Army Sgt. Jeff Young of the 554th Military Police Company in Stuttgart, Germany, plays bass guitar for the rock band One Brick Shy.

Army Sgt. Jeff Young of the 554th Military Police Company in Stuttgart, Germany, plays bass guitar for the rock band One Brick Shy. (Charlie Coon / S&S)

Name: Sgt. Jeff YoungAge: 32Unit: 554th Military Police Company, Stuttgart, GermanyNight Job: Bass player in a rock band called One Brick Shy. His bandmates are Spc. Andres Morales (singer, percussion), Petty Officer 1st Class Andy Littlefield (guitar, vocals), and Army Staff Sgt. Matt Kunkel (drums).

Describe your band’s music.We go from Black Sabbath to Ted Nugent to Rage Against the Machine. Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana. We even throw some Beatles in there.

What is your favorite style of music? Metal. I’m kind of a metalhead. Stone Sour, Slipknot, Trivium. Trivium is coming here pretty soon, by the way. I have tickets (at LKA Longhorn in Stuttgart). I just went to the Stone Sour show there on Monday.

How was it? It was amazing. We were right up there, right in the middle of the whole mess. It was such a good show.

How long have you been together? Since October of ‘05. Everything clicked pretty good. We started playing some shows here and there, basically fundraisers. After a while, we started getting offers to get paid to play. It’s not a whole lot of money when you divvy it up between four people, sometimes five because we took on a DJ as well. He (runs) our sound while we’re playing, so in case there’s some feedback he’ll find it and eliminate it. Between sets he’ll play dance music. It’s kind of like non-stop entertainment.

Do you have originals? Like a single? We’ve got a couple that people seem to really like. One called “Porcelain God.” Another one called “Unmotivation,” it’s a song about being lazy. We wrote a handful of songs that were somewhat serious, and we weren’t really enjoying it all that much. The first one we wrote that was silly was our title track, a song that’s called “One Brick Shy.” We just ran with that.

What’s “Porcelain God” about? You go out, you’re having a good time, you drink way too much and you end up praying to the porcelain god. There’s a part in it about drinking Jose Cuervo at 3 a.m.

You play bass. Any influences? Dirk Lance (formerly of Incubus). He was not overly complex but did a lot of really good bass lines, and their music at the time was really bass-driven. It was a good challenge for me when I was learning how to play the bass, because I would watch videos of Incubus playing and try to figure out how he was doing what he was doing.

Do you play with pick or not? Some songs I play with a pick but most of the time I use my fingers. After our O’Donovan’s show [in Boeblingen] you can see where my skin broke on the end of my finger. My fingers get all shredded up, but it’s all in good fun.

Do you have groupies? Define groupie.

Females who follow the band because they’re interested in its male members. Well, our wives are definitely our biggest groupies. We had a girl throw her bra up at us, but she was the wife of one of my friends. She was like, “Woo-hoo!” That sort of counts.

Do you have a Web site?

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