"DFAC meat market?" (letter, Feb. 19), in response to "No ogling allowed" (letter, Feb. 17), is quite laughable at best!

It’s funny how the female soldier is portrayed as a victim in this whole tragedy known as a theater of combat. Surprisingly overlooked are the numerous "victims" who are constantly being catered to by male soldiers.

Also absent, the fact that most females on my base don’t know what the term "walk" means, as they’re always crowded in some senior noncommissioned officer’s vehicle. Not to mention the constant "cozying up" to males in leadership positions for favor. I don’t have to be a woman to see that for what it is. And people have the nerve to play the victim card?

The reason these soldiers ask for and receive to-go plates is because they’re too lazy to retrieve food for themselves and they know they can get some silly male soldier to play delivery boy. The only reason male soldiers in the letter writer’s unit are not guilty of this so-called transgression is because they are already sucked into the game of servitude for favor!

[The furor should be reserved] for real victims. Besides, there are just as many female soldiers who ogle male soldiers. It’s a little biological thing called attraction.

Staff Sgt. Eric LockhartCamp Taji, Iraq

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