'Sharknado' is back in a Shark Week special that wants to prove sharks aren't 'crazed lunatic man-killers'
A new Shark Week special takes a closer look at the science — or lack thereof — behind the Syfy “Sharknado" movies.
For Johansson, fans, ‘Black Widow’ is a decade in the making
“Black Widow” helps peel back the layers on a hard-to-grasp Marvel character, with a little bit of an origin story, a little bit of a coda and the introduction of people outside of the Avengers who mean something to her.
Iliza Shlesinger explains ‘insane’ true story that inspired comedy movie ‘Good on Paper’
Now on Netflix, “Good on Paper” stars Iliza Shlesinger as a stand-up comic who hits it off with a man she meets on a plane.
'Fast' franchise soars to new heights in 'F9' while also looking to past
The “Fast and the Furious” franchise is back with “F9” and more insane stunts, cameos and the deep-rooted lore that always returns to the intertwining values of family and vintage American muscle cars.
How the sea monsters in 'Luca' were brought to life
The more whimsical element of the film “Luca” — sea monsters — grew from director and storyboard artist Enrico Casarosa’s fascination with changelings.
'In the Heights' is the first genuinely cheerful, splashy, life-affirming movie of the summer
Movie awards audiences with sunny optimism they've been craving for the last year and a half.
In a punk 'Cruella,' dogs play second fiddle to the designs
In the live-action supervillan origin story, “Cruella,” it's the fashion that takes center stage.
'Cruella' co-star Paul Walter Hauser's belief in himself is contagious
Paul Walter Hauser has been earning effusive praise since his mainstream breakthrough as a doofus criminal in 2017’s Tonya Harding bio-comedy “I, Tonya.”
Movie review: ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ a missed opportunity to expand story
Suffused with a deeply earnest sense of self-seriousness but not a shred of humor, camp or self-awareness, “A Quiet Place” is horror for people who don’t seem to like horror all that much.
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