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When the new year rolls around, many swear off junk food, resolve to lose weight or promise themselves, “I will eat healthier starting today!” This resolve might, or might not, survive the winter months.

Start your weekend right with delicious breakfast at Kaiholo Cafe on Okinawa

Growing up, how many of us were told by our mothers or grandmothers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Italian bistro in South Korea satisfies a three-year risotto craving

It was 2015 the last time I was here in South Korea, in the city of Uijeongbu, and got my first taste of an Italian mushroom risotto at a local restaurant.

Dumbo Pizza Factory offers big flavor for a bargain near NAF Atsugi

The quality of a pizza parlor coincides with the quality of its Margherita pie. Luckily, the pizza at Dumbo Pizza Factory near Naval Air Facility Atsugi is a standout — and not just by Japanese standards.

‘Good chicken store’ outside Yokosuka Naval Base lives up to its name

Toriyoshi Shoten, which translates to “good chicken store” in Japanese, offers a variety of dishes, but its specialty is poultry.

Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst offers an edible adventure in Tokyo

The party’s over, the bars are closed, the lights have gone up, and you have a hangover hunger to satisfy. If you’re in Shinjuku, you’re in luck; that’s the home of Roast Beef Abura Soba Beefst, a “build your own” soba noodle restaurant that unlocks its doors just in time for lunch and stays open deep into the night.

Pizzeria La Soffitta offers a tasty spot to escape from Shibuya’s hustle and bustle

Finding a quiet spot near Tokyo's Shibuya Station — just steps from the world’s busiest intersection — isn’t as hard as it might seem when you’re struggling to think over the clatter of pachinko parlors. All you have to do is navigate with thousands of others across that busy intersection and wander down a few back alleys to arrive at a staircase leading to Pizzeria La Soffitta, which touts authentic Milanese pies and imported Italian pastas and wines.

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