Pentagon helping troops pay bills, but less than Congress wants
Pentagon officials said U.S. military personnel who face a rising cost of living will be getting financial help soon, but the initiative falls short of what many lawmakers have sought.
Navy says USS Nimitz’ water is ‘safe,’ no sailors sickened by jet fuel contamination
Sailors aboard the USS Nimitz recently found “irregularities” in the aircraft carrier’s potable water supply, leading to the discovery that it had been tainted with jet fuel.
US has sent private warnings to Russia against using a nuclear weapon
The United States for several months has been sending private communications to Moscow warning Russia’s leadership of the grave consequences that would follow the use of a nuclear weapon, according to U.S. officials.
Boeing pays $200 million to settle SEC charges over 737 Max
Boeing will pay $200 million to settle charges that it misled investors about the safety of its 737 Max jets after two of the planes crashed, killing 346 people.
Pentagon lays out new food, housing programs for troops
The Pentagon announced a number of new programs Thursday that are aimed at helping service members who are struggling with housing shortages and steep food and living expenses as they move from base to base.
Justice Department says it would defend VA medical workers in abortion cases
The Justice Department said it will provide legal defense if necessary to Veterans Affairs medical workers who perform abortions to save a patient’s life, protect the mother’s health or in instances when the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.
Christian Coast Guard members sue over religious objections to military's coronavirus vaccine mandate
The 70-page class action suit, filed on behalf of an estimated 1,200 service members who refused to be vaccinated for religious reasons, challenges the Coast Guard’s “across-the-board” denial of exemptions and seeks to prevent the impending dismissal of the three Coast Guard members.
Powell's stark message: Inflation fight may cause recession
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell acknowledged what many economists have been saying for months: That the Fed's goal of engineering a "soft landing" — in which it would manage to slow growth enough to curb inflation but not so much as to cause a recession — looks increasingly unlikely.
Why is a NASA spacecraft crashing into an asteroid?
A NASA spacecraft is about to clobber a small asteroid millions of miles away. The spacecraft named Dart will slam the asteroid head-on at 14,000 mph. The impact should be just enough to nudge the asteroid into a slightly tighter orbit around its companion space rock.
Defense secretary issues orders aimed at putting more money into troops’ pockets
Thousands of U.S. service members will soon see a boost in their housing allowance stipends and lower prices at commissaries, according to a memorandum issued Thursday by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.
US urges world to tell Russia to stop its nuclear threats
The United States is calling on other nations in the U.N. Security Council to tell Russia to stop making nuclear threats and end "the horror" of its war in Ukraine.
Fort Hood soldier charged in shooting death of his girlfriend
Spc. Michael L. Moore, 35, was arrested by Fort Hood police and turned over to the Killeen Police Department. He was charged with murder and arraigned Wednesday with his bond set at $1 million, police said.
Canada to drop vaccine mandate at border Sept. 30
An official familiar with the matter says Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has signed off on dropping the vaccine requirement for people who enter Canada.
Senate Republicans block bill to require disclosure of ‘dark money’ donors
Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked legislation that would have required super PACs and other groups to disclose donors who give $10,000 or more during an election cycle, a blow to Democrats’ efforts to reform campaign financing laws.
US and Russian diplomats clash at UN over war crimes in Ukraine
Russian and Western diplomats clashed over alleged war crimes in Ukraine on Thursday during a heated meeting of the U.N. Security Council.
Iowa honor flight veterans shown appreciation throughout capital trip
All day long, the veterans from the Cedar Falls-Waterloo area were thanked by passing tourists, by employees at the airports or active service men and women whom they bumped into at the memorials.
Army specialist, NY teen to stand trial after deal to trade vehicles led to killing of Fort Drum soldier, prosecutor says
Army Spc. Jamaal Mellish, 24, and Hannan Aiken, 17, both of Brooklyn, N.Y., are accused in the 2020 shooting death of 20-year-old Cpl. Hayden Harris.
Alabama veterans released by Russia didn’t realize they were free at first, family says
Andy Tai Huynh and Alexander Drueke, both veterans from Alabama, were captured in Ukraine during a fight in the Kharkiv area in June.
South Korea president caught on hot mic insulting US Congress
South Korean leader Yoon Suk Yeol was overheard insulting American lawmakers, after briefly meeting President Joe Biden to discuss issues including U.S. electric-vehicle subsidies that South Korea wants to change.