Quick Trips

Since making Okinawa my home in 2007, I have visited more than 20 islands within the archipelago.

Enjoy a winter hike and delicious lunch in northernmost Okinawa

The wind is shifting to the north, Okinawa is less humid and it’s looking like autumn-wintery weather has come to the sub-tropical island.

Visitors to unique zoo in Shiroishi may frolic with, feed the furry inhabitants

In the mountains near Shiroishi, a town three hours’ drive north of Tokyo, is Zao Fox Village, a place populated by the four-legged furry critters.

Visitors to Nara Park in Japan are encouraged to feed the animals

If you have ever fantasized about having a woodland princess moment straight out of a fairy tale, a visit to Nara Park in the south-central portion of Japan’s main island may be in order.

Enoshima, a trendy summer destination not far from Tokyo, is worth visiting year-round

A small island off the coast of Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture, laden with historic shrines, expansive views and a landmark tower, makes for a great day trip at any time of year.

New aquarium in southern Okinawa is an entertaining alternative for children and families

Opening a competitor aquarium on an island the size of Tokyo when the first is world renowned is a pretty bold move.

Zama museum preserves history of camp serving as US Army Japan headquarters

During World War II, the military installation that serves as the modern-day headquarters for U.S. Army Japan was Japan’s version of West Point.

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