Wow, I wonder who else sees the irony of an atheist (“Part of God’s plan?,” letter, Dec. 3) finding offensive a headline in Stars and Stripes (“ ‘Don’t tell me there isn’t a God,’ ” article, Nov. 29). That just reeks of someone being uncertain of his convictions, or lack thereof.

It seems to me that, as a nonbeliever or unbeliever, one’s concern for another’s belief in “fairy tales,” “mythology” or what have you, would rattle your ire no more than one’s ardent belief that chocolate is better than vanilla. The writer of this protest goes on to state, “Those of us who choose to not believe. ...” Again, I find his indignation humorous, as one chooses to not do something. Belief being an action, one chooses to do something; in not believing something, he chooses nothing. He’s only agreed with the nothing he believes in.

As a believer, I believe there is a lot of unrighteous indignation protested by a lot on both sides of the fence. It’s all so exasperating.

The bottom line is, I believe the paper was quoting the young man and simply recording his feelings about the incident. To read into it a manifesto on divine intervention and faith, I believe, demonstrates a frustration and uncertainty of the “choice” the letter writer made on the subject.

Sgt. 1st Class Dennis L. PettittForward Operating Base Delta, Iraq

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