Tunisian leader calls meeting with Syria's Assad 'historic,' buries memories of Arab Spring

Smiles, a handshake and what Tunisian President Kais Saied called a "historic meeting" with the long-ostracized Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

Israel pivots to say Elon Musk attacks on George Soros now not antisemitic

An Israeli minister officially tasked with fighting antisemitism defended Twitter CEO Elon Musk, saying that Israel did not view the tech mogul's recent comparison of Jewish financier George Soros to a comic book supervillain as antisemitic.

Iran executes 3 men over violence during last year's anti-government protests

Iran on Friday executed three men accused of deadly violence during last year's anti-government protests despite objections from human rights groups.

US and allied naval commanders in Mideast transit Strait of Hormuz, in show of force against Iran

The Mideast-based commanders of the U.S., British and French navies transited the Strait of Hormuz on Friday aboard an American warship, a sign of their unified approach to keep the crucial waterway open after Iran seized two oil tankers.

US officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaida leader

U.S. military officials are walking back claims that a recent strike in Syria killed an influential al-Qaida figure, following assertions by the dead man’s family that he had no ties to terrorists but was a father of 10 tending to his sheep when he was slain by an American missile.

One scientist has spent 30 years trying to understand and treat Gulf War Illness

From the beginning, it was considered a mystery disease due to a lack of records of what every person was exposed to every day, according to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center researcher Dr. Robert Haley. “This is no longer a mystery disease,” he said.

Syria’s Assad arrives in Saudi Arabia for regional summit, sealing his return to the Arab fold

Syrian President Bashar Assad headed to Saudi Arabia on Thursday to attend a regional summit, his first visit to the oil-rich kingdom since Syria's conflict began in 2011, the president's office said.

Israeli crowds chant racist slogans, taunt Palestinians during Jerusalem march

Thousands of Jewish nationalists, some of them chanting "Death to Arabs" and other racist slogans, paraded on Thursday through the main Palestinian thoroughfare of Jerusalem's Old City, in an annual display that caused new friction between Jews and Palestinians in the tense city.

Pakistani police besiege Imran Khan's home as deadline for him to hand over suspects is to expire

Pakistani police kept up their siege around the home of Imran Khan as a 24-hour deadline given to the former premier to hand over suspects allegedly sheltered inside was about to expire on Thursday.

Hamas calls on Palestinians to confront Israeli victory parade in Jerusalem

The ruling Hamas militant group in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday called on Palestinians to confront a flag-waving parade planned by Jewish nationalists through the main Palestinian thoroughfare in Jerusalem's Old City.

Jailed Saudi dissident, sister sue Twitter under RICO act in spy case

The suit argues Twitter broke the law by letting employees reveal the identities of dissidents posting anonymously to Saudi agents, who then arrested the platform’s users.

Israel illegally storing millions of people’s photos, audit says

The cybersecurity report highlighted the challenges regulators face as artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technologies become increasingly sophisticated and undermine existing legal guardrails.

Influencer accused of romance scams to trick elderly by posing as a soldier in Afghanistan

A prominent Instagram influencer from Ghana has been accused of posing as a U.S. soldier as part of a scheme to bilk elderly Americans out of $2 million, the Justice Department said.

Post-9/11 wars have contributed to some 4.5 million deaths, report suggests

Researchers attempt to calculate the number of deaths attributable to the war on terrorism, across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.

Abbas urges UN to suspend Israel during first commemoration of 1948 flight of the Palestinians

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged the United Nations on Monday to suspend Israel's membership unless it implements resolutions establishing separate Jewish and Arab states and the return of Palestinian refugees.

Russia aims to obtain more attack drones from Iran after depleting stockpile, White House says

The White House on Monday said that Russia is looking to buy additional advanced attack drones from Iran for use in the Kremlin's war in Ukraine after using up most of the 400 drones it had previously purchased from Tehran.

Israeli cease-fire with militants in Gaza appears to hold, despite new rocket launch

Palestinian media said the launch was caused by a technical error as militants were trying to deactivate the rocket. The Israeli military said the rocket landed in an open area of southern Israel and did not immediately respond.

Syria’s main insurgent group seeks to move away from al-Qaida past, get off Western terrorism lists

The leader of the insurgent group Hayat Tahrir al Sham, known as HTS, is trying hard to distance his group from its al-Qaida origins, spreading a message of pluralism and religious tolerance.

Pakistani court grants Imran Khan bail, legal team says

Bail could calm the protesters in Pakistan, but former Prime Minister Imran Khan could still be rearrested on other charges.