This is in response to the May 10 Opinion column "Day of Prayer enlivened as it enlightened."

Brain research will not "find God" somewhere in electrical activity, but will (Romans 1:20) better understand the marvelous processes reflecting the Creator’s wisdom. Electrical activity in peculiar brain segments does not instruct on content. Neither do computer functions differentiate between family pictures and Internet pornography. Similar brain activity during prayer to any god does not demonstrate the equality of all religions. The brain has apparently been given a structural hierarchy.

Human choice determines content. Conversion is possible from one religion to another. The reality of religious conversion defies all theories of materialistic determinism and points to nonbiological factors.

The assumption that the "God" idea is biochemically determined does not explain atheism and prayerlessness. Doctrine and choice determine orientations, not the electrons moving from synapse to synapse.

Christians contend that the brain is a tool of the nonmaterial soul. Automobile computers perform the same functions whether one drives to church or to market. To declare diverse activities equal based on common functional operations confuses the issues.

OK, Franklin Graham was a bit blunt. But the truth or falsehood of his statement does not depend on brain functions. Perhaps not all religion is spiritually equal after all, even if we have established and cherished political toleration of all religion as a democratic ideal.

Fred FosterSinsheim, Germany

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