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The name Nagano might bring to mind ski slopes, snowboarding and the 1998 Olympic Winter Games, but it’s just as well known for its snow monkeys and hot springs.

The pandemic might have slowed it down, but the heart of Tokyo still beats

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Tokyo harder than any other Japanese city, with nearly 25,000 people testing positive since the illness first appeared in Japan early this year.

Yugawara Beach a great place for novice surfers to hang 10

With Japan’s rainy season’s over and the temperature soaring into the 90s, it’s an ideal time for beach lovers to head for the seashore to soak up the sun.

Catch a wave at Caribbean Bay water park in Yongin

Built on the theme of the exotic and luxurious adventures of a pirate, Caribbean Bay is a water park for everyone from the newest buccaneers to the saltiest captains to ever sail the open seas.

Godzilla oversees visitors to Kurihama Flower World near Yokosuka

Hiding south of Tokyo, in the eastern part of Kanagawa prefecture near Yokosuka, Godzilla oversees millions of blooming flowers year-round.

Waterfalls of Japan’s Nishizawa Gorge are an awe-inspiring site for hikers

Hidden in the forested mountains north of Mount Fuji, you’ll find a picturesque canyon loaded with waterfalls called Nishizawa Gorge.

Find serenity at the base of a 60-foot Buddha at Hokoji Shrine

We could all use a little serenity right now as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, and if you live and work at Yokota Air Base, the Buddha of Rokuya, or Rokuya Daibutsu, isn’t far from the home of U.S. Forces Japan.

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