Quick Trips

About an hour’s drive from most U.S. bases near Tokyo is one of Japan’s most scenic locations, the Chureito Pagoda.

Tiny Inn in Fussa brings taste of Portland’s tiny home trend to Japan

After a trip to Portland in 2017, a businessman and artist in Japan felt inspired by the food carts and tiny home trends there and decided to bring a touch of the American Pacific Northwest back to bustling Tokyo.

Leave worries behind by taking a hike through a cedar forest in western Tokyo

Sometimes a long walk on familiar ground is all we need for a thorough reset. The Ome Hills hiking course, roughly six miles from point to point, fits the bill.

Discount rail passes will soon be available for US troops in Japan

Expats and foreign workers in Japan, including those under the status of forces agreement, have long grumbled about the availability of heavily discounted fares for the country's rail system which are offered only to tourists.

Visitors to Akajima are treated to beautiful uncrowded beaches, array of local wildlife

Akajima is one island of Okinawa’s Kerama archipelago and only 25 miles from the Tomari Port of Naha.

Time is running out to try limited-edition ramen-flavored Pringles in Japan

Days before the December holidays began, Pringles released, only in Japan, two flavors of ramen in the form of its iconic, stackable, canned potato chips.

Slide down waterfalls or ride the zip line through the canyons of western Tokyo

A racing heart, a sickness in your belly as you close your eyes. Someone asks, “Are you ready?”

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