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A Sasebo Burger has all the greasy goodness of a traditional American cheeseburger mixed with a little Japanese flair. The iconic piece of America is sold at a variety of shops outside the gates of Sasebo Naval Base, one of the smallest U.S. military installations in Japan.

Mint Motel near Yokota Air Base in Tokyo offers no rooms, just continental-style breakfast

A new restaurant, The Mint Motel, has sprung up on Route 16 just a five-minute walk from the supply gate at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo.

It's time to go back to delicious, affordable Pizza School

It’s not hard to find a pizza restaurant conveniently located outside most military installations. Poke around any corner and you’re bound to find a hot slice within meatball-throwing distance.

Deploying Down Under? Pig ‘N’ Whistle offers global sports and good food in Brisbane 24/7

Take away dribbling, dunks and the backboard from basketball and what have you got? Not a spectator sport, in my opinion, but something called “netball” was playing on my hotel television during a recent trip to Brisbane, Australia.

Slider’s, a new sports bar in western Tokyo, offers good grub in an American atmosphere

Just a short walk from Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo, there’s a new sports bar with a flavorful menu and an American feel. Slider’s Sports Hub & Grub opened July 4 in the northeast end of the popular nightlife district called Bar Row. It’s situated in a Tokyo suburb of Fussa, but inside its doors is the familiar atmosphere of a stateside sports bar.

Peanuts Diner in Yokohama recalls spirit, drawings of Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip

Lucy’s homemade lemonade, Marcie’s waffle chicken and chocolate brownies named after Charlie Brown: Every menu item, every decoration and even the paper napkins at the Peanuts Diner adhere to the “Peanuts” theme.

Health-food junkies can find heavenly eats at Green Leaf on Okinawa

When the new year rolls around, many swear off junk food, resolve to lose weight or promise themselves, “I will eat healthier starting today!” This resolve might, or might not, survive the winter months.

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