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James Zoschenko of the Heidelberg International Wandering Club sent a request seeking volunteers to help with the club’s 33rd annual Volksmarch on Sept. 8-9. This is a huge event requiring the help of scores of helpers.

The club needs help in all areas: setting up benches and tables in the start hall, marking and monitoring the trail throughout the march, operating checkpoints and stamping cards, preparing and selling food and drinks, distributing supplies and equipment, directing parking and monitoring traffic flow, working at the start card tables and handing out the prizes, and cleaning the start hall after the event.

There are many benefits to volunteering. You get to be part of a great organization, you help operate a German-American community event, meet new people and experience new challenges. Contact Rob and Cath Floyd for more information or to register as a volunteer. Their telephone number is (+49) (0) 6227-841226, and e-mail address is volunteers@

The start and finish for the walk is the International Gesamtschule in Heidelberg-Hasenleiser, behind the American hospital. This year’s award is a beautiful beer stein of the Königstuhl in the early years.

This walk is one of our favorites. It is extremely popular due its excellent organization, beautiful trails, attractive prizes, and the city setting and its castle. Thousands of people will attend. If you do only one Volksmarch in Germany, let it be this one. Each year the Heidelberg International Wandering Club does an outstanding job hosting the event, and it is made possible by the club members and hard-working volunteers. You still have time to plan for this, so walk the walk and then work for a few hours to help make this another successful event for all Volksmarchers.


At the end of May, Bob Gambert of the Stuttgart German-American Wandering Club was on hand as the new permanent trail was opened in Freiburg, Germany (postal code 79117). He sent us a nice after-action report from which we would like to share some details.

This trail is open year-round and credit is given each half of the year. The distance is 12 kilometers and includes a walk through the historic old city. From Autobahn 5 take B31 to Wiehre. Monday through Saturday the start is in the shopping center ZO Oberwiehre, Butcher Linder in the Rewe-Markt at Schwartz- walderstrasse 78. On Sundays and holidays the start is at the Shell station at Schwartzwalderstrasse 42. You can start at 9 a.m. and must finish by 6 p.m.

Important: In addition to your start card, you must pick up a map of the route at the start. Follow the blue path indicated on the map following the directional arrows. Outside the city limits, you will find “Permanenter Wanderweg — Freiburg” signs with red borders and black arrows. Inside the city there are no signs and you must follow the map.

Control points are indicated by white numbers in blue circles. They are: No. 1, Gasthaus Greiffeneckschlössle. Enter the Gasthaus for the control stamp. If the Gasthaus is closed, there is a sign in the entrance with the control letter/number. Write this number/letter on your start card.

No. 2, Hausbrauerei Feierling. Enter the brewery for the control stamp. If the brewery is closed, there is a sign in the entrance with the control letter/number. Write this number/letter on your start card.

No. 3, Tourist Office Freiburg. Enter the tourist office for the control stamp. If the tourist office is closed, there is a sign in the entrance with the control letter/ number. Again, write this letter/number on your start card.

Gambert adds, “After the first 5 [kilometers] of walking in the woods and hills overlooking the city, the “old city” walk really becomes most interesting and worthwhile. The numerous historic sights include the cathedral, town hall, parks, shops, towers and most of all The Red Baron Tavern — reported to be the oldest tavern in Germany. The food in the brewery is good, and the beer is absolutely great — try the natural Naturtrube and you may agree with me.”

When you finish the walk, make sure you get your books stamped and say thanks to the person at the finish — thank the people at the control points as well — for supporting the local Volksmarch club and enabling everyone to enjoy this year-round event.


“Gratias ago vos” to those who contributed to this week’s article: Mary Campbell, William Castro and Maureen McHugh-Castro, Manfred Dahl, Bob Gambert, Egon Hatfield, Wayne Henry, Ramona and Horst Kechelen, James Kelly, Tim and Luchi Lynch, John and Patty Marsh and Pat Patterson.


Miscellaneous short notes about this week’s events:

• The prize for completing one of the routes in Dürrn is a stuffed polar bear with a scarf.

• At Blaichach, the prize is an elephant piggy bank.

• The town of Belmicke is offering B-medals for the reduced price of 3 euros.

• The 5- and 10-kilometer trails at Küps, Germany, are stroller friendly.

• In the chart, we shortened the name of the Italian town of Crauglio di San Vito al Torre to Crauglio.

• Clark Soeldner, our Italian volksmarching expert, says the finish for the Porcia walk is at the top of the Campanili. You’ll see beautiful dusk views over the towns to the mountains.

• The San Martino al Tagliamento event used to be Friday and Saturday evenings; now it’s held Sunday morning. There is a fest so food will be available at the end.

E-mail Volksmarch schedule information to brochures to Bob and Lorraine Huffaker, CMR 460, Box 278, APO, AE, 09703-0278.


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