US Space Force pauses generative AI use based on security concerns

U.S. Space Force has temporarily banned the use of web-based generative artificial intelligence tools and so-called large language models that power them, citing data security and other concerns, according to a memo seen by Bloomberg News.

Air Force will add new training, staff in effort to curb domestic violence in ranks

The Air Force and Space Force will ramp up training on domestic violence and bolster support staff as it aims to better combat the problem following a monthslong review of its prevention and response efforts, service officials said.

SpaceX hits 50th Space Coast launch this year

SpaceX knocked out its 50th Space Coast launch of the year with another Starlink mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station early Thursday.

Space Force could be the service branch hurt most by a government shutdown, experts say

All military branches would be affected by a government shutdown, but some experts believe the service with the most to lose is Space Force.

Military leaders back Biden decision to keep Space Command in Colorado

Military leaders on Thursday defended President Joe Biden’s decision to nix U.S. Space Command’s planned move from Colorado to Alabama as a necessary and nonpolitical decision to avoid operational problems.

Poor living conditions in military barracks will take years to fix, officials say

The chronic neglect and underfunding uncovered in a recent investigation of substandard military barracks will take years to reverse and would cost the Army alone at least $6.5 billion.

Parts falling into place for NASA’s next moon rocket for Artemis II

The reigning title holder for world’s most powerful rocket saw action on both its center core and its two solid rocket boosters this month, with pieces for the Artemis II launch coming together as NASA aims to send humans on a trip around the moon next year.

Space crisis hotline with China a good idea, says Space Force commander

A hotline linking the United States and China to prevent a crisis in space would be valuable but is not in the works, the U.S. Space Force commander said Monday during a visit to the Japanese capital.

Congress moves to protect pay for troops as government shutdown nears

Lawmakers are scrambling to ensure troops will be paid in case of a looming government shutdown, including Coast Guard members who typically go without paychecks during the closing of federal agencies.

Space Force is boosting its footprint in Japan, top Guardian says in Tokyo

The US Space Force is expanding its presence in Japan with the transfer of an Army missile-tracking unit and possibly establishing a headquarters in the country, the Space Force commander said.

After record flight, Firefly, Space Force look to accelerate launches

Last week, Firefly Aerospace, a Texas company, launched a satellite to orbit 27 hours after receiving launch orders. Space Force called it a “record for responsive space launch.”

Active-duty troops, some DOD employees could work without pay during government shutdown, Pentagon says

The U.S. military will keep active-duty troops and a limited number of civilian defense employees at their posts during a federal government shutdown, Pentagon officials have said. But they might have to go without pay until lawmakers reach a budget agreement.

A $15M rocket caused that squiggly line in the Fresno sky

There is an expensive reason for the zigzag lines of thin clouds in the Fresno skies that many spotted Thursday. An Alpha rocket, launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base by an aerospace startup company, soared through the skies just after sunset as part of a responsive space mission called Victus Nox.

Senators call on DOD to explain whether its medical records system is causing recruiting delays

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal said Thursday that they question whether an electronic records system is partly to blame for the military’s failure to get enough recruits into basic training because it has led to delays in clearing them medically.

Newest Space Force component to stand up at Ramstein Air Base in December

Ramstein Air Base will be the headquarters of a new Space Force service component for Europe and Africa, according to the Air Force.

ULA Atlas V launches from Space Coast on mission for NRO and Space Force

United Launch Alliance managed what was only its second launch of the year, sending up an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Space Force is branching out with new subordinate command in Japan

The US Space Force is planning to expand its footprint in the Indo-Pacific region with a new subordinate command in Japan, a senior enlisted leader said.

GAO to investigate decision to locate Space Command HQ in Colorado

The U.S. General Accounting Office will investigate the decision to locate U.S. Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Air Force looking for a few good ideas for annual Spark Tank competition

Airman, guardians and civilians throughout the Department of the Air Force have until Sept. 4 to submit ideas to the seventh annual competition.