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President Vladimir Putin blames NATO expansion for his aggression, not just in Ukraine. That is obviously absurd, but does highlight historically rooted Russian fears about invasion from the west.
The far-right mystical writer who helped shape Putin’s view of Russia
Vladimir Putin has frequently tried to legitimize his invasion of Ukraine by invoking the idea of a religiously tinged civilizational clash: Eurasia against the West. For Putin, Moscow is the “third Rome,” the spiritual and cultural inheritor of the legacy of the Roman and Byzantine empires, the center of a distinctly anti-European dominion, one powerful (and authoritarian) enough to withstand the perceived threats of liberal modernity, multiculturalism and progressive values.

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The costs and risks of the new Ukraine aid package
The Biden administration’s massive $33 billion aid request for Ukraine is the latest initiative in the effort to provide weaponry needed by Ukraine to fend off the Russian invasion of their country. But the sheer size of the package, coupled with recent administration statements that suggest the U.S. goal has shifted from helping defend Ukraine to “weakening Russia,” provide cause for concern.
Who benefits from America’s loose lips on Ukraine?
As the war in Ukraine has proceeded, U.S. officials have continued to be chatty. The thing is, they have started to say things that threaten to undermine U.S. foreign policy, particularly with respect to U.S. goals in assisting Ukraine.
Intervene sooner to stem rising tide of military suicide
Collectively, we all have a responsibility to do our part as their new “band of brothers” to help service members and their families navigate a new and unfamiliar battlefield. By leveraging existing data and technology, coupled with our great treatment and prevention programs, we can meet them at the point of struggle more quickly, which in turn can create better outcomes.
When will Iran get the bomb?  
The nuclear talks in Vienna, where leaders of the most powerful nations – and, yes, Russia included – are trying to stop another rogue state from acquiring nuclear weapons and taking the planet hostage, have stalled again.
Football and prayer? They just don’t mix.
Christians are good at ignoring Bible verses they don’t like. Perhaps they might consider what Jesus said about praying in public: “Do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others.” Avoid the 50-yard line. Instead, go into your closet and shut the door.

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