All the articles and letters [on gays serving openly in the military] I have read fail to mention a couple of things I believe are facts.

Homosexuals (and intravenous drug users) are the most likely people to contract the AIDS virus. The military tests for AIDS, pre-employment, pre-deployment. I was tested before coming here as a civilian contractor.

What happens if AIDS is contracted after testing?

Would you want someone with AIDS getting wounded next to you while you are also wounded? Can you not contract the disease through blood contact, i.e., if their blood comes in contact with your open wounds?

Isn’t that why first responders wear protective equipment (latex gloves, masks, eye protection, face shields)? Will troops be required to carry this equipment on top of the gear they already must be accountable for?

I also do not think that anyone who is wounded would like to be cared for by an AIDS-infected medic, nurse or doctor.

So, the next question is, how often to test for AIDS? After every encounter? Every weekend? Once a month? Year? Won’t this get expensive just to satisfy a political/social agenda? I’m also sure this would bring a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union for violation of civil rights.

Who is to protect the American men and women who serve who are less likely to contract AIDS?

If gays want to serve, that’s fine. I’m not forcing my lifestyle or values down their throat. Please have the same respect.

I see this as a matter of logic, not emotion or politics.

Jeff PoynterBaghdad

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