In my car this morning, I noticed a strange lever protruding from the left side of my steering column. I decided to investigate. I pushed the lever down and a green arrow began to blink on the left side of my dashboard display. I proceeded to push the lever up to see what else it would do, a green flashing arrow appeared on the right side of the dashboard. I got out to see if the lever had any effect on the outside. Aha! On the front and rear right of my car there were blinking lights.

At the entrance to Panzer Kaserne, the vehicle in front of me made a surprise right turn. Maybe his car didn’t have the amazing device I had discovered. As I approached the next turn, I pushed the lever down announcing my intention to turn left. Wow, this device allows other drivers to know my intention, thereby reducing confusion on the road. On the Autobahn, the vehicle in front had a blinking light on the left side, the vehicle moved into the left lane. I followed after pushing the lever down. After reaching the left lane the blinking stopped, and the right side blinking light came on as the vehicle moved into the center lane, passing the vehicle previously in front of him. So, this miraculous device also allows other drivers to know of my intention to change lanes and pass other vehicles.

After reaching my desk I mulled over what I’d learned. This simple safety device has three purposes: 1. It reduces confusion on the road. 2. It reduces accidents, and 3. It prevents road rage.

So, fellow drivers, the next time you enter your vehicle, see if it has one of these devices and try using it. The results may surprise you.

Command Sgt. Maj. Mark A. GeorgeStuttgart, Germany

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