Bill Post, veteran and an inventor of the Pop-Tart, dies at 96

Bill Post, Army veteran who helped create the on-the-go breakfast as an inventor of Pop-Tarts, leading the Michigan baking team that developed an unpretentious, toaster-friendly pastry with a fruity filling and ineffable space-age sweetness, died Feb. 10. He was 96.

Marine vet Chuck Mawhinney, legendary Vietnam War sniper, dies at 75

Chuck Mawhinney, who set a record as a U.S. Marine Corps sniper in Vietnam with 103 confirmed kills and 216 probable kills, died this week in his Baker City, Oregon, home. He was 75.

FDA to review ecstasy for treating PTSD in clinical settings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has agreed to review a new drug application for ecstasy to be developed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder after studies have shown a decrease in symptoms common to PTSD among users of certain psychedelic drugs.

Bugler to sound taps for the 1,000th time at World War I Memorial on Presidents Day

To commemorate Presidents Day on Monday, the the nonprofit Doughboy Foundation will recognize the 1,000th time that taps is performed at the World War I Memorial since it opened three years ago.

Bob Moore, veteran and founder of Bob’s Red Mill, dies at 94

Bob Moore, an Army veteran who became an amiable face of the natural foods industry as the bearded, bolo tie-wearing founder of Bob’s Red Mill, the whole-grain food brand known as a favorite of vegans, home bakers, health-food enthusiasts and gluten-free diners, died Feb. 10.

Bob Edwards, Army veteran and radio host who built NPR’s ‘Morning Edition,’ dies at 76

Bob Edwards, who died Feb. 10 at 76, stayed at “Morning Edition” for nearly a quarter century and became as much a part of the begin-the-day rhythms for NPR listeners as coffee, commutes and getting the kids off to school

Body of missing Iraq combat veteran found in Columbia River in Washington

The body of an Iraq combat veteran missing since Dec. 16 was found in the Columbia River near Plymouth, Wash., in Benton County Saturday morning.

A love story about a WWII vet turning 100 and the love of his life

Of all the things World War II veteran Elmer and Marcy Morris are grateful for — and the list is long, given their many decades on earth and their contributions to the community — what they appreciate most is the fact that they’re still here. Together.

City of Myrtle Beach shut down a free coffee event for veterans. Here’s why

A free coffee event for veterans event at a downtown Myrtle Beach restaurant was shut down by the city of Myrtle Beach, and the organizers voiced displeasure with the city on social media.

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange in US to see disability benefits under VA rule change

Thousands of aging veterans with identified illnesses who were stationed at U.S. bases where Agent Orange and other herbicides were tested, stored or used between 1940 and 1970 will become eligible for disability benefits under a proposed rule change.

Veterans group kicks off campaign at Super Bowl to attract poll workers for November election

A veterans group, We the Veterans, is partnering with the NFL ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas to build trust about voting in the upcoming presidential election and recruit military families as volunteer poll workers in November.

James D. ‘JD’ Howard, Marine Corps veteran and photographer, dies at 82

James D. “JD” Howard, a Marine Corps veteran who became an internationally known photographer for the AFRO American Newspapers, died Jan. 29 of complications from dementia at the Perry Point Veterans Administration Hospital in Maryland.

House VA Committee chairman describes ‘damning findings’ in probe of sexual misconduct claims at VA diversity office

An internal investigation into sexual misconduct claims at a Department of Veterans Affairs office tasked with promoting harassment-free workplaces has substantiated several of the allegations, according to Rep. Mike Bost, R-III., chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Former soldier spearheads suicide prevention program aimed at veterans

Although based locally, the Valor Guard Initiative is a national project that will utilize advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to monitor and intervene in potential suicide risk among veterans.

Easy access to virtual appointments, prescription refills are behind rising demand for online VA health care

More than 40% of veterans, or 2.5 million patients enrolled in VA health care, rely on telehealth for at least part of their care, according to the VA. Behind the numbers are veterans seeking online care for the access, convenience and privacy, the VA said.

Idaho WWII Navy veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Floyd Thomason, who celebrated his 100th birthday Saturday, may have never have reached that milestone without bad weather in the Pacific Ocean in December 1941.

Veteran, 100, recalls details of 1945 crash that killed 8 soldiers

A truck carrying 5-gallon cans of gasoline collided with a steam engine near Hesperange in southern Luxembourg. “It blew up in flames,” recalled 100-year-old WWII veteran Jim Sterner. “I remember seeing burning bodies walking down the street.”

Miami Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa sending decorated Marine to Super Bowl

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is teaming with USAA and the Marine Corps Association to send Marine veteran John Jones, a former staff sergeant from Colorado, to next weekend’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Community vet centers cited for failing to assess veterans at high risk for suicide

Community counseling agencies — known as vet centers — with a mission to help troubled veterans are failing to assess and document suicide risks consistently for clients experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or military sexual trauma, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Inspector General.