Pfc. Dan Daly Jiggs II, 2002

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: July 3, 2019

Jason Carter ©Stars and Stripes
Yokota Air Base, Japan, June, 2002: Six-month-old, 36-pound Pfc. Dan Daly Jiggs II takes a break from canine "boot camp" — where the routine was 30 minutes of work followed by a 15-minute nap — to pose for a photo. Jiggs served as the official mascot at Camp Fuji until December, 2008, when he passed the leash to Pfc. John Basilone Jiggs III. "His ability to motivate the Marines, sailors and all that visited Camp Fuji was unparalleled," Col. Robert G. Golden III, commanding officer of the Combined Arms Training Center, said at Jiggs's retirement ceremony. "Now that he is entering the world of retirement, I offer that he be very cautious out in the civilian sector because it is a dog eat dog world and we all want him to enjoy his well deserved retirement."

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