Regarding the Nov. 6 article “Military community shocked by news of child predator”: Kaiserslautern military community shocked? Are we really shocked by the carelessness of parents who allow a male stranger to be entrusted with their children’s care?

At least Staff Sgt. Joshua Adam Smith admitted he’s sick. I’ve yet to hear the parents admit they were irresponsible and naive. Where was Smith’s supervisor? A good supervisor is aware of a subordinate’s off-duty activities.

Since we’re in the process of locking the barn door now that the horses have escaped, this would be a good time for one of American Forces Network’s public awareness commercials. Even better, the base commander who recently dictated that no motorcycles could move until all riders attended a mandatory safety briefing can now insist that no baby sitters be hired until all parents attend a mandatory parenting briefing.

This begs the question, obviously, the KMC leadership has been aware of this situation since April. Why hasn’t there been a campaign of advising parents to use discretion in hiring baby sitters? Maybe we can even have a mandated list of approved baby sitters from which parents can choose.

In the article, one lady commented that Smith was very charismatic. Is this a prerequisite for entrusting a stranger with your child’s welfare?

Obviously the Office of Special Investigation and Criminal Investigation Command must have overlooked this character’s escapades while they were scouring the local social networks for clandestine activities.

Randy Plessinger

Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Unfit for family-friendly paper

Shame on you, Stars and Stripes. I’m an Air Force spouse, and I can no longer allow my 9-year-old son to read your paper. In the same issue that you write about how to protect my child from predators, you print a picture of a dog so severely abused and matted that my son is now sobbing (American Roundup, Nov. 6).

I understand that your mission is to serve our military community, and that in doing so the news is often unpleasant, sad and bloody. However, you also serve military families, and promote yourselves for use in the classroom. With all the misery in the world, I see no need for you to add to our emotional distress by printing gratuitous, gut-wrenching stories and photos.

As your paper is our only real option for a newspaper in the Kaiserslautern military community, I will continue to subscribe, but my family cannot handle much more of this type of “reporting.”

Gayle McKercher

Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Molester forfeited his privacy

I want to salute Stars and Stripes for putting the face of child molester Staff Sgt. Joshua Adam Smith all over the newspaper, nice and big. People like this guy don’t deserve privacy at all. It is a huge disgrace that this guy did this; it makes everybody feel insecure.

Such people wear masks and give huge clues to their truths when telling parents that abusers can come in any form.

Stars and Stripes, you did an awesome job plastering this disease all over the world, rightfully so, Seek, strike, destroy!

Thomas Caro

Mosul, Iraq

Website’s a pleasant sight

I read the print edition of Stars and Stripes for more than 30 years, but I haven’t checked you out online for many years. It looks great. Keep up the good work.

John Schuh

Lake Dallas, Texas

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