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Sunset at the end of the Canyon Overlook Trail, a favorite spot for photographers and a must for first-time visitors to Zion National Park in Utah. Trailhead to the left just after the east tunnel entrance on Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway.  <br>TNS

All Fifty States Club promotes seeing the entire U.S.

There's no typical 50-stater — some are motivated by patriotism, meeting new people or a desire for new experiences. The objective also infuses vacations with a greater sense of purpose: "You're not just going to Hawaii to lie on the beach, you're going to Hawaii to complete this lifelong goal of visiting all 50 states."

U.S. Naval War College unveils exhibit to teach about the Navy in WWI

A new exhibit at the U.S. Naval War College Museum focuses on the Navy's role in WWI, using the career of Adm. William S. Sims, who commanded U.S. naval forces in Europe during the war, to tell the story.


DC's Museum of the Bible begins to draw faith-based tour groups

Officials at the newly opened Museum of the Bible hope the museum will become as much of an attraction for faith-based group tours as the Capitol or the Library of Congress. Already, the buses are arriving.

Minnesota's Hungry Hippie Hostel draws visitors from all over the world

Since Kate and husband Jeremy Keeble opened the Hungry Hippie on their 10-acre farm nearly two years ago, they’ve struggled to keep up with the growing demand for the hostel — the first between Duluth and the Canadian border.

Breathing angels' air in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland that caters to all/

In Fredericksvurg, Va., walking a slave's trail to freedom

In an instant, the world changed. Rumbling cannon fire from across the river announced the presence of federal troops. For the enslaved people in Fredericksburg, Va., on Good Friday morning in 1862, that sound meant freedom.

Find inner Zen in Portland's Japanese Garden

Outdoor adventures, inner Zen in Oregon’s quirky Portland

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