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A one-minute stroll from Higashi-Zushi Station near Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, will bring you to a calm, rustic restaurant that fuses Western cuisine with Japanese flair.

Discover classic northern Vietnamese cuisine within walking distance of Yokota Air Base

Viet Nam Quan, a café within walking distance of Yokota Air Base, brings the comfort foods of Vietnam to Tokyo.

7-Elevens in Japan are celebrating Nintendo star’s 35th birthday with six limited-time treats

Japan’s ubiquitous 7-Elevens are marking 35 years of Nintendo’s plucky plumber Mario smashing Goombas, knocking Bowser into lava and saving Princess Peach with themed snacks and a giveaway.

The mac ’n’ cheese sandwich at Mos Burger introduces Japan to a uniquely Western flavor

Japan’s second largest burger chain, Mos Burger, added a new flavor to its menu Feb. 10, a potato croquette covered in macaroni and cheese and stuffed between burger buns.

Rolling Stones-inspired eatery outside Camp Humphreys aims to satisfy any appetite

Just beyond the gates at Camp Humphreys, dozens of restaurants are doing their best to entice customers searching for the best place to feed an American appetite.

Foo Fighters promote signature Japanese beverage along with their latest album

Foo Fighters, the renowned rock ‘n’ rollers known for hits like “My Hero” and “Everlong,” reached across the Pacific to a distinguished Japanese sake brewer to help promote the band’s upcoming album, “Medicine at Midnight.”

A visit to Café Makana Lei on Okinawa feels like going home

Home is where the heart is, the saying goes, and while Okinawa’s quaint Café Makana Lei is set up in the tradition of a small, island-themed teashop, it packs in enough heart to feel like home.

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