New commanders of Space Force and STRATCOM confirmed by Senate

New commanders are slated to take the helm of the Space Force and U.S. Strategic Command following unanimous votes of approval by the Senate.

As Space Command relocation decision looms, Colorado lawmakers make final plea

Two recently completed inquiries, by the DOD’s Inspector General and the GAO, into the legitimacy of the Trump administration’s decision to relocate the base to Alabama found that the Air Force “complied with Federal Law and Department of Defense policy and that the process was reasonable.”

Nominee to lead Space Force shares vision

“We must be clear-eyed in our understanding that our strategic competitors have invested heavily in fielding systems capable of disrupting, degrading and even destroying our space capabilities,” said the nominee to lead Space Force during a Senate hearing.

Space Force unveils official song ‘Semper Supra’

The song name is Latin for the Space Force’s motto, “Always Above,” and was created to capture the “spirit de corps” of the service's troops and bring them a sense of pride, according to the Space Force.

Could a floating desalination buoy provide water to Vandenberg Space Force Base?

A unique water-purifying project might be coming soon. It’s a desalination buoy — a floating reverse osmosis plant proposed for testing in the Pacific Ocean about one mile of the coast of the Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Air and Space Forces raise bonus amounts for technically trained cyber troops

The Air Force and Space Force are prepared to pay a premium to keep their cyber-trained professionals wearing blue, according to the updated list of bonus-eligible career fields.

US space operations face stiff competition from China and Russia, top Space Force general says

Competition from China and Russia is rapidly eroding the U.S. military’s dominance in space and the Space Force in its current form would struggle in a conflict with the two countries, the general nominated to lead the service told senators on Tuesday.

Current and former military leaders call for Space National Guard, express frustration with lawmaker opposition

Current and former leaders in the National Guard believe lawmakers’ denial of a reserve group under the U.S. Space Force is undermining the new branch’s mission.

Timing of NASA's moon launch may depend on emergency detonation system

NASA and the Space Force are in discussions about whether to delay the third try at a launch, which would be the first in NASA’s Artemis campaign to eventually return astronauts to the lunar surface.

Vandenberg to test launch unarmed Minuteman missile as part of nuclear readiness

Air Force Global Strike Command will test launch an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile from Vandenberg Space Force Base early Wednesday morning.

Colorado contractor wins $187M deal with Space Command, but will the HQ stay in state?

Delta Solutions and Strategies, a Colorado Springs-based defense contractor, has landed a five-year contract to provide services and support to Space Command headquarters.

Leaked Space Force memo is far from last word on letting airmen, guardians grow beards

A memo leaked on Facebook says a pilot program would examine the impacts of facial hair on male service members. But the leaked memo is far from the last word on the beard test shot.

Military needs to clarify tattoo waiver process, watchdog says

All six service branches have policies dictating the content, size and location of allowable tattoos, but information on whether exceptions are available for certain tattoos can be difficult to find, the Government Accountability Office said.

PFAS water contamination in Colorado ubiquitous, but treatment plants gaining ground

The Security-Widefield area of El Paso County, Colo., in 2016 became ground zero for drinking-water contamination of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a group of compounds referred to as PFAS. Millions of mitigation dollars later, some residents remain fearful.

SpaceX cleared to loft US spy satellites using reusable boosters

The Space Force decision may give Elon Musk’s insurgent company a temporary edge in its latest competition with a Boeing-Lockheed joint venture that once had a monopoly on DOD satellite launches.

‘We’ll see what happens,’ Space Command leader says on HQ move to Redstone

Gen. James Dickinson said the move is pending final public comments on an environmental study of the proposed site on Redstone Arsenal. After that, he said, it “goes to the Air Force.”

Biden nominates deputy chief of Space Force operations to become service’s top officer

If confirmed by the Senate, Lt. Gen. B. Chance Saltzman will become the second-ever chief of operations for Space Force, taking over for Gen. John “Jay” Raymond

Redstone Arsenal environmental study paves way for Space Command’s move to Alabama

An environmental review has found no problems with the proposed Huntsville site for a new U.S. Space Command headquarters, clearing what could be the last major official hurdle for the new command to move to Alabama.

Former commander of Wright-Patterson intelligence center headed for Qatar assignment

Brig. Gen. Maurizio Calabrese will serve as deputy commanding general for intelligence at the Over-the-Horizon Counterterrorism headquarters, U.S. Central Command, at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.