After Hours

Iwakuni, the city that lends the nearby Marine Corps air station its name, is a wonderful place to live, but it lacks one thing: a pub-style establishment with a large selection of craft beer.

Eggcellent in Tokyo serves American-style breakfast favorites all day long

Down on the first basement floor of Mori Tower in Roppongi, the familiar scent of a staple ingredient offers a hint of a unique breakfast experience.

Delta East food carts bring a touch of Portland to western Tokyo

A community of eclectic, Portland, Ore.-inspired food carts recently opened just steps away from the home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo.

Wallet-friendly menu with no bull at Bulldog Steak

Outside temperatures have plunged in South Korea, but Bulldog Steak in Pyeongtaek is worth tackling the chill city breeze for a delicious meal.

Captain Kangaroo popular with tourists and locals for good reason

Imagine a juicy meat patty blanketed by warm melted cheese, topped with delicious guacamole, crispy lettuce and a tangy tomato slice. Ladle over it a spoonful of chili sauce and sandwich it all nicely in a chewy, toasty sesame-seed bun.

Best authentic Chinese cuisine on Okinawa awaits at Ryu’s Dining

Chinese food back home in Massachusetts always consisted of greasy, over-battered chicken fingers; tough-as-leather strips of teriyaki beef; Rangoons devoid of any crab; and fried rice that tasted like it was already a day old.

Cafe in western Tokyo owned by Japan’s rugby team captain

Did Japan’s Rugby World Cup turn you into a Brave Blossoms fan?

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