In response to “Biases don’t show leadership” (letter, March 22): Jesus and the Bible do not teach tolerance for a person’s homosexual orientation. Those who criticize “moralists” or Christians for defending their stance that homosexuals should not be allowed to serve in the military need to study more than “Do unto others” before making decisive conclusions about Christianity.

The writer states that it is convenient for Christians to neglect the Golden Rule teaching; however, the only convenient aspect of the letter is that it does not quote Jesus’ teaching on sexuality. Mark 7:20-22 makes it clear that sexual immorality is wrong.

The leaders of the military are taking the right approach to examining this issue within the military. It will take time to decide whether the military is ready to integrate this dynamic into its war-fighting mission. The greatest hypocrisy will be neglecting the voices of those servicemembers who oppose gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

The military’s leaders — its officers, noncommissioned officers and warrant officers — have different beliefs; those who have made their beliefs known should not be ridiculed for taking a stand. In fact, that is what leaders do.

If Christian servicemembers are silenced, and discriminated against for their beliefs, the military’s equal opportunity system will become dysfunctional.

The president’s repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will leave the military in disarray. The greatest danger will be the expulsion of Christian servicemembers who will not be allowed to speak out against homosexuality, but will do so when “don’t ask, don’t tell” is revoked and homosexuals will be allowed to serve openly.

The country will be affected greatly by this form of reverse discrimination and, as a whole, will come closer to religious oppression.

Sgt. Christopher WaughAl Asad Air Base, Iraq

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