Anthony Adams (Ansb) 17.87300 intermediate hurdles—1, Flake, 44.02; 3, Adams, 44.05; 3, Bunch, 44.444x100 relay—1, Patch (John Gonzalez, Michael Giles, Julius Johnson-Rich, Justin Johnson-Rich) 45.05; 2, Bamberg, 45.85; 3, Vilseck, 46.084x400 relay—1, Wiesbaden (Khari Bennett, Nick Colbert, David Reynolds, Brian Sealy) 3:52.13; 2, Patch, 4:02.33; 3, Vilseck, 4:04.954x800 relay—1, Patch (Christian Brown, Garraghty, Rory Sweeney, Jeffrey Zeller) 9:26.23; 2, Wiesbaden, 10:11.92; 3, Vilseck, 10:31.591,600 sprint medley relay—1, Patch (Gonzalez, Jl.Johnson-Rich, Js.Johnson-Rich, Sweeney) 3:54.63; 2, Bamberg, 3:59.25; 3, Wiesbaden, 3:59.92High jump—1, Dane Gray (Vils) 5 feet, 10 inches; 2, Calvin Van Patton (Vils) 5-8; 3, Anthony Cortwright (Bamb) 5-6Long jump—1, Whitehead, 17-10 ¼; 2, (tie) Atkins and Cunningham, 17-8 ¼Triple jump—1, Atkins, 41-5 ¾; 2, Brian Sealy (Wies) 37-3; 3, Donovan, 35-4Shot put—1, Adams, 43-2; 2, Calvin Hickman (Vils) 40-2 ½; 2, Victor Hernandez (Vils) 39-4Discus—1, Nick McCormick (Wies) 120-1; 2, Michael Nicoll (Pat) 119-1; 3, Adams, 110-3GirlsTeam scoring—Patch 161, Vilseck 116, Wiesbaden 106, Ansbach 72, Bamberg 25, Hohenfels 9100 meters—1, Tiffany Heard (Ansb) 12.95; 2, Kelley Colbert (Wies) 13.17; 3, Shy’Kimeyun Alexander (Pat) 13.64200—1, Heard, 27.75; 2, Abigail Diaz (Pat) 28.93; 3, Khadijah Preaster (Pat) 29.34400—1, Cassianna Busch (Pat) 64.46; 2, Anna Muzzy (Vils) 66.51; 3, Whitney Larson (Wies) 68.39800—1, Alexandra Huestis (Vils) 2:40.56; 2, Shena Cousens (Wies) 2:42.00; 3, Jessica Pinyan (Bamb) 2:48.381,500—1, Payton Bodecker (Vils) 5:28.12; 2, Christina Hamilton (Pat) 5:31.79; 3, Amelia Yambrick (Pat) 5:39.023,000—1, Yambrick, 12:23.01; 2, Alexis Harrison (12:25.60); 3, Cousens, 12:51.10100 intermediate hurdles—1, Heard, 15.52; 2, Alexander, 15.95; 3, Mariah Archibald (Pat) 19.10300 low hurdles—1, Heard, 46.26; 2, Rebecca Borner (Wies) 48.70; 3, Donalee Lazare (Ansb) 54.154x100 relay—1, Wiesbaden (Kia Ashford, Borner, Colbert, Jameelah Robinson) 52.47; 2, Patch, 53.20; 3, Vilseck, 53.864x400 relay—1, Wiesbaden (Borner, Colbert, Larson, Robinson) 4:26.78; 2, Patch, 4:41.72; 3, None4x800 relay—1, Patch (Christina Hamilton, April Peterson, Kylie Springer, Grace Swehla) 11:13.46; 2, Vilseck, 12:35.11; 3, None1,600 sprint medley relay—1, Vilseck (Bodecker, Muzzy, Jordan Dinger, Jamila Harvey) 4:46.22; 2, Patch, 4:51.81; 3, Wiesbaden, 4:58.40High jump—1, Colbert, 5 feet, 0 inches; 2, Archibald, 4-6; 3, (tie) Kristin Robinson (Pat) and Jameelah Robinison (Wies) 4-6Long jump—1, Tiffani Bunch (Ansb) 13-7 ¼; 2, Mariah Morris (Vils) 13-3 ¼; 3, Huestis, 12-4Triple jump—1, Borner, 31-0 ¾; 2, Jamila Harvey (Vils) 30-7 ¼; 3, Tahtiana Williams (Vils) 27-5 ¾Shot put—1, Natesha Godbee (Bamb) 31-4; 2, Najja Beaulieu-Hains (Vils) 30-7 ¼; 3, Lazare, 26-6 ¼Discus—1, Morris, 93-7; 2, Bunch, 84-8; 3, Godbee, 78-0

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