After Hours

Did Japan’s Rugby World Cup turn you into a Brave Blossoms fan?

Front-row seat, first-class lunch at Tokyo’s Hotel Koe

A hotel restaurant is a traveler’s gamble — the worst a penitentiary cafeteria, the best a gourmet’s destination.

Good food, even better views greet guests at Acquamare di Acqua Pazza in Yokosuka

Atop a hill, Acquamare di Acqua Pazza overlooks Tokyo Bay from behind glass walls that give its patrons the feeling of a luxurious dining experience without the extravagant check.

Little Greek Kitchen serves up food from scratch, fantastic view on Okinawa

Five years ago, I discovered a lovely Greek restaurant housed in an old metal shipping container on Ikei Island, part of a small island chain on the east side of Okinawa.

Ninja Cafe & Bar in Tokyo serves food shaped like throwing stars — and sometimes fare that’s truly deadly

In the shadow of Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan, is a small restaurant, Ninja Cafe & Bar. For one week in September, the 20-seat Ninja Cafe served 1,000 bowls of piranha ramen. You read that correctly — ramen made with the flesh of the notorious, all-consuming, carnivorous South American freshwater fish. I was luckily among the relative few to feast on this rare dish.

Mother Coffee on Okinawa offers hot, fresh take on sweet or savory pancakes

Scientists believe that pancakes — in one form or another — may have been eaten as far back as prehistoric times, so it’s hard to find a fresh take on the universally adored food item.

Toritama’s heavy, delicious chicken nanban dish something special

Chicken nanban might not seem like a novel concept, but in 1965 when the chefs at Ogura restaurant in Miyazaki first put tartar sauce atop their fried chicken — already slathered in sugared vinegar — it started a culinary revolution.

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