Lawmakers again seeking creation of Space National Guard

A group of senators is again seeking to create a Space National Guard, arguing it would boost readiness and efficiency and retain talent.

Air Force announces new 3-star command, creates new jobs and changes training for airmen

The Air Force will add a new command focused on modernization led by a three-star general, create more technical jobs and redesign and rename its training command as part of an overhaul to prepare its troops for future fights, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said.

US military hopes one day to move supplies, maybe troops, on SpaceX’s Starship

While NASA is rooting for SpaceX to achieve Starship success so it can land humans on the moon, the U.S. military has plans of their own for the massive rocket that could include launches from Florida’s Space Coast.

Overnight SpaceX launch set for NASA Earth science probe

A NASA satellite that will look at the tiniest parts of the air and ocean is set for an overnight launch from the Space Coast after a years-long path to the launch pad.

Space Force to get its 1st astronaut on SpaceX launch this year

NASA announced the four members for the planned August SpaceX mission to rotate crew on the International Space Station and it includes the first member of the U.S. Space Force flying to orbit.

Space Coast’s new general spearheads more cooperation with private space companies

Brig. Gen. Kristin Panzenhagen wants commercial companies to solve Space Force problems, but if the U.S. Space Force can help them, that’s OK with her, too. That’s part of the message she delivered at the Space Mobility Conference in Orlando, Fla.

SpaceX launches first human spaceflight of the year on Axiom Space mission to ISS

SpaceX carved its way through cloudy skies on Florida’s Space Coast on Thursday, sending up a four-man crew from Axiom Space to the International Space Station in the first manned space flight of 2024.

NASA says it has no evidence of drug use at Musk’s SpaceX

Questions about Space Exploration Technologies Corp.’s compliance with drug-free workplace requirements resurfaced after the Wall Street Journal reported about Musk’s history of recreational drug use, including ketamine, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms.

Dayton, Ohio, lobbyist in Washington says Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has strong support

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has the attention of President Joe Biden and Congress, putting it in a strong position to continue getting needed federal support, according to Michael Gessel, the Dayton, Ohio, region’s top lobbyist in Washington D.C.

SpaceX soars into 2024 with a burst of color and six special satellites

The first SpaceX launch of 2024, which took place Tuesday night, included something that none of the company’s prior launches did.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy takes moonlit flight with US military craft on secretive mission

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off from the Space Coast on Thursday night under a nearly full moon carrying the secretive X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle on a classified mission for the Space Force.

Senate ends Tuberville’s military promotion block with 11 four-star officers confirmed

The Senate on Tuesday confirmed the remaining military officers blocked from promotion by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, approving the nominations of 11 four-star generals and admirals.

SpaceX ends Space Coast launch lull with late-night Falcon 9 mission

SpaceX may have delayed its Falcon Heavy launch until after Christmas, but the skies cleared for a Falcon 9 launch in the meantime on the Space Coast.

NDAA authorizes fewer active-duty troops as recruitment remains a challenge

The Fiscal Year 2024 National Defense Authorization Act authorized 1,283,700 troops to serve in the active-duty Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air and Space Forces. That is down nearly 5% from the 1,348,040 authorized for the previous year.

SpaceX pushes Falcon Heavy launch past Christmas as ULA punts Vulcan to new year

There’s no chance SpaceX or United Launch Alliance will accidentally hit Santa Claus with their big rockets over Christmas as both companies have delayed the next launches of the Falcon Heavy and Vulcan Centaur.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch on hold for now, weather delays Falcon 9 attempt too

SpaceX is standing down from attempting to launch its powerhouse Falcon Heavy for now citing the need for “systems checkouts” while weather would have been an issue the next couple of days, and has already delayed a Falcon 9 launch as well.

Space Force colonel exonerated for crash in England that severely injured two teens

An American military officer was acquitted by a British court this week of responsibility for a car crash in England earlier this year that left two teenage boys seriously injured, according to British media reports.

SpaceX pushes Falcon Heavy launch to Monday night

SpaceX is holding off a Sunday night attempt to send up its fifth Falcon Heavy launch of the year delaying for a day and now aiming for Monday night.

Diminutive and mysterious, the Pentagon’s X-37B set to launch again

Is it a secretive Pentagon weapon? Is it stealthy? Does it sneak up to satellites? What exactly does it do in space? And why is it up there for so long? The Pentagon won’t say. And the veil of secrecy over the X-37B continues ahead of its launch Sunday.