A lot of people are missing the point of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Homosexuals are not forbidden to serve in the military. They just can’t disclose their sexual persuasion. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” actually is not a bad program. Basically it tells everybody to mind their own business.

I wish the general public would understand that homosexuality is not a right, but a choice. Instead, the homosexual minority is trying to [force their opinions on] the population who wish not to know of their choice to be homosexual; I wish the homosexual population would mind its own business.

For those who say it is immoral to be homosexual, just remember we are not ones who judge, but God. I remember when the program was introduced in 1993, I thought it was a bad thing. But as I grew older I saw that it was not a bad program. I believe “don’t ask, don’t tell” should remain in effect. Homosexuals can serve in the military discreetly and I don’t need to know about their sexual orientation. Not knowing is better than knowing.

The same concerns were made about separate lodging and showers in the argument about women serving. It would be like letting me either share a room with, or shower with, women. There would be a slight discomfort for some. It would be the same as openly homosexual people doing the same with somebody who is not homosexual. There would be the same discomfort.

Capt. Dino J. GutierrezVictory Base Camp, Iraq

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