US forces in Mideast banking on innovations, new ideas to bolster defenses
Schuyler Moore, chief technology officer at U.S. Central Command, underscored the importance of new tech and forward-thinking concepts and how they will allow the U.S. military to keep up with rapidly evolving threats.
William Hammond, Army historian of Vietnam War, dies at 79
William M. Hammond, an official Army historian who challenged the belief among some in the military brass that negative press coverage of the Vietnam War — not flawed policy and rising casualty rates — eroded public support for the conflict, died Nov. 27 at his home in Silver Spring, Md. He was 79.
NATO representatives gather in Norfolk to talk Ukraine war, addition of 2 new members
North Atlantic Treaty Organization representatives gathered this week at the alliance’s headquarters in Norfolk to assess international security trends and the implications of two new members amid the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine.
New military prosecutors to assume more powers from commanders under pending NDAA
New military prosecution offices meant to create a more transparent justice system will take more authorities in certain criminal cases from commanders under reforms included in the defense budget bill.
‘Forever chemicals’ found in groundwater at MCAS Beaufort; Marines to test nearby wells
Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort is requesting permission to test drinking water wells on neighboring properties for the presence of man-made “forever chemicals” that have turned up in groundwater at the base at above federal health advisory levels.
US: Russia looking to Iran to supply more drones, missiles
Struggling to maintain a steady supply of arms for its war in Ukraine, Moscow is looking to Iran once again to resupply the Russian military with drones and surface-to-surface missiles.
Exposure to white supremacist ideologies in online games surged in 2022
White-supremacist ideas gained significant exposure through online video games this year, particularly among adults, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.
Items with classified markings found at Trump storage unit in Florida
The search was one of at least three searches for classified materials conducted by an outside team hired by the former president at Trump properties in recent weeks.
Supreme Court considers massive change in election authority
The Supreme Court on Wednesday began debating whether state legislators have the power to set federal voting rules without oversight from state courts, in what would be a fundamental change in the way elections are conducted.
Blinken threatens travel ban for Sudanese who threaten deal
Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Sudanese leaders Wednesday that the United States will impose a travel ban on any individuals who threaten to derail Sudan's fragile democratic transition.
US approves $425 million in arms sales to Taiwan
Two new arms sales to Taiwan approved by the Biden administration are sure to rankle China. The State Department said it had okayed sales worth more than $425M of spare aircraft parts to support Taiwan's fleet of F-16 fighters, C-130 transport planes and other U.S.-supplied weapons systems.
GOP-backed TikTok ban unable to hitch ride on NDAA
Lawmakers could attach the proposal to the fiscal 2023 omnibus spending package or, if that isn’t finished, a continuing resolution to avert a government shutdown when current funding expires Dec. 16. Negotiations on such a package are ongoing.
Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected
Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledges that what he calls his "special military operation" in Ukraine is taking longer than expected.
US to boost natural gas exports to UK in energy partnership
The U.S. pledged to export at least 9 billion to 10 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas over the next year via U.K. terminals — more than double the 2021 export.
Decades later, after the Navy solved ID mysteries, Illinois veterans’ remains come home from Pearl Harbor
Keith Tipsword, who was aboard the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor, is among dozens of Pearl Harbor veterans who have been identified and brought home to be reburied with loved ones.
Norfolk Naval Shipyard completes new $73.3 million training facility
Norfolk Naval Shipyard recently opened a new $73.3 million, 157,000-square-foot training facility in Portsmouth as part of a shipyard modernization program. The four-story building means all the production training at the shipyard now happens in one location.
Expiration of Cold War pact leads US to restore midrange missiles to arsenal
U.S. soldiers are poised to start training on a new missile system with a range that hasn’t been part of the Army’s arsenal for over 30 years.
Congress agrees to scrap military coronavirus vaccine mandate, advances largest troop pay increase in 20 years
Lawmakers in Congress agreed to scrap the military’s coronavirus vaccine mandate in a compromise defense policy bill that also boosts pay for troops.
George Herring, scholar of US diplomacy and Vietnam War, dies at 86
George C. Herring, a veteran and scholar of U.S. foreign relations who wrote a seminal history of the Vietnam War, crystallizing for generations of readers the reasons the United States entered the conflict and the lessons with which it was left, died Nov. 30 at his home in Lexington, K.Y.