Response to "DFAC meat market?" (Feb. 19): I, too, am on Victory Base Camp, Iraq. If there are any females who are afraid to go to the dining facility, then they need to re-evaluate the situation.

Here is the way of it: Men look at women, women look at men (do not deny it); however, we are all soldiers, so quit behaving like high school children.

I do not know about other units, but we have a strict battle buddy policy. We must have at least one other soldier with us at all times — thus negating the threat of the scary chow hall. If they are truly threatened, then they need to seek work elsewhere.

I agree there is a real danger out there; I also agree that everyone (not just males) has to walk on eggshells because of this hypersensitive atmosphere we have created.

I agree no woman should feel she cannot eat at the DFAC because it feels like a meat market; I put to you that no woman would. A woman knows it is a chow hall, where soldiers go to eat. These girls complain because the guys are looking. I will bet they do not complain guys are looking when they are at the club back home, but I guess that is different somehow.

These girls are only proving that some females cannot handle the military — thanks for taking us back 50 years.

To clarify: Girls are the naive, immature version of a woman.

This is a combat environment, without the usual distractions of family, booze or "relations"; it is an adrenaline-fed, testosterone-rich environment. If a little chauvinistic behavior is a surprise to anyone who joined the Army during a time of war, then go home and let the women finish the job like soldiers.

Sgt. Samantha K. PangBaghdad

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