DARMSTADT, Germany — Gas prices are falling throughout Europe, including in Turkey and the Azores, which will switch to the Army and Air Force Exchange Services monthly gas pricing policy on Friday.

Now, all AAFES pumps will see a price decrease in October for all grades of unleaded gasoline, falling in line with the Department of Energy’s latest decrease. Diesel prices, however, increased.

The October average sell prices per gallon will be 2.4 cents lower for regular, 2.1 cents lower for mid-grade, and 2.3 cents for premium. Diesel will be 5.8 cents more this month, AAFES officials announced Saturday.

“Synchronizing the gas policy will ensure that the price of gas at all overseas locations reflects the U.S. market price, month to month,” Maj. Gen. Kathryn Frost, AAFES commander, said in a statement issued by AAFES-Europe. “AAFES’ objective is to offer pump prices that are consistent with the CONUS average regardless of where troops are stationed.”

Though AAFES gas prices will be standardized, different countries will have different prices because they have different suppliers.

In the Azores, for example, the AAFES price for super plus unleaded will be 1.882 per gallon. In Germany, the same grade of gas will cost $2.214, while it will be $2.44 in the Netherlands.

The price for normal unleaded fuel will be $2.024 per gallon in Germany. The price for super-unleaded fuel will be $2.122, and the diesel price will be $2.048.

For customers in the Netherlands, the new AAFES price for super-unleaded fuel will be $2.195 per gallon, while diesel fuel increases to $2.253.

AAFES’ customers in the United Kingdom will pay $2.056 a gallon for super-unleaded fuel. Super plus unleaded and LRP are no longer available in the UK. Diesel fuel customers will see a six-cent increase to $1.982 per gallon.

For customers in Turkey, the new AAFES price for normal unleaded will be 1.896 per gallon. The price for super-unleaded fuel will be 2.340 and the price for diesel fuel will decrease to 2.280.

“Before people go out, they should remember to exchange the old Series 5 coupons for the new series,” Maj. David Accetta said of the Germany and Netherlands gas coupons that expire at the end of the month.

He also reminds drivers that though the coupons expire soon and can no longer be used off base, they will still be accepted at AAFES gas stations through April.

“As a special reminder to diesel drivers, AAFES does not sell diesel, so customers should remember to trade in any old coupons,” he said.

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