Comparing [skin] color to homosexuality is ignorant. One is genetic and the other is not. [If there is] evidence proving otherwise, please enlighten us all. My argument is the morality of the issue.

I’m a Christian, and, contrary to popular opinion, mine counts, too. I have fought for my rights on two war fronts, and to be honest, don’t care to serve with openly gay people. I do not judge them, I love them. I do despise their sin, as every true Christian should.

I joined the military for a set of values, morals if you will. Homosexuality is against those morals/values and I feel compelled to voice my concern.

The military is not a democracy. Its function is to protect the American people, preserve and further democracy. Our rights are set aside for the rights of others. My issue [with gays] is their immoral lifestyle and how it conflicts with good morals and values as well as good order and discipline.

Most Americans recognize Judeo-Christian principles were the basis of America. If we look at what our Founding Fathers wanted for this country, everyone should agree America’s moral compass isn’t pointed in the direction it was meant to.

I have fought for the rights I hold so dear, and some criticize me for feeling the way I do. Some defend their right to be gay, or defend those who are gay. I’ll defend my morals and values. I bet the American Civil Liberties Union won’t stand up for me.

By the way, will gays be rooming with straight? What about community showers? Will there be gay barracks? There is more to consider than just repealing a policy. Why not focus on the mortgage crisis, jobs or real health care reform? But then, that would just make sense.

Warrant Officer 1 Marcus TannerForward Operating Base Delhi, Afghanistan

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