We’ve redesigned to bring you the latest, most relevant military news throughout the day—and to make that news easier to find.

We’ve simplified our navigation to get you straight to the point. We’ve cleaned up our display so you can quickly scan all of our content. We’ve kept the features you like most, and added even more. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ve installed a new, more powerful search engine to help you get there.

We want Stars and Stripes on the web to serve as both a destination and a gateway for military news and information. That means we will provide as much original news, information, entertainment and advertising content as we can create. And whatever we cannot create ourselves, we will point to on other news websites, frequently and liberally.

We aspire to become your trusted first stop for military news. That’s because we can offer you something a random Google search cannot: The benefit of dozens of Stars and Stripes editors and reporters, stationed on three continents around the world, constantly updating our site 24 hours a day with the military stories that matter most.

We do understand that some of these changes may take a bit of getting used to for our longtime visitors. If you’re having trouble finding something, try visiting our site map. If you’re still stumped—or if you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about our new look—please use our new "comments" function at the bottom of this story. You can also drop an email to

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