You don’t have to go far to find a getaway at Naples’ Capodimonte

One trip to Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte won’t be enough to take in all that it offers. A palace that houses an extensive art collection, as well as more than 331,000 acres of woodland, open space, picnic areas and paved walkways and trails, awaits practically in the heart of Naples.

Take a break at the Chinese Garden hilltop hideaway in Stuttgart

Above the bustle of Stuttgart sits the Chinese Garden, a corner of calm on the north side of the city where visitors can mellow out for a while.

Jonesing for an escape: Germany’s Eifel Mountains boast places fit for a blockbuster

Tucked away in the green forests of western Germany’s Eifel region is Buerresheim Castle, an imposing fortress high on a rocky promontory that was built late in the 12th century.

Retrace Twain’s footsteps along the Neckar River with help from his 140-year-old prose

Mark Twain famously followed the Neckar River through a stretch of Germany, writing about it in his 1880 travel book “A Tramp Abroad.” While some things have changed, much familiar and ancient beauty remains.

Roman roads and medieval charm highlight hike around Germany’s Herrstein

Herrstein’s beautiful half-timbered homes date back as long ago as 1525. The picturesque town is also the start and finish of the Path of the Middle Ages, a 5.2-mile loop. The route was voted Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2010, according to the Outdooractive trail app.

Former US Army facility is home to Germany’s national garden show

Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim, Germany, has been transformed from a giant military logistics hub into the home of the Bundesgartenschau, or federal horticulture show, which runs through Oct. 8.

Baseball Bundesliga clubs make pitch for more American fans

Baseball Bundesliga, which made a comeback in the 1980s, would like to take a swing at getting the Americans back to the European ballparks.

Beauty surrounding disused Italian dam belies 1960s tragedy still remembered today

A small but steady stream of visitors still regularly visit the site a short drive from Aviano Air Base where the Vajont Dam failed when a landslide struck and more than 1,900 residents of nearby villages were killed.

Liberating and relaxing: Riverside path in Bad Sobernheim designed to be trod barefoot   

A Barfusspfad in Germany offers a safe place to reclaim the barefoot bliss of childhood.

Grandiose Walhalla in Bavaria presents a stunning scene both inside and outside monument

Walhalla doesn’t date from the 400s B.C. like the Parthenon, but this memorial just outside Regensburg shares some of the beauty of the Athenian wonder while being nestled in the hills above the Danube River.

Twin Koblenz-area castles put Templar lore, romanticism of Rhine side by side

A beguiling burg and a showy schloss await travelers near the Lahn River.

On beyond pizza: 5 ways to get to know Naples

If you know where to look, you can see another side of Naples that pays homage to its history, art and culture. Here are five lesser-known ways to gain a deeper appreciation of the City of the Sun.

Explore the opulence of Rome with a Germanic getaway at Villa Borg

In the heart of Saarland, near the German-Luxembourg border, lies Villa Borg, a fully restored Roman building complex whose splendor is readily reminiscent of the glory days of the Caesars.

In a fashionable part of Stuttgart, reminder of a dark Gestapo past remains

Reminders of Germany’s Nazi past reverberate at the Hotel Silber, which features various displays about how the Gestapo was organized in Stuttgart.

Relive grandeur of centuries past with a visit to Audley End House in Essex

Grand estates such as Audley End House and Gardens in Essex, England, give us a sense of the day-to-day life of nobles and their servants, and an appreciation for the conveniences of our age.

Horse around at the racetrack and other equine events in Zweibruecken

Zweibruecken was among the first in Germany to stage organized horse races, which it did from at least 1821. Today, horse enthusiasts can find related activities in the town throughout much of the year.

Buedingen beckons: Centuries-old town’s charm comes with a short US Army past

Buedingen is a classic German town with half-timbered buildings, stone walls and tons of history. In Buedingen’s case, some of that history also involves the U.S. Army.

Fauna fun: Enjoy the free-roaming animals at Saarland wildlife park

Freisen Nature Wildlife Park is an enjoyable rambling menagerie in the German state of Saarland about 15 minutes from the Army’s garrison in Baumholder and less than 40 minutes by car from Kaiserslautern.