How Imagine Dragons became the sound of gaming culture

Imagine Dragons has been all over gaming culture ever since being the backing band for famed Nintendo composer Koji Kondo at the first Game Awards. Of all the band’s accomplishments - filling stadiums and arenas, even performing Beatles songs in front of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - playing with Kondo remains a highlight, says the band’s frontman Dan Reynolds. He didn’t grow up listening to the Beatles, he grew up listening to the “Athletic Theme” from Super Mario World.

VA nurses protest in DC over chronic job vacancies at hospitals and clinics

Shouting “VA cuts have got to go,” dozens of nurses on Thursday afternoon marched outside the Department of Veterans Affairs headquarters to protest chronic job shortages at veterans hospitals and clinics.

‘We will not forget’: Biden praises US, Allied troops at D-Day 80th anniversary ceremony at Normandy American Cemetery

President Joe Biden paid tribute to American and allied troops at a ceremony in Normandy on Thursday to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, drawing parallels between the struggles against tyranny during World War II and Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

Prosecutor calls for court to reverse Texas governor’s pardon of former soldier who killed Air Force veteran

A Texas prosecutor on Tuesday filed a request for the state’s highest criminal court to overturn Gov. Greg Abbott’s pardon of former Army Sgt. Daniel Perry, who was convicted of fatally shooting an Air Force veteran during a racial injustice protest in 2020.

House lawmakers urge VA undersecretary for health to resign amid bonus scandal

House lawmakers on Tuesday demanded the resignation of Shereef Elnahal, undersecretary for health at the Department of Veterans Affairs, for withholding information from the VA secretary about plans to give large bonuses to senior managers meant for rank-and-file workers.

102-year-old WWII vet dies en route to France for D-Day commemoration

A 102-year-old World War II veteran died Friday while en route to France to take part in the remembrances planned for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

Taps and tears: WWII veterans visit D-Day’s bloodiest beach

A group of nearly 70 World War II veterans visited Omaha Beach as part of what is likely to be the last major set of D-Day commemorations with large numbers of veterans in attendance.

White House opposes limits in House spending bill for veterans seeking abortions or therapies for gender-confirmation surgery

The Biden administration expressed strong opposition Monday to a House spending bill for fiscal 2025 largely over provisions that restrict abortions and deny therapies to veterans seeking gender-confirmation surgery.

Lawmakers demand to know why millions of dollars meant to reward front-line VA workers went to senior managers

Some lawmakers are attacking the Department of Veterans Affairs for giving out more than $10 million in bonuses to senior VA managers that were meant for front-line employees at hospitals, clinics and field offices.

Normandy town liberated by the Allies welcomes US veterans before D-Day anniversary

World War II veterans exchanged hugs and handshakes with an enthusiastic crowd of officials and high school students who greeted them as they arrived in Normandy to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

D-Day at 80: Enthusiastic welcome for US veterans as they arrive in France for D-Day remembrance

“By serving your country you have liberated ours,” France’s former ambassador to the U.S., Philippe Etienne, told the nearly 70 “Greatest Generation” veterans in a small but enthusiastic reception at Charles de Gaulle airport. “The flame of remembrance must never be extinguished.”

WWII veterans heading for 80th D-Day anniversary get rousing sendoff at Dallas-Fort Worth

With American flags and enthusiastic applause, veterans of World War II were given a rousing sendoff Friday before departing for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Outreach effort in Los Angeles is connecting some homeless veterans with services. But is it enough?

A focused approach in Los Angeles for moving homeless veterans off the streets, tearing down sidewalk encampments and providing them with assistance is yielding promising results for some but failing others, according to some veterans advocates.

Oklahoma school district illegally refused to rehire music teacher after military deployment, feds say

An Oklahoma school district is accused of illegally refusing to rehire a teacher after he returned from military deployment. Now the Department of Justice is suing.

Illegal ecstasy takes step toward becoming legal drug for PTSD

The first new PTSD drug in over twenty years is up for approval. It will require U.S. regulators to do something they’ve never done before: greenlight the mind-altering — and illegal — party drug known as ecstasy

Veteran played dead as grizzly mauled him in Grand Teton National Park, officials say

New details have emerged that reveal how an Army veteran who surprised two grizzlies in Grand Teton National Park walked away from the attack — seriously injured, but alive. He played dead as the bear mauled him.

D-Day at 80: WWII veterans prepare for what might be their final pilgrimage to Normandy

About 60 World War II veterans are among a group traveling to France to attend the June 6 ceremonies honoring the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Each of the veterans, regardless of the role that they played in the defeat of fascism or where they served, has a story to tell.

VA extends moratorium on home foreclosures for veterans in default

More than 40,000 veterans who fell behind on their mortgages will get seven more months to catch up with payments or make other arrangements with lenders under an extended moratorium on foreclosures.

D-Day at 80: Dress rehearsal claimed more 4th Division lives than Utah Beach landing itself

A dress rehearsal for the D-Day assault on Utah Beach cost the 4th Infantry Division and associated units nearly four times as many lives as they lost in the landing itself five weeks later.