I was disturbed recently to learn home-schooled families in Germany are now refugees in the United States. The crime of following their conscience — educating their children as they see fit — is against the law in Germany.

The government has no place dictating how a child should learn. That is the parent’s responsibility. Children are not the state’s property. Is it the 1930s in Germany all over again?

I am a U.S. Army chaplain-soldier and know that the United States liberated Germany twice in the last century because of oppressive rulers/dictators and over-reach of government into citizens’ private affairs.

Americans have paid in blood for Germany’s freedom. Police are coming to German citizens’ homes in 2010 arresting parents for simply educating their children. Possibly some parents do not endorse the current culture of the public schools. Parents may not want their children receiving information relating to sexually graphic material and information contrary to their religious beliefs.

I ask the German people to wake up, be outraged and do not stand for this oppression. Truth is, many of the home-schooled children outshine the public school-educated children.

My wife is the president of a home-school group in Forsyth County, N.C. By my observation the children in this group are very well-rounded and excel in college and society without government management or interference. I do not believe everyone needs to follow the same curriculum and learn in the same way. A home-schooled child learns at a pace decided by the person who knows him best, Mom and Dad.

We continue to welcome your tired, your poor, and your home-schooled.

Chaplain (Capt.) Kevin D. WinemillerBasra, Iraq

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