Regarding the June 15 front-page article “US expands secret intel operations across Africa”: It seems like Stars and Stripes does not follow operational security (OPSEC). We are briefed over and over about OPSEC, yet your newspaper prints an article about what we are doing and were we are located. Yes, I understand that the enemy has many ways to get this information, but I’m not sure if we should just hand it to them.

This is not the first time Stars and Stripes has published such articles. Pretty much one article a week that violates OPSEC is found in the paper. Maps of locations are the norm found in your paper. I understand Stars and Stripes does not write the articles; however, by reproducing it, you are considered an accomplice.

I know that if we (servicemembers) ever released any of this information over Facebook or other means, we would be briefed again about OPSEC by our chain of command. I would appreciate if your editors would be more aware of what they reprint, especially if the title states “secret” intel operations.

Sgt. Raymond Knestrick

Vilseck, Germany

Let motorcycle riders decide

This is in reference to the June 15 Shifting Gears article “UNEASY RIDERS: Experts: Many aftermarket motorcycle parts don’t meet US safety standards.” Let my message be heard loud and clear (no pun intended): The federal government and the Environmental Protection Agency can keep their filthy hands off my bike.

Although I would never intentionally put cheap and unsafe parts on my bike, I will not be told that I can’t have wide-open drag pipes and better-looking mirrors on my motorcycle. Loud pipes save lives. Period.

All the examples that were cited in the picture are indicative of most custom bikes these days, and the guys riding them aren’t inexperienced riders. The last thing the motorcycle community needs is more government interference.

[Former parts dealer] Rick Doyle isn’t about to make any friends in the industry. We don’t have many freedoms left in this country anymore. Please just leave my bike alone.

Ryan Wolfe

Forward Operating Base Shank, Afghanistan

Stripes in 7

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