Army-funded researchers built ‘shrimp-scale' robot to mimic the animal kingdom’s heaviest-hitter

The small, well-armored mantis shrimp can fire off a shell-cracking jab faster than a speeding bullet, and researchers have now managed to mimic that feat with a tiny robot.

Reunited: Afghan family separated in chaotic evacuation brought together at Ramstein

The U.S. believes there are “very few” Afghan children arriving to the United States without an adult family member or friend, State Department spokesman Ned Price said Thursday.

‘There’s a lot of survivor guilt’: Army steps up to help vulnerable Afghans transiting through Germany

An Afghan woman sat alone in a warehouse at a barracks in Kaiserslautern that had been transformed into a processing center for evacuees.  It may have been hunger or pain that caused her to double over every once in awhile. Or it could have been a mental health issue facing many evacuees at the camp.

Family-friendly fun with dinosaurs awaits nearby RAF Lakenheath

A recent trip to the ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure theme park was the first time I’d seen this sense of normalcy in Britain since arriving in the midst of the pandemic.

US flies Army artillery into Bulgaria in demonstration of mobility and firepower

The only U.S. rocket artillery brigade in Europe moved rapidly across borders and launched its mobile weapons in Bulgaria, a display of speed aimed at reassuring NATO allies confronted by an increasingly assertive Russia.

Army Black Hawk mechanic hopes to 'break' into the Olympics

An Army National Guard helicopter mechanic deployed to Iraq is training to qualify for the Olympics in breaking, a sport newly added to the 2024 games.

Athletes turn in virtuoso performances in virtual championships

Some athletes battled wind and rain and avoided lightning. Others had to be flexible with limited track availability. And, of course, they couldn’t even see how it was going with their closest rivals.

Landstuhl military doctors introduce cryotherapy to aid patients with allergies

The U.S. Army’s largest hospital overseas is offering a procedure new to Germany that’s been shown to help allergy sufferers and others with chronic rhinitis, officials said.