Remains of California airman who sank with plane in WWII recovered 80 years later

During WWII, 22-year-old airman Irving Newman sank in a plane crash off the coast of Malta. Eighty years later, divers located the wreckage and recovered his remains.

Purple Heart delivered to family of mysterious soldier who died in World War II

Robert C. Greiner was an Army infantryman who died in France in August 1944, in the waning days of World War II. He had been a shadowy presence in the lives of Jim Corbran and nephew Kevin Greiner for a long time.

Former Marine Corps League commandant gets 10 years probation in $50K embezzlement

Former Delaware County Marine Corps League Detachment #228 Commandant Alan Staniskis was sentenced to 10 years of probation, ordered to pay nearly $50,000 in restitution, perform 240 hours of community service and have no contact with the league or its members.

Amid COVID scare, Biden left Medal of Honor event before final blessing. Attendees hardly noticed – but online critics pounced

Conservative commentators panned President Joe Biden for departing a Vietnam veteran’s Medal of Honor ceremony Tuesday before the closing benediction.

New VA PACT Act deadline set for combat zone veterans

If you're a veteran who was deployed to a combat zone but never enrolled in VA health care, you should sign up now, the Department of Veterans Affairs says.

Hundreds died at NJ veterans homes as state was ‘unprepared to keep them safe,’ feds charge

In a scathing new report, the U.S. Justice Department found that New Jersey “systematically violated the rights of residents” of the Veterans Memorial Homes at Menlo Park and Paramus.

Louisiana veteran aims to build cabin for families of soldiers killed in 2009 Afghanistan helicopter crash

Army veteran Jeremy Thibodeaux launched The Arcane Project, Inc., a nonprofit aimed at providing for Gold Star families, and started a GoFundMe page to create a cabin out of a Chinook fuselage as a memorial and a space for reflection for veterans and families.

Bill Pinkney, former Navy sailor who notched a first while sailing the globe, dies at 87

Bill Pinkney, a former Navy sailor who battled storms, dehydration, sleep deprivation and loneliness while sailing alone around the world, becoming the first Black sailor to do so by way of a treacherous route around Cape Horn, died Aug. 31 at a hospital in Atlanta. He was 87.

Traumatic brain injuries in study of World War II veterans linked to cognitive decline later in life

Traumatic brain injuries are associated with cognitive decline later in life, and a sharper drop in cognition as we age, a study of twins who served in World War II shows.

‘That’s valor’: Biden presents Medal of Honor to Vietnam vet Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor, now 81, was an Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and led a mission in 1968 to save a small group of soldiers trapped in a rice field by enemy fire. “When duty called, Larry did everything he [could],” President Biden said.

Senators, supporters seek federal Medal of Honor highway designation along 12-state route

Currently the Medal of Honor route is actually a collection of state designations along the route. U.S. Highway 20 extends 3,365 miles from Newport, Ore., on the Pacific Coast, to Boston on the Atlantic.

Remains of Tuskegee pilot who vanished in WWII have been identified

Lt. Fred L. Brewer Jr., 23, went missing on Oct. 29, 1944, during a mission to escort bombers attacking Regensburg, Germany.

Marine veterans and interpreters are still on mission, bringing Afghans to St. Louis

Team America helps Afghans with approved visas to get on flights out of Kabul. The former interpreters and their families often head to other countries before they come to the U.S. The quality of the database created puts their families at the top of the list.

Marine veteran accused of stolen valor: Feds say he applied for Purple Heart he hadn’t earned

A Marine veteran from Massachusetts was arrested following an indictment in federal court alleging he had lied about his service experiences to receive disability benefits and even tried for a Purple Heart he hadn’t earned.

Marilyn Lovell, stoic wife of Apollo 13 commander, dies at 93

Marilyn Lovell, whose husband commanded the troubled Apollo 13 spacecraft and whose outward stoicism and inward agony epitomized the emotional rigors of the space program for astronauts’ wives, died Aug. 27 in Lake Forest, Ill. She was 93.

Army implements Brandon Act mental health policy amid pressure from suicide prevention advocates

The Army this week implemented new Congress-mandated mental health rules that allow soldiers to request access to care for any reason, the service announced Friday.

‘I was doing my job’: Vietnam vet Larry Taylor to receive the Medal of Honor

Larry Taylor, who retired as a captain, was an Army helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War and led a rescue mission in 1968 to save a small group of soldiers trapped in a rice field by enemy troops.

Family of pilot who died in Dallas air show collision files lawsuit over safety concerns

A four-page preliminary report was released weeks after the crash. Although it did not determine a cause for the crash, it provided new details about the minutes and maneuvers leading up to the collision.

Children’s book about TikTok star ‘Patriotic Kenny’ to pump up Navy veteran’s charity

The book follows the true story of Jary finding out that his American flag-adorned mobility scooter was beyond repair, which took away his ability to travel.