I’ve been trying to stay out of [the gays in the military] debate, but it’s become too much for me to keep quiet. I’m getting tired of people bashing other people’s lifestyles as immoral or unethical.

One writer ("It’s about morality, ethics," letter, April 30) quoted a verse from the Bible talking about man going from natural to unnatural, but when he added the part about homosexuality the quote marks went away.

Saying this has nothing to do with rights is also off base. It is a case of equal rights because these individuals are being denied the right to live their lives without fear of retaliation because they don’t fit into the mold of homophobes and people who feel they are in charge of moral decisions. The argument about showering with an openly gay person doesn’t hold water either. Wouldn’t you rather know the person is gay so you can avoid the situation instead of not being sure?

I’m not a fan of the idea of walking into a club and seeing a couple of guys making out, but it’s not my place, nor is it anyone else’s, to tell these people how to live.

For the people hugging the Bible, doesn’t that book also say that judgment belongs to the Lord? Last thing I knew, God isn’t living here on Earth sending letters to the editor. Why don’t you all step back and judge and improve yourselves instead of trying to force your moral beliefs on others?

Master Sgt. Robert R. Allen (retired)Landstuhl, Germany

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