In regard to the July 28 article “Default could hit troops, vets hard”: I, and probably every other soldier, sailor, airman and Marine, are sick and tired of our politicians using us a pawns. The same thing happened in April when they couldn’t pass a budget, [and it became possible] the military wouldn’t get paid. I’ll bet our politicians always make sure they get their paycheck.

To the politicians: You keep talking about possibly cutting military pay. What about your pay? You never hear that brought up in any budget cut discussions.

If our politicians really wanted to cut some fat, maybe they should start looking at their own salaries first. Let’s start with paying them using the enlisted pay scale and then maybe, just maybe, they can start relating a little bit better.

If you want a balanced budget and to pay down our debt, first of all, stop with all this finger-pointing about who caused this mess we’re in. The truth is, both parties caused it.

Second, get the lobbyists who want to make sure their agendas are fully funded out of your pocket. They didn’t elect you, your constituents did. Third, hire someone who knows how to balance a checkbook.

Staff Sgt. Craig Ruminski

Forward Operating Base Prosperity, Iraq

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