(Former Vice President) Dick Cheney is running his mouth again and conservatives act like everything Cheney says is the gospel. After all the false information put out by Cheney, how can conservatives still believe him? I’ll explain how with a concept I call the "Conservatives’ Conceived Crap Theory."

CCCT is the belief that conservatives in general and Cheney and (former President George W.) Bush in particular were better able to keep America safe. Even when confronted with facts, conservatives will default to the CCCT concept. The only way to fight this concept is to keep telling the truth.

Under Bush and Cheney, America suffered the worst one-sided defeat the world had ever seen. Yet, that hasn’t stopped Fox News and conservatives from saying that they [Bush and Cheney] kept America safe. They would quietly say they meant after 3,000 Americans were killed. The problem is that after the Sept. 11 attacks, America suffered the worse biological attack in the history of our country. Weapons-grade anthrax was used to target our government, kill our people and terrorize our country for weeks. It was another terrorizing attack that happened on the Bush-Cheney watch.

The death from terrorist attacks was bad enough, but Cheney and the gang decided to get thousands more Americans killed in an unnecessary war in Iraq. This war was based completely on false information. Then, in true conservative fashion, they blamed everyone but themselves — the military, intelligence agencies and even the Iraqis for not having weapons of mass destruction.

Now, after rushing into Iraq with no clear plans or proven reasons, Cheney’s conservatives have the nerve to attack President Barack Obama for taking time to confer with generals and advisers before expanding operations in Afghanistan. When Cheney and conservatives talk about how well they protected America, confront them with the truth.

James CarrethersKaiserslautern, Germany

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