This is the high season for winefestivals in Europe.

Every weekend — and often during the week — there is something going on in cities, small towns and villages across the continent.

People gather in old town centers, along rivers and inside beer tents to toast one another and the local wines. This is the time to sample different vintages by the glass, to buy a bottle or two of one of your favorites or to try something different.

The atmosphere lends itself to easy conversations with friends and a willingness to strike up breezy exchanges with strangers. Language is no problem, especially as the night goes on and the mood becomes more festive.

Many festivals are tied in with other fall and harvest activities, making each a little different. Now is the time to check out the schedule, find one near you and join the fun.

(Listings as of August 23, 2006)

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Aug. 24-26: Perchtoldsdorf.

Sept. 1-3: Baden, fall wine weekend.

Sept. 16-17: Gumpoldskirchen, fall wine weekend.


Aug. 26-27: Gettsdorf, Wine Days.

Aug. 27: Hohenruppersdorf, new wine and farmers market.

Sept. 2-3: Hagenbrunn.

Sept. 9-10: Bisamberg.

Sept. 16-17: Falkenstein, wine art and culture.


Aug. 25-27: Langenlois.


Sept. 2, Paudorf.


Sept. 9: Rohrendorf b. Krems.

Sept. 1-10: Krems.

Oct. 29: Weissenkirchen, fall wine festival.


Aug. 27: Auersthal, community wine fest.


Sept. 24: Bad Waltersdorf, traditional wine festival.


Aug. 24-31: Aube, Festival on the Champagne Route.

Aug. 25-27: Nantes.

Sept. 1-3: Dijon and Beaune, Folk and Wine Growing Festival.

Sept. 1-Dec. 10: Jurancon, Grape Harvest Celebrations.

Sept. 3: Val de Loire, wines and rambling.

Sept. 9: Pauillac, Médoc and Graves Chateaux Marathon.

Sept. 13-17: Beaune, Festival of jazz and great wines of Burgundy

Sept. 16-17: Tain l´Hermitage, Harvest Festival.

Oct. 1-31: Odenas.

Nov. 16: Beaujeu.

Nov. 18-20: Vougeot, Beaune, and Meursault.

Nov. 18: Beaune, half-marathon.

Nov. 19-20: Kientzheim, tasting Grands Crus d´Alsace.



Aug. 25-28: Walporzheim.

Sept. 1-4, 8-10: Ahrweiler.

Sept. 15-18: Rech, Remagen.

Sept. 16-17: Bachem, Art and Wine Fest.

Sept. 22-25: Dernau, wine fest.

Sept. 23-24: Altenahr, wine fest.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 7-8, 14-15 and 21-22: Altenahr wine weekend.

Oct. 1-3, 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, 30: Mayschoß wine fest; final day will include fireworks.


Aug. 25-27: Wolfenweiler, wine fest in historical yards and cellars.

Aug. 25-28: Breisach, regional wine festival.

Aug. 26-27: Kappelrodeck.

Aug. 30: Sasbachwalden, Baden-Blue Party at the Winzergenossenschaft.

Sept. 1-4: Schliengen, Burkheim and Oberkirch.

Sept. 2: Rammersweier, dance in the vineyards.

Sept. 2-3: Bühl-Eisental, wine fest at the Trottenplatz.

Sept. 2-3: Wasenweiler, open wine cellars and pottery market.

Sept. 2-4: Gottenheim.

Sept. 3: Rammersweier, wine harvest day.

Sept. 3: Weingarten, wine moving day.

Sept. 2-4: Schriesheim, town fest with flea market.

Sept. 8-10: Keltern-Ellmendingen.

Sept. 8-10: Meersburg, Lake Constance wine fest.

Sept. 8-10: Kiechlinsbergen, wine days and open cellars.

Sept. 8-11: Bühl, plum and wine fest.

Sept. 8-11: Bötzingen, Ballrechten-Dottingen.

Sept. 9-10: Waldulm, Kippenheim, Oberbergen and Oberrotweil.

Sept. 9-10: Meersburg, Lake Constance wine fest.

Sept. 9-11: Offnadingen, village fest.

Sept. 10: Durbach, wine days at the Winzergenossenschaft.

Sept. 10: Kürnbach, walking with wine.

Sept. 15-17: Bischoffingen.

Sept. 15-18: Auggen.

Sept. 16-17: Durbach, village and farmers festival.

Sept. 16-17: Wasenweiler, onion quiche fest.

Sept. 16-17: Laufen, fall festival at the Winzergenossenschaft.

Sept. 16-17: Kirchofen, Leimen.

Sept. 16-Oct. 8: Bühlertäler wine weeks.

Sept. 17: Schriesheim, wine walk.

Sept. 17: Kelter, wine walk.

Sept. 21-25: Bretten, wine market.

Sept. 23-24: Hügelheim, open wine cellars.

Sept. 23-24: Burkheim, wine fest.

Sept. 23-24: Durbach, wine and culinary fest at the Winzergenossenschaft.

Sept. 23-24: Bickensohl, onion quiche fest.

Sept. 24: Oberkirch, culinary wine walk.

Sept. 29: Wertheim, red wine tasting.

Sept. 29- Oct. 1: Achkarrren, wine weekend.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Offenburg.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Sasbachwalden, harvest and wine festival.

Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Efringen.

Oct. 2: Efringen-Kirchen.

Oct. 3: Britzingen, wine walk.

Oct. 7-8: Oberrotweil, open wine cellars.

Oct. 7-8: Ihringen, Obersasbach and Rammersweier.

Oct. 7-8: Durbach, fall festival at Schloss Staufenberg.

Oct. 7-9: Altschweier.

Oct. 13-15: Kappelrodeck.

Oct. 14-15: Endingen.

Oct. 14-15: Ihringen, open wine cellar.

Oct. 14-15: Zell-Weierbach.

Oct. 20: Wertheim, wine fest at Bronnach Monastery.

Oct. 20-22: Waldulm, red wine festival.

Oct. 21-22: Königschaffhausen, fall festival and open wine cellars.

Oct. 28-29: Jechtingen, open wine cellars.

Oct. 28-29: Offenburg-Fessenbach.

Oct. 28-30: Wasenweiler, champagne festival.

Nov. 4-5: Jechtingen, open wine cellars and onion quiche fest.

Nov. 17-19: Malsch, wine days.


Aug. 25-28: Boxberg-Unterschüpf, Sommerach.

Aug. 25-Sept. 3: Würzburg, wine parade at the cathedral.

Aug. 26-28: Thüngersheim.

Sept. 1-3: Marktheidenfeld.

Sept. 1-4: Karlstadt, wine fest in Gasthauses.

Sept. 8-10: Nordheim, culinary wine fest.

Sept. 8-10: Ipsheim.

Sept. 9: Volkach, fall wine festival.

Sept. 9-10: Heimbuchenthal, Markt Nordheim.

Sept. 9-10: Großheubach, culinary walk through the vineyards.

Sept. 16-18: Retzstadt.

Sept. 22- Oct. 1: Miltenberg, fall wine festival at the Engelsplatz.

Sept. 22-Oct. 1: Würzburg.

Sept. 23-24: Karlstadt-Stetten.

Sept. 23-25: Alzenau, Michelbach wine fest.

Sept. 24: Iphofen, culinary wine walk.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Volkach-Escherndorf, fall wine festival.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Külsheim-Eiersheim.

Oct. 1-3: Sommerhausen.

Oct. 6-9: Gerolzhofen, Steigerwald fall festival.

Oct. 7: Iphofen, last batch of new wine.

Oct. 7-8: Gemünden, Tauberbischofsheim-Distelhausen, Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim and Röttingen.

Oct. 7-8: Volkach-Escherndorf, fall wine fest.

Oct. 14-15, 21-22 and 28-29: Volkach-Escherndorf, fall wine fest.

Oct. 14-16: Alzenau, fall wine fest in Hörstein.

Oct. 21: Thüngersheim, last batch of new wine.


Aug. 25-27: Heppenheim, wine and champagne fest of the Bergstrasse winegrowers.

Sept. 1-4: Darmstadt, Wilhelminenstrasse.

Sept. 2-10: Bensheim, Bergsträsser wine fest with parade on Sept. 3.

Sept. 15-18: Groß-Umstadt.

Oct. 7: Weinheim.


Aug. 25-27: Bacharach, culinary summer night.

Aug. 26-27: Nochern.

Aug. 26-28: Hammerstein.

Sept. 1-3: Unkel, Rhöndorf.

Sept. 1-4: Kaub.

Sept. 2-3: St. Goar, wine forum Mittelrhein/Ahr, Burg Rheinfels.

Sept. 8-11: Leutesdorf, Linz.

Sept. 8-11: Oberwesel, wine market.

Sept. 9: Oberwesel, Night of the 1,000 Fires.

Sept. 13-16: St. Goarshausen, wine week in the old town.

Sept. 15-16: Oberwesel.

Sept. 15-18: Erpel, wine fest with parade.

Sept. 22: Braubach, wine probe in Sta. Barbara Church.

Sept. 22-25: Boppard.

Sept. 23-25: Leubsdorf.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Boppard.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Königswinter.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Rheinbrohl, Roman wine fest.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Braubach.

Sept. 30-Oct. 2: Dattenberg, wine fest with parade.

Oct. 7-8: Königswinter.

Nov. 3-5: Bad Hönningen, new wine festival.


Aug. 24-28: Cochem.

Aug. 25-27: Klüsserath, wine fest under the linden trees.

Aug. 25-27: Kinheim-Kindel, wine and street fest in Kinheim.

Aug. 25-27: Zeltingen-Rachtig.

Aug. 25-27: Neumagen-Dhron, Weinstrassenfest "Metschert" in Dhron.

Aug. 25-27: Zell-Kaimt, Celtic wine fest in Kaimt.

Aug. 25-28: Burgen/Mittelmosel.

Aug. 25- Sept. 3: Winningen, Moselle fest with fireworks.

Aug. 26-28: Konz-Krettnach, Saar wine and street fest in Krettnach.

Aug. 26-28: Ayl, Oberbillig, St. Aldegund and Hatzenport.

Aug. 30: Winningen, wine market.

Aug. 31-Sept. 4: Bernkastel-Kues, wine fest of the Mittelmosel with fireworks and parade.

Sept. 1-3: Reil, Briedel, Bemburg and Klotten.

Sept. 1-4: Bremm, Ellerstadt, Insheim and Kindenheim.

Sept. 1-5: Mehring, wine fest with performances.

Sept. 1-9: Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler wine week.

Sept. 2-3: Beilstein, fall festival.

Sept. 2-3: Bernkastel-Kues, wine fest with parade on Sept. 3.

Sept. 2-4: Leiwen, Oberfell, Saarburg and Schweich.

Sept. 8-10: Zell, wine cellar fest with live music.

Sept. 8-10: Brodenbach, wine fest.

Sept. 8-10: Wintrich, wine fest.

Sept. 8-10: Zeltingen-Rachtig, wine and street fest in Zeltingen.

Sept. 8-10: Ediger-Eller, street wine fest in Ediger.

Sept. 8-10: Lieser, wine and street fest around the marketplace.

Sept. 8-10: Traben-Trarbach, wine market.

Sept. 8-10: Mesenich, Kellerkirmes, street fest.

Sept. 8-10: Enkirch, fall festival in the wine-growing estates.

Sept. 8-11: Treis-Karden, wine fest in Treis.

Sept. 8-11: Thörnich, Kinheim-Kindel.

Sept. 9-10: Bullay, fall fest.

Sept. 9-10: Kanzem, days of the open wine cellars.

Sept. 9-11: Ellenz-Poltersdorf, wine fest in Ellenz.

Sept. 9-11: Kobern-Gondorf, wine fest in Gondorf.

Sept. 15: Zell.

Sept. 15-17: Traben-Trarbach/Wolf, street fest in Wolf.

Sept. 15-17: Pommern, wine growers fest.

Sept. 15-17: Enkirch, fall festival in the wine growers estates.

Sept. 15-17: Lösnich, Senheim-Senhals.

Sept. 15-18: Graach.

Sept. 15-18: Minheim, wine harvest street fest of the Mittelmosel area.

Sept. 15-19: Pünderich fall street fest.

Sept. 16-17: Maring-Noviand, Kröv.

Sept. 16-18: Fell, market and wine fest.

Sept. 22-24: Ellenz-Poltersdorf, street fest in Ellenz.

Sept. 22-24: ürzig, Neef, Kröv.

Sept. 22-24: Burg, wine days at the wine growers.

Sept. 22-24: Brauneberg, wine and street fest.

Sept. 22-24: Neumagen-Dhron, wine fest "Römerstraße" in Neumagen.

Sept. 23-24: Winningen, harvest festival at the marketplace.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Ellenz-Poltersdorf, street wine fest in Poltersdorf.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Traben-Trarbach, fall and market fest.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Klotten, wine harvest fest.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Erden, wine and street fest.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Kröv, wine fest with October market.

Sept. 29-Oct. 3: Enkirch, wine harvest fest.

Sept. 20-Oct. 1: Senheim-Senhals, new wine fest.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Waldrach, October wine fest in the Strausswirtschaften.

Oct. 6-8: Ediger-Eller.

Oct. 6-8: Piesport, Roman wine harvest fest.

Oct. 6-8: Traben-Trarbach, new wine fest.

Oct. 6-8: Zell, new wine fest.

Oct. 7-8: Kröv, new wine fest.

Oct. 7-8: Maring-Noviand, St. Remigius wine fest.

Oct. 7-8: Longuich, day of the Strausswirtschaften.

Oct. 9: Bullay, new wine fest.

Oct. 13-14: Kröv, new wine fest.

Oct. 13-15: Piesport, Roman wine harvest fest.

Oct. 14-15: Kobern-Gondorf, wine harvest fest in Kobern.

Oct. 20: Veldenz.

Oct. 21-22: Kröv, "Kröver-Nachtarsch" wine fest.

Oct. 21-22: Winningen, wine harvest.

Oct. 27-29: Piesport.

Oct. 28-29: Perl, Wine and Cellar Days.

Nov. 2-4: Ruwertal, culinary Ruwer Riesling evenings.

Nov. 3-5: Cochem, new wine fest.

Nov. 3-5: Winningen, new wine fest.

Nov. 10-11: Kasel, Ruwer wine market.

Nov. 10-11: Cochem, new wine fest.

Nov. 19: Kanzem, wine and culture.

Nov. 25-26: Konz-Krettnach, wine market at the Tälchen in Krettnach.


Aug. 25-27: Meddersheim, Sommerloch.

Aug. 25-28: Burgsponheim.

Aug. 26-27: Oberhausen.

Aug. 31- Sept. 4: Duchroth.

Sept. 2-3: Obermoschel, wine fest at the marketplace.

Sept. 8-11: Rockenhausen, fall fest.

Sept. 9-10: Oberhausen.

Sept. 16: Bad Sobernheim, wine walk.

Sept. 16: Monzingen, wine walk.

Sept. 16-18: Weiler bei Bingen.

Sept. 23-24: Sommerloch, wine fest and fall market.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Roxheim.

Nov. 17-18: Langenlonsheim.


Aug. 25-28: Bockenheim, Gönnheim, Ruppertsberg, Burrweiler and Laumersheim.

Aug. 25-29: Landau-Wollmesheim.

Aug. 25-29: Heßheim.

Aug. 25-29: Freinsheim, market days.

Aug. 25-29: Bad Dürkheim-Leistadt, wine fest.

Aug. 25-29: Neustadt-Geinsheim.

Aug. 26-28: Grossfischlingen, Klingenmünster.

Sept. 1-3: Bad Bergzabern, Kurpark fest.

Sept. 1-4: Edesheim, fest at the wine growers estates.

Sept. 1-4: Obrigheim-Mühlheim, Ellerstadt, Kindenheim, Insheim, Neustadt-Haardt and Obersülzen.

Sept. 1-4: Kallstadt, Saumagen fest.

Sept. 1-5: Ilbesheim, Kleinkarlbach.

Sept. 2-3: Billigheim-Ingenheim, Purzel fest.

Sept. 2-3: Obermoschel.

Sept. 2-3: Weisenheim am Sand, culinary walk.

Sept. 2-3: Venningen, wine fest.

Sept. 2-4: Heuchelheim-Klingen, red wine fest in Klingen.

Sept. 2-5: Landau/Ibesheim.

Sept. 8-10: Burrweiler.

Sept. 8-11: Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach, wine fest in the Winzergasse.

Sept. 8-11: Weyher.

Sept. 8-12: Dirmstein, wine fest and rides.

Sept. 8-12 and 15-18: Bad Dürkheim, wine fest (sausage market).

Sept. 8-12: Kirrweiler.

Sept. 9-18: Landau, fall festival with wine fest.

Sept. 9-Nov. 5: Kallstadt, Kallstadt fall festival.

Sept. 15-17: Kapellen-Drusweiler, new wine fest.

Sept. 15-17: Rhodt, new wine fest.

Sept. 15-18: Grosskarlbach, market and wine fest.

Sept. 15-19: Heuchelheim bei Frankental, Altdorf and Grünstadt-Sausenheim.

Sept. 17: Siebeldingen, culinary wine walk.

Sept. 22-24: Oberotterbach, new wine fest.

Sept. 22-25: Edenkoben, wine fest of the "Südliche Weinstrasse."

Sept. 22-25: Gerolsheim, Obrigheim.

Sept. 23-24: Freinsheim, culinary wine walk.

Sept. 23-Oct. 8: Freinsheim, Freinsheimer fall festival (weekends only).

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Edesheim, fest of the new wine.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Hainfeld, fest of the new wine.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Offenbach-Hundheim.

Sept. 29-Oct. 9: Neustadt.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Dierbach, new wine fest with farmers market.

Sept. 30-Oct. 3: Grünstadt-Asselheim, new wine fest.

Oct. 1: Bad Dürkheim, grape days and farmers market.

Oct. 2: Landau-Nußdorf, night of the open wine cellars.

Oct. 5-9: Neustadt, wine and champagne fest.

Oct 6-8: Leinsweiler, fest of the new wine.

Oct 7-8 and 14-15: Freinsheim, new wine fest.

Oct 7-8: Neustadt, wine harvest fest with parade on Oct. 8.

Oct. 12-15: Landau, fest of the new wine.

Oct. 12-15: Neustadt-Diedesfeld, fest of the new wine.

Oct. 13-16: Gleiszellen-Gleishorbach, fest of the new wine.

Oct. 13-16: Bochenfeim.

Oct. 14: Speyer, wine tasting.

Oct. 14-15: Edenkoben, wine and chestnut market.

Oct. 14-15: Neustadt-Gimmeldingen, Gimmeldinger fall festival.

Oct. 14-15: Heuchelheim-Klingen, fall festival in Heuchelheim.

Oct 14-15: Pleisweiler-Oberhofen, fest of the new wine.

Oct. 20-22: Frankweiler, new wine fest.

Oct. 20-22: Kindenheim, new wine fest.

Oct. 21-22 and 28-29: Neustadt-Diedesfeld, new wine fest.

Oct. 14: Speyer, wine probe.

Nov. 3-5: Weyher, art and wine.

Nov. 4: Impflingen, culinary wine probe.

Nov. 10-12: St. Martin.

Nov. 11-12: Weisenheim/Berg.


Aug 26-27: Hattenheim, castle and wine fest.

Aug. 30-Sept. 9: Frankfurt, Rheingauer wine market in the Fressgass.

Sept. 8-10: Winkel-Wicker, days of the open wine cellars.

Sept. 9-10: Johannisberg, village and castle fest.

Sept. 15-17: Johannisberg bis Lorch, open wine cellars.

Sept. 22-Oct. 8: Lorch, culture days.

Sept. 23: Geisenheim, Rheingau Royal,

Schloss Johannisberg.

Oct. 8: Hattenheim.

Oct. 20-22: Lorch, onion quiche fest.

Oct. 27-29: Rüdesheim, Eltville, wine harvest fests.

Nov. 3-5: Rüdesheim, harvest close-out.

Nov. 3-7: Hochheim, fest, rides and wine.

Nov. 8-13: Wiesbaden, wine and crafters' market around the city hall.

Nov. 12: Kloster Eberbach, Riesling Gala.


Aug. 18-20: Guntersblum, Harxheim.

Aug. 18-21: Gundersheim, red wine fest at the Höllenbrand.

Aug. 19-22: Flörsheim-Dalsheim, wine fest at the marketplace.

Aug. 25-26: Guntersblum, wine fest (second part).

Aug. 26-27: Mainz, wine market at the Volkspark.

Aug. 26-27: Siefersheim, days of open wine cellars.

Aug. 26-Sept. 3: Worms, Backfischfest.

Sept. 2-3: Mainz, wine market, Rosengarten and Volkspark.

Sept. 1-4: Nierstein.

Sept. 1-11: Bingen.

Sept. 3: Alzey, vineyard walk.

Sept. 3: Wintersheim, wine walk.

Sept. 8-11: Mainz-Hechtsheim.

Sept. 8-11: Bechtheim, wine fest at the Pilgerpfad.

Sept. 8-12: Albig, Saulheim.

Sept. 9-10: Bodenheim.

Sept. 10: Framersheim,vineyard walk.

Sept. 10: Bingen, wine fest parade.

Sept. 15-18: Osthofen, Wonnega wine fest.

Sept. 15-19: Uelversheim, Alzey.

Sept. 16-17: Nierstein, open wine cellars.

Sept. 17: Alsheim, wine walk.

Sept. 23-Oct. 3: Ingelheim, red wine fest at the Burgkirchen area.

Oct. 6-8: Gau-Algesheim, fest of the new wine.

Oct. 28-29: Appenheim.


Aug. 24-27: Weimar.

Aug. 25-27: Naumburg.

Sept. 1-3: Höhnstedt, Burgwerben.

Sept. 2-3: Nebra, wine fest.

Sept. 2-3: Balgstädt, wine and castle fest.

Sept. 8-11: Freyburg, wine fest.

Sept. 16-17: Karsdorf, wine fest.

Sept. 23-24: Bad Kösen, fall wine fest.

Oct. 7: Zeitz, wine and October fest.

Oct. 28: Freyburg, champagne "Sektival-Vokal" at the Rotkäppchen.

Nov. 11-12: Freyburg, harvest festival.

Nov.11, 18 and 25: Steigra, wine and champagne probe with the Knight St. Georg.


Sept. 16-17: Radebeul, wine fest at Schloss Wackerbarth.

Sept. 22-24: Meissen, city and wine fest.

Aug. 25-27: Radebeul, wine fest at the Hoflössnitz.

Aug. 26-27: Sächsische Weinstrasse, days of open wine growers estates.

Sept. 1-3: Weinböhla, wine fest.

Sept. 8-10: Coswig, new wine fest in Sörnewitz.

Sept. 9: Pirna, wine fest at the Klosterhof.

Sept. 9-10: Radebeul, fall and wine fest at Schloss Wackerbarth.

Sept. 10: Meissen, wine walk.

Sept. 16-17: Freital, fall and wine fest in Pesterwitz.

Dec. 9: Radebeul, long night of wines at Schloss Wackerbarth.

Sept. 22-23: Meissen, wine probe with city fest.

Sept. 22-24: Meissen, wine fest with parade.

Sept. 22-24: Radebeul, fall and wine fest at Altkötzschenbroda.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Seusslitz, new wine fest.

Oct. 7: Meissen, Elbe River wine walk.

Nov. 18: Dresden, white wine night and party.


Aug 24-Sept.2: Stuttgart wine village.

Aug. 26-27: Remshalden-Hebsack, wine fest at the old wine press.

Aug. 26-28: Brackenheim, wine fest at Neipperg.

Aug. 26-28: Vaihingen, Gündelbach, wine fest.

Aug. 30-Sept. 10: Stuttgart, wine village.

Aug. 30-Sept. 10: Pforzheim, Oechsle-fest.

Sept. 1-3: Niedernhall, Börzbach.

Sept. 2-3: Brackenheim-Hausen, Marbach, Eppingen-Kleingartach.

Sept. 2-3: Untergruppenbach-Unterheinriet, fall fest.

Sept. 2-4: Eberstadt, Grossbottwar and Beilstein-Billensbach.

Sept. 3 and 5: Stuttgart-Hedelfingen, Hedelfingen fall fest.

Sept. 8-10: Laudenbach, fall and wine fest.

Sept. 8-11: Stuttgart-Uhlbach, Uhlbach fall fest.

Sept. 8-11: Weinstadt-Schnait, wine fest in the wine press in Schnait.

Sept. 9-10: Enzweihingen, Fellbach.

Sept. 9-10: Knittlingen, wine fest at the Pfleghof.

Sept. 9-11: Sachsenheim-Hohenhaslach.

Sept. 9-11: Gemmrigheim, fall festival around the Festhalle.

Sept. 9-11: Cleebronn, festival of the wine growers.

Sept. 14-22: Heilbron.

Sept. 15-16: Weinstadt, night of the wine cellars.

Sept. 15-17: Besigheim, music and wine days.

Sept. 15-18: Ingelfingen, fall and wine fest.

Sept. 15-18: Stuttgart- Untertürkheim, Untertürkheimer wine fest.

Sept. 16-17: Neuffen, Löchgau, Vaihingen/Enz-Horrheim.

Sept. 16-17: Pfaffenhofen, wine press fest.

Sept. 16-18: Esslingen.

Sept. 16-18: Gronau, wine press fest.

Sept. 16-18: Brackenheim-Haberschlact, wine press fest.

Sept. 16-18: Untewrgruppenbach-Unterheinriet, wine and slaughters' platter fest.

Sept. 17: Oberderdingen

Sept. 22-24: Weinstadt-Strümp- felbach, wine and wine press fest.

Sept. 22-25: Steinheim- Höpfigheim, Höpfigheim wine press fest.

Sept. 22-25: Weinsberg, fall festival.

Sept. 23-24: Schorndorf, fest at the wine press.

Sept. 23-25: Sachsenheim- Ochsenbach, fall and wine fest.

Sept. 23-25: Kircheim/Neckar, wine press fest.

Sept. 24: Grossbottwar.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Niedernhall, wine press fest.

Sept. 29- Oct. 1: Forchtenberg, winepress fest.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Stuttgart-Bad Canstadt, day of the open wine presses.

Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Lauffen, Lauffener fall fest.

Oct. 1 and 3: Weinstadt, Strümpfelbach, fall wine press fest.

Oct. 3: Sternenfels-Diefenbach, wine probe at the Schlossbergturm.

Oct. 3: Fellbach, wine probe in the Schwabenlandhalle.

Oct. 6-8: Niedernhall, wine press fest.

Oct. 6-9: Fellbach, fall festival.

Oct. 7: Heilbronn, wine walk.

Oct. 7-8: Bad Mergentheim-Markelsheim, fall fest.

Oct. 13-15: Niedernhall, wine press fest.

Oct. 14-15: Grossbottwar, fall fest at the Bottwartal-kellerei.

Oct. 14-22: Merzingen, wine press fest.

Oct. 20-22: Niedernhall, fall fest.

Oct. 28-29: Belsenberg, fall and wine fest.

Oct. 28-29: Steinheim-Kleinbottwar, snail fest.

Nov. 4-6: Metzingen-Neuhausen, Neuhäuser wine fest.

LuxembourgFrom and

Sept. 8-10: Grevenmacher, wine and grape festival.

Sept. 16-17: Wormeldange, Ahn and Ehnen, Riesling Open Festival.

Nov. 30-Dec. 3: Luxembourg City, Fest of Wines and Crémants, Place Guillame II, Luxembourg City.

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Sept. 8-10: Barbarano Vicentino, Festival of grapes and wine.

Sept. 24: Gambrella, Festival of grapes and wine.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Malo, III Festa Della Vendemmia.

Oct. 6-9: Costozzo di Longare, Fest of Wine and Mushrooms.

Oct. 6-8: Sossano, tasting of local wines.

Nov. 5: Vicenza fair, Salone Nazionale del Vino Novello (


Sept. 1-3: Mezzocorona, Discovering Teroldego, Piana Rotaliana.

Sept. 22-24: Cavalese, Val di Fiemme, return of the goats from the summer pasturelands.



Aug. 25-27: Biel/Bienne, Seeland, Old Town Fair with wine bars.

Sept. 2-3: Sierre, VINEA, vinicultural meeting and Wallis wine festival.

Sept. 2-3: Twann, wine tasting.

Sept. 4-30: Varen/Leukerbad, Varen wine weeks.

Sept. 7-9: La Neuveville, Neuenstadt wine festival.

Sept. 9, Sierre, 16th Vineyard walk with wine tasting, music and meals.

Sept. 16-17: Geneva area, Russin Grape Harvest Festival.

Sept. 22-24: Mendrisio, Basso Ceresio, Sagra dell'uva, grape festival.

Sept. 22-24 and 28-30: Neuchâtel, festival and parade.

Sept. 23-24 and Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Erlach and Ligerz, Grape-harvesting. Villages around Lake Biel.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Döttingen, Vintage Festival with Sunday parade.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: Lutry, Grape Harvesting Festival and open wine cellars.

Oct. 1 and 8: Hallau wine festival and parades.

Oct. 13-21: Luvina, Lucerne Wine Fair, Kornschütte, above Town Hall.

Oct. 28-Nov. 5:, Basel, Wine Fair and Messe.

Nov. 2-16: Zürich, Expovina, Zurich vine fair.

Nov. 10-19: Biel/Bienne, Vinifera, International Wine Fair.

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