Military camps across Iraq can roughly be separated into three levels:

¶ Division camps: These can be huge, hitting as many as 20,000 troops from several branches of services. They are places like Tallil Airfield and Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) and generally have the best services, including multiple mess halls serving three or more hot meals a day, substantial living areas with climate control, force-provider showers, large post exchanges, easy Internet and phone service, full-service post offices, multiple gyms, unusual MWR facilities like swimming pools, shuttle buses and are the main stops for USO tours. The toilet facilities are often immaculate, with running-water toilets or an abundance of very clean chemical toilets.

¶ Brigade-level camps: These usually have several thousand troops living on them. They have a dining facility, but troops probably only get two hot meals a day. Internet and phone service is available but is not unlimited. There will be a PX, usually mid-sized. Living conditions can range from tents to make-shift buildings but nearly everyone will have climate control. Showers could be force-provider facilities but just as likely may be something made by Seabees. There will probably be a very basic MWR tent with TV, movies available via DVD and possibly a lending library. Medical care likely will be an aid station. There will be a post office, and the bathrooms will be workable and available but just not as clean as those on the biggest bases.

¶ Company level and below: These are generally the home of the worst living in Iraq. The very smallest with just maybe a platoon do not have any hot meals, no Internet and phone service, mail will be picked up once a week and showers and toilets are primitive. Nearly all have burn-out toilets. Air-conditioning is sporadic if at all. There are no USO stops and some will have a small gym with weights and equipment the individual units brought along.

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