It is amazing to hear and read negative comments concerning the Arizona law that will crack down on illegal immigrants in that state. It is obvious from the vast majority of detractors to this law that they have not bothered to read the statute, which is readily available from many online sources.

I grew up in Arizona in the 1980s and illegal immigration was a serious problem during that time. It has grown to such a level that the state cannot afford basic quality-of-life programs for its legal citizens. Regardless of what the opposition may think, the law does not allow for simply stopping persons, of any ethnicity, to ascertain their legality. Only after lawful contact is made (traffic stop, crime scene investigation, etc.) can documentation be asked for. When is the last time someone has been pulled over for speeding and not been asked to provide identification?

The Arizona law is the right thing at the right time. The flood of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the southwestern United States represents a dramatic impact upon those states’ budgets and, more importantly, a serious threat to national security. Why would a state law that explicitly mirrors federal law attract so much vitriol? The only answer I can come up with is that far too many people are satisfied with the status quo or have relegated the rule of law to something subservient to political correctness.No one can fault foreigners for their desire to achieve a better life in the U.S., but, as American citizens, we darn well can fault them for breaking our laws and draining our state coffers. Federal immigration standards must be reformed, but in the meantime, foreign nationals should enter our society legally or get out.

Master Sgt. Daniel Skidmore, (retired)Heltersberg, Germany

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