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If you’ve ever visited Okinawa, you’ve probably heard the song “Shima Uta,” or “Island Song,” by the Japanese band The Boom.

A carnivore’s dream: Monster Grill in Tokyo offers a meaty challenge

Monster Grill might be small — but inside, this downtown Tokyo restaurant serves up gargantuan portions of steak, hamburger and other meaty delights.

Soul Food House brings Southern cuisine to Tokyo

Embedded in episode six of the Netflix show “Ugly Delicious,” hosted by award-winning chef David Chang, is a short segment on fried chicken at Soul Food House, a restaurant in the Azabujuban neighborhood of central Tokyo.

Cafe D-13 near Yokota in former US military housing

Just a five-minute walk from the main gate of Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo, you’ll find a relaxing little coffee shop inside what used to house a U.S. military family.

Raku Beer offers 15 Japanese craft beers

Iwakuni, the city that lends the nearby Marine Corps air station its name, is a wonderful place to live, but it lacks one thing: a pub-style establishment with a large selection of craft beer.

Eggcellent in Tokyo serves American-style breakfast favorites all day long

Down on the first basement floor of Mori Tower in Roppongi, the familiar scent of a staple ingredient offers a hint of a unique breakfast experience.

Delta East food carts bring a touch of Portland to western Tokyo

A community of eclectic, Portland, Ore.-inspired food carts recently opened just steps away from the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

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