Amazed! Flabbergasted! We are so concerned with being politically correct about the feelings and rights of homosexual servicemembers that we allow ourselves the luxury of overlooking the basic rights of free speech (“General rebuked for letter opposing repeal,” article, March 26).

Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon is to be commended for his courage in speaking out on an issue of importance to all servicemembers and not merely the homosexual minority. I admired the courage of his convictions and the fact that he provided a feasible alternative to those wishing to express their opinion. In his position as a leader, he not only had the right to inform those under his command of their alternatives, but the obligation and responsibility as well.

This highly questionable policy decision [to end “don’t ask, don’t tell”] made by those who seem to have completely lost touch with servicemembers in the field, comes at a time when the nation is fighting a war on two separate fronts. Surely there are more relevant and important issues to cope with. Where are our priorities?

I hope others who support Mixon’s position will have the same courage to speak up in support of his rights of expression. He neither conduced nor condoned a plan of action and should not be held accountable as the scapegoat of rhetoric. This is the military, and we are bound by certain regulations; however, this is not the Salem witch trials, either.

James P. WelchContingency Operating Base Speicher, Iraq

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