Patch continues to be on target

Wiesbaden's Maximilian Petrunyak takes aim at his target from the standing position Saturday at a DODDS-Europe marksmanship competition in Wiesbaden, Germany. Saturday's competition marks the halfway point in the DODDS-Europe marksmanship season. Wiesbaden will host the European championship Feb. 1.


By ERIC A. BROWN | STARS AND STRIPES Published: January 11, 2014

WIESBADEN, Germany — The Patch marksmanship team christened the Wiesbaden Warriors’ brand new shooting range Saturday by dominating the competition at a DODDS-Europe marksmanship competition.

The top shooters from the Panthers collectively scored 1,418 out of a possible 1,500. Baumholder and Wiesbaden tied with a score of 1,276 each. Alconbury (1,152) and Bitburg (1,015) followed.

Although individual top honors went to Buccaneers’ shooter Rachel Holliday - who posted a total score of 287 and earned a maximum 100 while shooting from the prone - Panthers marksmen were able to take the next six individual positions.

“My shooters did well today considering they just came back from a three-week leave,” Panther head coach Raul Pinon said.

The Panthers began the season by racking up 1,425 points — beating the previous DODDS-Europe team record by 13 points, which was also held by Patch.  And they have dominated ever since.

However, shooters such as Moani DeGuzman, team captain for Alconbury, still remain hopeful for the second half of this season.  

“My prone and kneeling was real good, but my standing could have been better,” DeGusman said.  

“For the rest of the season, I think we’re going to finish off strong, but even if we don’t make it to Europeans, we did real good this year because most of our shooters are first-year shooters and they’re doing amazing,” she said.

The rest of the season consists of two more Saturday competitions before the 2013-14 European Championships on Feb. 1 in Wiesbaden.  

Patch's Erika Hoffman used a monocular to check her aiming while in the prone position at a DODDS-Europe marksmanship competition Saturday in Wiesbaden, Germany.


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