In regard to "See if policies are still needed" (letter, May 11), the writer mentions, in regard to Army Regulation 670-1, that there is nothing that annoys her more than stupid policies enforced because they exist.

Here’s my two cents on this issue that is really annoying her: AR 670-1 is a regulation that is in place for many reasons and not only to keep soldiers from not looking like those of other countries, since the letter mentions Israel. The big one that comes to mind is discipline.

For example, if you let a soldier wear his sunglasses on his head, this can lead to other things that might be "OK," like wearing them over his headgear. If you let a soldier roll up his sleeves because it’s a little hot, this can lead to trousers being unbloused, and so on.

Then of course this leads to soldiers being complacent on other things that matter most, like weapons cleaning, standing guard and so on.

But here is another perspective: I’m a soldier on my fifth deployment. Every time we’re on patrol, on a mission, in an aircraft, on guard, etc., we have to wear a lot of things that really annoy us: helmet, eye protection, elbow and knee pads, Improved Outer Tactical Vest, gloves, weapon, rucksack, etc. So soldiers shouldn’t get bothered too much if they are not allowed to wear sunglasses on their head or roll up their sleeves.

Staff Sgt. Benjamin SanchezForward Operating Base Joyce, Afghanistan

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