Many letter writers complain about "don’t ask, don’t tell’s" possible repeal. There are no rational reasons not to repeal it. The only difference between 95 percent of homosexuals and we straights is the gender of the person they go home to at night.

The real issue is that certain religions prohibit homosexuality, and writers calling homosexuality immoral want to impose their religion on all of us. Controlling other people for the sake of control is evil.

If you insist that someone who may not share your religious beliefs adhere to your religion’s principles, I have absolutely no respect for you as a person. No one religion should be able to dictate terms to all citizens. The United States is not a theocracy.

It doesn’t hurt you if someone else loves a person of the same gender. If it disturbs you that much to know that the man working next to you has a boyfriend, or the woman next to you has a girlfriend, then I wonder why you’re not speculating about sexual habits of the married heterosexuals with whom you work. After all, if someone has his or her opposite-sex spouse’s picture on their desk and wears a wedding ring, that’s an implicit declaration that that person is straight, not gay.

Grow up. Forget about what others do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. If the person can do the job, and acts right, let him or her serve.

Being gay isn’t prejudicial to good order and discipline. Closed-minded bigotry and an ancient text full of contradictions are.

Warrant Officer 1 J.D. WalkerNew Kabul Compound, Afghanistan

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