Retired Connecticut Chief Justice William Sullivan, a Vietnam War veteran, dies
William J. Sullivan served as a captain in the U.S. Army from 1965-1966, which included a tour in Vietnam. He was awarded two Bronze Stars for merit, the Air Medal and various campaign ribbons.
David C. MacMichael, CIA whistleblower under Reagan, dies at 93
David C. MacMichael, a disillusioned CIA analyst who accused the Reagan administration of misrepresenting intelligence, died May 16 at his home.
Merrill’s Marauder and three-time recipient of Combat Infantry Badge dies at age 99
Gilbert Howland, who commanded a machine gun unit with the famed Merrill’s Marauders in Burma during World War II and went on to earn Combat Infantry Badges in Korea and Vietnam, died Thursday in Hamilton, N.J. He was 99.
Vietnam War gunnery sergeant awarded Medal of Honor in 2018 dies at age 84
John Lee Canley, a Marine Corps gunnery sergeant who was belatedly awarded the Medal of Honor in 2018 for his actions in the Battle of Hue during the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, died Wednesday. He was 84.
Alfred Baldwin, chief Watergate eavesdropper and lookout, has died
Alfred C. Baldwin III was a Marine veteran and former FBI agent who served as the chief eavesdropper and lookout for the Watergate burglars but then became a key government witness in the scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon. He died Jan. 15, 2020, but did not want his death publicized.
Frederick Steinkirchner, World War II veteran and longtime Pittsburgh deputy fire chief, dies at 109
A World War II veteran and longtime deputy chief of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, Frederick Steinkirchner died April 16 after a series of cardiac problems. At 109 years old, he was one of the 10 oldest men in America.
Jon Reynolds, Vietnam POW for more than seven years, dies at 84
Jon A. Reynolds, a retired Air Force brigadier general who spent more than seven years as a prisoner of war after the aircraft he was piloting was shot down over North Vietnam in 1965, died April 16 at his home in Bethesda, Md. He was 84.
Merrill’s Marauders veteran and Ranger Hall of Fame inductee dies at age 97
Robert E. Passanisi, who as a 17-year-old doctored his birth certificate in 1942 so that he could join the Army and ended up in Burma as one of Merrill’s Marauders, died on Tuesday at his home in Lindenhurst, N.Y. He was 97.
‘Committed to his country’: Alabama World War II veteran George Mills dies at 100
Retired U.S. Army Sgt. George Flavious Mills, a lifelong Decatur resident, a World War II veteran and prisoner of war, and a tireless community volunteer, died early Sunday. He was 100.
North Dakota World War II veterans, brothers, die hours apart
Anton "Tony" Hatzenbuhler, 100, died April 18. His brother Mathias "Matt" Hatzenbuhler, 96, died a few hours later on April 19. They will be buried at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery with military honors.
Korean War hero who pushed for memorial’s Wall of Remembrance dies at 96
Retired Army Col. William Weber was among those who lobbied for the construction of the Wall of Remembrance that includes the names of thousands of Americans and Koreans who died during the Korean War.
John Bushnell, US diplomat in Latin America, dies at 88
John A. Bushnell, a career Foreign Service officer who played a prominent diplomatic role during the 1989 U.S. invasion of Panama that ousted strongman Manuel Antonio Noriega, died March 19 at a hospital in Leesburg, Va. He was 88.
Former Air Force Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott remembered for character and humility
Lt. Gen. Winfield W. Scott Jr., who led the Air Force Academy as the 10th superintendent from 1983 to 1987, was laid to rest Tuesday at the academy's cemetery. He died in Colorado Springs on March 19 at age 94.
Charles G. Boyd, Air Force general and former POW, dies at 83
Charles G. Boyd, a highly decorated Air Force general who was shot down as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, endured nearly seven years of captivity and rose to become the only former POW from that conflict promoted to a four-star rank, died March 23 at a hospital in Haymarket, Va. He was 83.
Gen. Robert Cardenas, military legend who helped break sound barrier, dies at 102
Retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert "Bob" Cardenas, who led bombing missions during World War II and helped test pilots break the sound barrier, died on March 10, his 102nd birthday.
World War II veteran, former POW Michael Linquata dies at 96
For a man who didn’t think he would live past the age of 19, Michael Linquata of Gloucester, Mass., lived another 77 years. The World War II veteran and former prisoner of war died Sunday at the age of 96.
Hal Slate, former Pacific Stars and Stripes photographer who served in 4 wars, dies
Former Stars and Stripes photographer Harold P. Slate, 96, of North Syracuse, died Sunday at his home in North Syracuse, N.Y.
Cold War-era chief of naval operations Hayward dies at 97
Retired Adm. Thomas B. Hayward, a former chief of operations who is credited with restoring Navy pride in a post-Vietnam era that saw the transition to a volunteer force and the re-emergence of the Soviet naval threat, has died. He was 97.
WWII veteran soared high as chief communications officer on Air Force One
E. E. “Van” Valkenberg, a veteran who had been chief communications officer aboard Air Force One, died at the age of 95 on Feb. 7. During his time aboard Air Force One, Valkenberg observed historic moments including Nixon’s first flight to China.