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A powerful cascade charges over the rocks on the Nantahala River near Bryson City, North Carolina.<br>iStock

6 alternatives to America's most popular national parks

If you've been to Yellowstone during peak tourist season, you'd think the national park system has an overtourism problem. But it's not that too many people are going to the parks - it's that too many people are going to a specific few parks at the same time. Last year, just six parks brought in a quarter of the entire system's 237,064,332 visitors.

A first-timer's primer on planning overnight bike trips

One hardback was a bad idea. Two? Preposterous.

New plan at Disneyland calls for squeezing in more rides, restaurants and shops

Despite a deadly pandemic closing its theme parks for a year, Walt Disney Co. has begun charting a course for the future by announcing plans Thursday to upgrade and renovate its Anaheim resort with new attractions, shops and restaurants within its existing 490-acre footprint.

Unable to sail ships, companies pivot to Alaskan ‘dry cruises’

Cruising may be on hold, but thousands of Holland America Line and Princess Cruises loyalists are still hoping to head to Alaska this summer with their favorite travel companies. And they probably will manage to do so - just not on a ship.

Alcatraz to reopen after being closed for a year

Al Capone knew it. Machine Gun Kelly knew it. During its heyday as America’s toughest prison from 1934 to 1963, escaping from Alcatraz was all but impossible. But for the past year, it’s been nearly as difficult to get inside.

State's largest wild animal gives rise to 'elk tourism' in northwest Pa.

In rural Elk County, a mile from from the $12 million Elk Country Visitors Center, a small herd of elk munched grass beside a new coffee shop called Elk Life.

Few exceptions for Canada's continued closure to Americans

A joint decision was made to extend the U.S.-Canada land borders' nonessential travel restrictions to "prevent the further spread of COVID-19," the Department of Homeland Security tweeted, adding that it is "also working to ensure essential trade and travel remain open."

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