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Don’t let the name fool you when visiting Cafe & Dining Santorini on Okinawa. Qwner and chef Yoshitomo Nagamine said the name of his eatery, which specializes in staples like grilled chicken and sauteed fish, was inspired by a past trip to Santorini. This spurred a dream to one day open a restaurant on the island, which attracts millions of tourists each year.

Go Boogie Mexican Pub and Grill offers simple, tasty menu near Camp Humphreys

In early March, after my family of five and I settled in for another two-year tour in Korea, I was invited out to a welcome dinner with coworkers. Since I was still unfamiliar with the area, I elected to ride with a colleague to the lively locale, something I hadn’t seen yet in my short time in Pyeongtaek.

Sample a drink that’s sustained Japanese hikers for centuries at Hakone’s Amasake-chaya

Amasake-chaya, a teahouse and rest house located along the Old Tokaido Road, has been serving the same amazake recipe to weary travelers since it opened in the 1600s.

Locally baked goods, Mexican-inspired breakfast a hit at Okinawa’s La Polleria Pipeline Coffee

On Okinawa, La Polleria Pipeline Coffee in the Ginowan area is embracing Japan’s Instagram obsession by serving up delicious breakfast and lunch fare in a stylish, yet homey setting.

Searching for a kid-friendly meal? Look no further than Korea’s ‘best family restaurant’

South Korean chain Raracost claims to be "The World’s Best Family Restaurant" — but does the restaurant's take on Italian cuisine help it live up to its title?

Ryukyu BBQ Blue provides unique dining experiences and unforgettable views on Okinawa

As a longtime resident of Okinawa, I often have friends and coworkers coming to me for advice on where to go and what to do on the island. The most common request? Where to enjoy a fine meal without breaking the bank.

All-beef patties and a simple menu make Ralph’s Burger Restaurant a standout on Okinawa

On Okinawa, there are a variety of restaurants residents can flock to whenever a craving for red meat strikes. But Ralph’s Burger Restaurant, which opened in early 2018, is the perfect place to go when you need burger fix.

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