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I wholeheartedly agree with the writer of "Search the Bible, not Google" (letter, Sept. 14), and I commend him for taking a stand for us Christians who repeatedly find ourselves defending our faith.

Google is a worldly tool separated from the word of God. It’s not a bad or evil thing. All worldly manifestations are as such because the words of God (regardless of any religion) deal with matters of the spirit. Chaplains are supposed to be our religious leaders and examples within the military. They should not have to use Google to answer people’s questions on homosexuality.

The writer of "Common sense and the Bible" (letter, Sept. 17) seems to be just out to "flame" someone for holding a belief. Stoning people for shaving and killing for eating shellfish were social norms of the time. Just as we have our laws, so, too, did the people living in biblical times. The common denominator between both eras is society dictating what was/is acceptable.

As Christians, we use the Bible to show how homosexuality is against God because it is clearly defined. Stoning someone to death is seen in the Bible, yet it is there as part of a story to illustrate the sign of the times.

The Bible is to us a tool to further develop our relationship with God. People get so caught up in the literal translation of words that they forget stories in the Bible do not change. They are examples that can be applied to any aspect of our daily lives to help guide us in times of moral crisis. So stop attacking it. You don’t have to believe in it, but, then again, don’t ask us for our opinions on something, then criticize our reasons for believing in it.

Staff Sgt. Linwood Cottner Jr.Camp Liberty, Iraq


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