How can nonbelievers be offended by something that doesn’t exist to them (“Part of God’s plan?,” letter, Dec. 3)? Everyone has choices, just like some choose not to believe. We choose to join the military, fight for our country, drink, smoke, work hard, show kindness, or not. God did not choose for us. He gave us the road map.

It is unfortunate that so many have had to die in these wars. But is God on the battlefield firing an AK (rifle) at us or blowing us up with bombs? No, it is another person with choices. Can God come in and protect those he wishes to? We can choose, why can’t God?

So many people blame God for death, sadness and their failures, yet they don’t even know him. People fail to realize even the strongest belief will not keep you from suffering. It may even increase it. If people would read the Bible, they would see the believer often suffers and is killed (yes, God lets believers die, too). Everyone will die at some point. But nonbelievers expect us to think that, if there was a God, he would not allow anyone to die in a war.

So when is God supposed to allow us to die? Are we all supposed to die in our sleep after a long life for there to be proof of God?

It is ridiculous to expect God to solve all of our problems, especially when we create them. Too many people expect heaven on Earth as proof of God. The heaven part comes later.

God did not create the problems of this world, man did. If you choose to blame God, please at least read the Bible, so you can correctly tell people about who God is and what he does.

Sgt. 1st Class Ronald LeviJoint Base Balad, Iraq

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